Here we come!

Only 2 days till T-Day!

If you were lucky enough to get an admission, you also should have received this e-mail. We’re posting it just to remind once again about the rules (and some minor stuff). Please read it carefully as it contains the answers to – most of – your questions. We are not going to have the time or manpower available on the day to handle all individual enquiries. It’s your key to enjoying the day to the fullest.

Please don’t be late. We are opening the registration at 09:00 and starting the programme at 09:30 sharp. We all know what Warsaw traffic is like in the morning.

There are NO parking spaces available at the Science Centre (here’s a map). There is usually plenty of parking around the neighbouring streets but you will need to walk for a few minutes.

A cloak room will be available downstairs – please use it so as not to clutter up the conference spaces. Of course the cloak room will be manned by Science Centre staff but, equally, it is on an “all care and no responsibility” basis, ie. take your wallet and keys with you.

Please pick up your badge on arrival. No badge = no access to the conference and afterparty. Door staff are under instructions not to let in anyone without a badge. After 11:00 there even may not be any badge waiting for you.

Casual – ties will be surgically removed at the door!

The event is free of charge, but thanks to our sponsors snacks will be available during the breaks. If you need something more substantial you will have to buy it on your own. May we recommend the Center’s canteen? It’s serving pretty good food at very reasonable prices.

Is available here. (Please, note that there are two languages and there will be no simultaneous translation.)

It will start around 19:30 at Obiekt Znaleziony. If you’d like to join us there for further chats and networking simply reply to this mail (text is not required). This way we’ll have an estimate of the number of welcome drinks that should be prepared.

We’ve planned to introduce a simple form for passing your seat to another person (friend of yours) in such case, but it turned out that we’re slightly over overbooked. For safety reasons, the form will wait for the next event. And it will be even bigger bang! For now, there’s no need even to send us an e-mail.

Our friends from and Staszic High School prepared a web application especially for our event! It will let you vote on the talks and, importantly, notify other participants if you would like to talk to them. To activate your account, please click here and use the same address you used during registration for TEDxWarsaw – your data will easily migrate from one system to the other then.

We have two separate spaces in which to enjoy TEDxWarsaw this year. One is what you would expect at a conference – seats, dimmed lights, people quietly paying attention. The other is an experiment – a smaller space where you can relax, blog, maybe even chat (quietly!) while still watching the conference on large, gorgeous plasma screens. Space in both halls is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis, that is if you have a preference for one or the other, make sure you’re, for example, not one of the last to come back from a break. Apart from Speakers and a handful of VIPs, there are NO RESERVED SEATS. Please do not leave bags / sweaters etc. to “mark” your seat. These will be removed and the owners will be able to collect them from the cloak room. No responsibility will be taken if anything goes missing.

We will be keen to hear your comments about this idea of two spaces. It comes straight from TED and we think it might provide cool opportunitites. We’re always open to comments and suggestions so do let us know what you think.

Cellphone conversations are of course disallowed in both spaces while a session is in progress.

Live blogging is encouraged but PLEASE sit in one of the last three rows in the main conference room. You can sit anywhere if you are using a laptop or smartphone in the relaxed space.

Photos – definitely welcome but NO FLASH. If you’re sharing the photographs please send us a link to

Video – absolutely verboten during sessions but entirely encouraged during breaks. Buttonhole a speaker and do an interview for your blog! We are shooting all of the talks and they will be available shortly after the conference on the official TEDx YouTube channel.

Couple more small points. No, actually rather large points. If you’re tweeting from the event, please use the hashtag #tedxwarsaw. We became a trending topic last year. Wouldn’t want to break such a nicely begun tradition, now would we? If you write a blog post, please send us the URL to If you upload photos, please tag them tedxwarsaw (not tedx warsaw, and certainly not tedx warszawa) so they can be easily located.

That should be it. We’ll see you there! Enjoy the day.