Summing up TEDxWarsaw 2011

The results are in and we have to say thanks to the huge proportion of you who took the time to fill in the attendee feedback form. Calculating the actual percentile scores showed us a very interesting picture. The upshot? We’re doing fine but there’s room for improvement – which, really, is precisely how we see it, too.

So, how did we do?

The overall quality of the event: 91.5% of you said it was good, with 41% judging it as brilliant. The venue: 94.3% of you judged the venue as good, including 66.7% who said it was brilliant. The hosts were scored good by 87.3% (with 44.8% brilliant) and the speakers got at least “good” from 78.3%, including 28.6% who said they were brilliant. The catering scored lowest (we’re aware of the issue) with 41.6% saying it was good and 34.1% saying it was average.

So who gave the most popular talk? In a very close contest the audience prize – of a congratulatory email and a firm handshake :) – goes to Mark Krawczynski (speaking about architecture and national identity) who was consistently scored as having a great message and an energetic, inspiring style of delivery.

Sharing the podium are Ewa Wojkowska and Toshi Nakamura (technologies for the developing world), Grzegorz Piątek (on altering Warsaw’s landscape), Tomasz Grzywaczewski (The Long Walk) and Krzysztof Rybinski (on the urgent need to do something drastic to change Poland’s woeful ranking in the innovation stakes.) Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki (on dinosaur ancestors) also scored highly and other speakers were not far behind.

Where to from here? As ever, we are open to your input, comments and continuing conversations with you. For example, please let us have suggestions for brilliant speakers (especially women!) who are doing great things and have interesting things to say.

Given the huge, and evidently growing demand, and the fact that we need to keep the conferences to a manageable size, may we suggest that probably the best way to secure a seat at next year’s TEDxWarsaw would be to help us make it a success. Please use the speakers suggestion form, give us some good information about the speaker you’re proposing and don’t forget to leave your name and contact details!

As you may have noticed, we are somewhat topic-agnostic :)