Thoughts on TEDGlobal

Warsaw and Krakow TEDx teams were well represented at this year’s TEDGlobal in Edinburgh. Our Friends from Down South, Ewa, Richard and Krystian carried the Krakow flag while Julian and Ralph represented the Capital Village. This increases the TED Cred firepower of in this country and adds to the set of skills and experiences at our disposal when bringing you our respective events.

Run through the superlatives below and you will quickly see that everyone came back, more than anything else, inspired into action. We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw in March – the next TEDxWarsaw is now getting organised.

From Ralph:
Apart from the very strange feeling of being INSIDE a TED Talk – which no doubt comes from having watched too many of these things, but no matter – this was by far the best organised, most mind-bogglingly diverse, riveting public event I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Seventy+ speakers on subjects ranging from dying with dignity to computer security and pretty much everything in between… (Talks are starting to get on line.) Eight hundred intelligent people with open minds and generous attitude, all of them happy to talk to a visitor from Hawkes Bay (that’s a New Zealand in-joke)… What can beat beers with Clay Shirky and sandwiches with Alain de Botton? The most positively charged crowd I have ever sat in… Flying machines, electric cars, Yemeni journalists… Chris Anderson’s indomitable spirit… Open-minded, energetic TEDx-ers from Sudan, Slovakia and Singapore (and pretty much everywhere else…) And coffee, wow, the coffee – prepared with the most loving care ever. Not a bad way to spend a week.

From Ewa:
I thought it was one of the slickest conferences I’ve been to and was hugely impressed with the amount of thought that had gone into the surrounding experiences – from the Steelcase furniture (I never realised what a difference it would make) to the coffee bars, bookshop, badges, scrapbooking, interactive Autodesk exhibits etc etc. Personally the lack of time to absorb and process information didn’t work for me, but I loved meeting the other TEDx’ers and getting a better grip of what the idea behind it is (which was the whole point of going, for me). I also had the best bircher museli I’ve every had in my life on the first day of TED-U and that alone was worth travelling to Edinburgh for.

From Krystian:
I made a lot of new friends at TEDGlobal, mostly from people working on the Open Translation Project. I liked how international and multicultural the event was, and I liked the attitude of openness towards new ideas and innovation. A lot of the talks were awesome, and I gained a lot of weight from all the food. It’s hard for me to summarize the experience. What I liked the most was certainly all those amazing people I got to meet.