A few more speakers revealed today

According to thought leaders in the field, including our speaker Richard Kastelein, television as we know it is in the process of complete disruption and re-design from the ground up. As a global consultant and speaker on the subject and as the founder of TV Hackfest London and San Francisco and publisher of TV Appmarket he ought to know. Richard has guest lectured at MIT Media Labs and has helped broadcasters on three continents with their media convergence strategies, from his twin bases in London and Groningen.

Experimental particle physics, in addition to helping science understand the basic fabric of the universe, has been the source of immediately useful technologies. Accelerator and nuclear physicist Piotr Skowroński comes to us from CERN where he has been a staff researcher since 2009, following a long association with the centre which goes back to his student days. He and his colleagues are currently designing CERN’s future giant particle accelerator called CLIC.

Sister Małgorzata Chmielewska believes in a practical approach to the basic commandment to “love thy neighbour.” She has founded seven homes for the homeless, created a stipend fund which supports many hundreds of students from disadvantaged families and works to eliminate social exclusion through numerous activities nation-wide. She has also brought up five foster children of her own.

“Some people just don’t have the language learning gene.” To prove that this statement is patently untrue is Benny Lewis’s life mission. A monoglot till after leaving university, Benny now runs the World’s most popular language learning blog and has been travelling around the globe as a “technomad” for ten years. He is now learning Egyptian Arabic which will be language number twelve, or maybe thirteen. But who’s counting?

Finalist in the TEDTalks talent search, storyteller Kristin Pedemonti performs worldwide, connecting cultures through the power of story, to engender hope, joy and understanding. She has performed at festivals from New York City to Naples and Berlin to Bogota and is never without her “Free Hugs” sign, which she employs on subways, bus stations and street corners wherever she goes. In 2005, Kristin sold her home and most of the stuff in it to found the volunteer project Literacy Outreach Belize, donating educational programmes for over 33’000 students.

Full list of speakers is here.