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This is an information blog aimed at Indians as an Indian woman to provide the information and knowledge of the dildo sex toys to all the woman who uses it or not use it. This information blog provides you the all the basic information about the dildo and stimulation technique which helps Indian woman to make their sex or masturbation more enjoyable.


I keep in mind that the information posted on the site is up-to-date and accurate. However, please be aware that some of the information is old and it is subjectivity of individuals.

In addition, all images, sentences and videos on this site are prohibited without permission.

About me

am a woman and my name is Monika Basu. I am working in the Japanese sex toys manufacture company from last 10 years. Every year, almost 5 million sex toys are made. It means 15000 sex toys per eight hours. I am managing the mail work so I found that many queries are coming from India every day.

I made this blog to share my experience with the Indian woman because I discovered that Indian women are very shy in nature. They don’t talk about their sex life with others. I found that the Indian market is around $228 million currently but expected to grow 34% by the end of 2019.

In India, most of the women have basic knowledge of dildo sex toys. My blogs help you to make your sex or masturbation much better. As I have told you that I have work in the manufacturing company of sex toys so I know much about the dildo or other sex toys. My blogs help you to select the correct material, size, textures of the dildo sex toys. It provides you the information about how to experience the mind-blowing orgasm, how to use, care, store and maintain the dildo sex toys.

If you want to know about my choice then let me tell you that my favorite dildo is realistic. I love the realistic dildo because it provides me the real feeling. Among all the realistic dildo, the best one which I like the most is Michinoku dildo. I used all the size of the Michinoku dildo. It is really a nice dildo. Every Indian woman should use Michinoku dildo toys once.