Anal masturbation : Techniques and toys to make it intensely pleasurable

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How to pleasure anally

Have you ever tried to stimulate your anal or do you know how to stimulate your anal? No.

I think you should try it once. It provides you the pleasant feeling and helps you to reach the anal orgasm.

You should not be afraid to do anal masturbation first time. If you wan to learn some powerful and interesting anal sex tips for intense orgasms then you may want to read this article.

In this article, we provide you the anal masturbation technique and tips with the help of sex toys or dildo which helps you to experience the anal orgasm. You can also call it anal masturbation methods or anal masturbation ideas or anal masturbation tips whatever you want.

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What is anal masturbation?

anal masturbation

At the very first, we learn what is anal masturbation?

In a simple sentence – Anal masturbation is the self pleasuring method in which individual can stimulate their anal with the help of sex toys like dildo or anal toy or with their finger.

According to Wikipedia

Anal masturbation is an erotic stimulation focusing on the anus and rectum. For humans, common methods of anal masturbation include manual stimulation of the anal opening, and the insertion of an object or objects such as fingers, tongue, phallic-shaped items, water play, or sex toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, or specially designed prostate massagers.

Anal masturbation is highly enjoyable but most of the Indian user afraid to experience it. Indian user generally believes that anal masturbation or anul masterbation is painful and they feel embarrassment to involve in it. So now it’s time to change your thoughts.

We know that most of the Indian user does not know about the anal masturbation and never involve in it. So we are here to help you.

The user who regularly involve in the anal masturbation can easily understand these anal masturbation techniques. If you have any doubt about the anal masturbation then check this tweet. Most of the user regularly involve in the anal masturbation and experience the pleasure feelings.

While involving in the anal masturbation, you can try different types of sex toys like dildo, anal plug, anal beads, prostate massager etc. Some of the most popular anal sex toys which you can prefer for anal masturbation are –

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Step you should follow for anal masturbation

anal masturbation

If you think that only stimulating the vagina and penis provides the pleasant feeling then you are wrong. You should try the anal masturbation with sex toys. Believe me, it definitely change your thoughts.

Follow these anal masturbation tips or anal masturbation technique with your toys and enjoy your anal masturbation. These anal masturbation ideas help you to achieve the anal masturbation orgasm with pleasant pleasure.

Prepare for anal play

Prepare for anal playAre you interested in the anal masturbation or anul masturbation but little worried that it will be too messy?

Don’t get worry. These anal masturbation ideas minimize the potential of any messy situations by preparing properly. It does not matter which gender user you are.

Preparation is necessary for every user who wants to experience the anal masturbation orgasm.

In the first step, you should choose the sex toys which suits you. If you select the anal dildo then it is better for you. If you select any other object which is rigid or have sharp edge then there is a possibility that you get hurts.

You can also check our article – Preparation for anal sex

Before involving in the anal masturbation or anul masturbation it is also important to cut your fingernails. Sharp nails can cause tears in your anal lining which may cause the infections.

Along with these preparations, you should also prepare your mind. If you are suffering from constipated or if you are ill then better not to involve in the anal masturbations or anul masturbation.

Clean your anal properly

Clean your anal properly

Before you insert the sex toys or your finger into the anal, you should clean it properly. You should wash the anal area properly for anul masturbation or anal masturbations.

You can also use douches or enema to clean the anal. Make sure that your anal is properly clean.

Don’t skip this anal masturbation tips or anal masturbation methods. This anal masturbation technique is very important and necessary to do.

Once you feel that your anal is properly clean then move to the next anal masturbation methods.

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Invest some time in foreplay

Once you decide to experience the orgasm through anal masturbation than its necessary for you to spend some time in foreplay.

You can start with stroking, massaging and lightly spanking your butt. It helps you to feel pleasure. Don’t just go directly for penetration.

Start stimulation

Start stimulationIn this step of anal masturbation tip, you should start stimulating and caressing your anal. Try to make yourself relax.

While stimulating your anal, you can also watch some porn video. It helps you to get excited.

As you know that the anus is the most sensitive part, full of nerve ending so caress it properly.

If you have never try the anal masturbation or anul masturbation then first start with your fingers and once you get comfortable then use the anal masturbation toys.

Yes! first you have to start with fingering your anal. Apply the sex lubricant on your index or middle finger and rub your anal opening. Once you get comfortable, you can increase the pressure and depth of penetration.

For the first time, it is better to use the small dildo or small anal toy. You can also start with the anal beads and then move to the anal dildo. In this anal masturbation tip you should only stimulate the external body part like anus, anal opening or any other sensitive area.

Try these small anal sex toys for the first time.

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Prepare for penetration

Prepare for penetrationAs you know that anus does not lubricate naturally, so it is necessary for you to use the good quality personal lubricant.

In the market, anal masturbation lube is available. So it is better if you prefer anal lubricant for anal masturbation or anul masturbation.

If you are using the anal lubricant for the first time, then first take a small patch test and then only apply it. If you are beginner then let me clear you how to apply the anal lubricant.

You should apply the anal lubricant near the anal. If you want then you can also use lubricant applicators to apply the lube inside the anal.

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Don’t forget to apply the anal lube on the surface of the anal masturbation toy. Anal lube works for a long time and help to reduce the friction so that it becomes easy to insert the sex toys.

Along with the anal lube you should also use the condom. Use your anal dildo with condom. It becomes easy for you to clean your dildo after completing the anal masturbation.

Use anal dildo

Use anal dildo

Use anal sex toys for anal masturbation. If you are a beginner user then select the small size sex toys for anal masturbation or anul masturbation.

If you are male or gay then you should stimulate your prostate. It helps you to achieve the anal masturbation orgasm.

For prostate stimulation you can also use vibrating dildo or prostate massager. If you are experience use then you have an option to use the huge dildo sex toys or anal toys which have strong vibration function.

First, you should slowly insert the dildo or anal toys into the anal. If you feel uncomfortable or pain then remove the dildo toys and try to get relax. Again try to insert the dildo. Once you successfully insert the dildo then try to move it.

If you prefer the vibrating dildo then first activate the power and then insert it. Start the vibration function with slow speed and once you get comfortable then increase the speed of the vibration. It definitely helps you to achieve the anal masturbation orgasm.

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Going for hand free

Going for hand freeIf you want a hand free anal masturbation or anul masturbation then you should select the suction cup dildo. Are you shocked? Don’t get shocked.

You can easily use the suction cup dildo for anal masturbation or anul masturbation. You should only fix the dildo toys on a correct place.

If you have a strap on dildo then you can easily used it for the hand free anal masturbation or anul masturbation. Fix your strap on dildo on the pillow or handle of the chair and enjoy your hand free anal masturbation or anul masturbation.

You can also try with suction cup dildo. Check below article to know best place to fix the suction cup dildo.

Keep it safe

Keep it safeSafety is very important when it comes to anal masturbation or anul masturbation. You should always involve in the anal masturbation or anul masturbation when you are fully prepared for it.

While involving in the anal masturbation or while pleasure yourself anally, if you does not comfortable or you feel any types of irritation or pain then it is a alert that something is wrong. So stop your masturbation and try to solve it.

Always select the dildo toys which have the flared or flanged base otherwise there a possibility that it will be lost inside the rectum.

Always wash and clean your dildo toys before and after every anul masturbation. Maintenance of dildo toy is very important. Never share your toys with your friends or partners.

Always store dildo toys in a proper manner. If you keep all these points in your mind then your toys work for a long time.

Are there any benefits?

Like any other masturbation, anal masturbation has also many benefits. Some of the benefits of anal masturbation are –

  • lower stress
  • better sleep
  • improved mood
  • pain relief
  • self exploration
  • and the most important is pleasure

To know more about the benefits of masturbation click below –