Anal orgasm : Easy and simple technique to have an anal orgasm

04/02/2021Dildo Techniqueanal stimulation, female orgasm

Do you enjoy anal sex or butt play? We have good news for you. Orgasm is possible from anal stimulation also.

Orgasm comes in varieties of way. You all hear about the clitoris orgasm, G spot orgasm

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etc. But the one type of orgasm which most of you don’t know is an anal orgasm. Yes! It is existing.

Before you make any wrong image about the anal orgasm or backdoor climax, letme clear you that anal sex provides a unique sensation and pleasant pleasure.

Here, in this article, you can learn about what is anal orgasm, how to reach the anal orgasm etc.

What is anal orgasm?

What is anal orgasm

An orgasm which occurs while stimulating the anus is called the anal orgasm. The anal orgasm is usually occurring by anal penetration with penis, finger or dildo or any other sex toys.

In women, anal penetration indirectly stimulates the G spot whereas in men it directly stimulates the prostate. Some of the men and women may also experience anal orgasm through analingus.

How does it feel?

How does it feel

Most of you think that penetrating the anal is painful but it is not true at all. The anus is the most sensitive part and it has lots of never-ending which makes it sensitive.

It is also said that achieving anal orgasm is much easier than achieving vagina orgasm.

While stimulating the anal, it provides pleasant pleasure. It feels like an intense wave of pleasure.

How to get the start for anal sex to reach the anal orgasm

Sex is all about fun and pleasure. The little preparation and knowledge make the experience better for both the receiver and the giver partner.

If you are the receiving partner

If you are the receiving partner

It does not matter whether you are male or female. Anal sex is all about the giver and the receiver partner. For the receiver partner, we have some idea. You can follow these ideas for a better experience.

Take a hot both – Taking the hot bath is also play an important role if you are going to involve in the anal sex. A hot bath before the anal sex will help to make the tight anal muscles lose and also increase the blood flow.

Clean anal – For the receiver partner, it is very necessary to clean their anal. Receiver partner can use the douches and enema to clean the anal. While cleaning the anal show some cares and loves.

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Practice with sex toys – Before involving in the anal sex, the receiver partner can also do some practice with the anal toys like anal beads, butt plug or anal dildo. Using the toy slowly and enjoying the feeling of the toy with the help you during the sex with your partner. So, once you decide to have an anal sex then you should spend some time for anal masturbation.

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If you are the giving partner

If you are the giving partner

As a giver, you should also make little preparation. A little preparation can help you and your partner to experience the anal orgasm.

Get into the mood – Before involving in the anal sex, you should spend some time in foreplay. Touching, kissing and licking the anus are good way to make your partner comfortable.

Clean your hands and trim your nails – Before penetration, spend some time to do the fingering. So, for this, it is necessary to trim and file your nails to prevent tearing delicate skin. You should also clean your hands with antiseptic soap to prevent bacteria.

The technique to do the anal sex to reach the anal orgasm –

While having the anal sex, to experience the better anal orgasm you should play with different techniques. Here, we discuss some techniques which help you to reach the anal orgasm.

Communication is the key


Communication is the key to any sexual penetration. Before, after and during your anal penetration you should communicate with your partner. Do the things what your partner likes. If your partner doesn’t like something then don’t do it. Sex is all about sharing experience, not a selfish game.

Everyone is different

Every woman and man is different biologically and psychologically. If you prefer some technique or sex positions with your previous partner it does not mean that the same technique will work with the current partner.

Discuss what you both want

Before starting the penetration, discuss with your partner about what you want, your limitation etc. Once you both decide what you want then it becomes easy for both of you to join your play as your partner guide you.

Add condom and sex lubricant

For the giver partner, it is necessary to use the condom during the anal sex. The giver partner uses the condom on the anal dildo, finger as well as an on the penis. This helps you to prevent STIs.

Along with the condom, you should also prefer sex lubricant. Sex lubricant is necessary for both partners.

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As you all know that anal is not self-lubricated as the vagina and any friction caused by the condom or penis will cause pain, so it is necessary to prefer the good quality anal sex lube.

Anal sex lube is different from the other ordinary lube. Anal lube does not easily get dry and works for a long time.

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Don’t go all the way at the beginning

Don’t go all the way at the beginning

At first start with the foreplay than move to the finger, then move into sex toys and finally penis.

If the receiver partner does not like the fingering then probably he/she also don’t like the penis.

So, once the receiver partner gets comfortable with the first step then move to the next step.

It helps you to reach the anal orgasm.

Include clitoris stimulation

If your partner is a woman then you can also include the clitoris stimulation. Some women do not experience anal orgasm only from penetration. So for them, there is another option.

At the time when your partner penetrates you from back use your finger to stimulate your clitoris. Try to make yourself pleasure as much as possible.

To stimulate the clitoris you can also prefer egg vibrator or bullet vibrator.

Stimulating the clitoris to make you excited and helps you to reach the anal orgasm. Sometimes you also experience the clitoris orgasm with the anal orgasm which is the unique experience for you.

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Stimulate the A and G spot

Stimulate the A and G spot

If your partner is a woman then stimulating the A and G spot is the key to reach the anal orgasm.

I know! Most of you don’t know about the A-spot. A spot is a sensitive part which is situated right at the inner ends of the vaginal tube between the cervix and the bladder.

It is easy to stimulate the A-spot and G spot during the anal sex when you vary up your sex positions. A-spot stimulation, a doggy style which allows deep penetration is best.

It is very easy to stimulate the G spot during the anal sex. The easiest way to stimulate the g spot is the partner being penetrated is on top during sex.

Use toy like anal dildo

To reach the anal orgasm, you can use any of the anal sex toys like anal dildo, anal vibrator, butt plug, anal beads etc.

Some of the anal toys also help you to expand the anal.

If you want to involve in the anal sex for the first time then we suggest you select the small size anal sex toys.

Once you get comfortable with the small size toy then move to the next level.

Most of the user also prefers the vibrator anal toys because the vibration effect of the toy provides a unique sensation which helps to reach the anal orgasm.

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Switch the sex positions

Switch the sex positions

Sex positions are the key to reach orgasm during anal sex or any other types of sex. Select the sex position in which both of you feel comfortable.

There are lots of sex positions. You can select any of the sex positions according to your need, choice and preference.