First time anal sex with Indian dildo or without dildo.

04/02/2021Beginner Dildoanal stimulation

Most of you hear about the anal sex but don’t know where to start and how to have anal sex or you can say that how to make anal sex easier.

If you want to know how to do first-time anal sex so that you and your partner experience the pleasant pleasure feeling in the first attempt then you must learn some basic tips for anal sex.

Here, you can get the complete sex guide about the first time ass fucking so continue reading this article till the end.

Hope this article about anal sex for the first time help you to make your first anal sex memorable and pleasurable.

What is anal sex?

What is anal sexAnal sex is intercourse where a man or a woman inserts a penis or Indian dildo sex toy into the anus. According to the Wikipedia – Anal sex or anal intercourse is generally the insertion and thrusting of the erect penis into a person’s anus, or anus and rectum, for sexual pleasure. Other forms of anal sex include fingering, the use of sex toys for anal penetration and oral sex performed on the anus.

When a female partner penetrates her male partner anal with the help of strap on dildo or any other Indian dildo then it is called pegging. Anal sex also provides pleasant pleasure if you do it correctly.

Is it unhygienic?

Is it unhygienicMost of you think that anal sex is unhygienic but with the most common researches about anal sex is clear that it is hygiene. Most of you are worried before the anal sex because you think that anal is dirty and there are bacterial contaminations.

If you think like that then let me clear you that anus and the lower part of the rectum have very little faecal matter in them. It means that they are not as dirty as you expected.

Anal sex is completely hygienic but having vagina sex straight after the anal sex is not desirable.

Does it hurt?

Does it hurtMost of the Indian woman and even men don’t like anal sex because they think that it is painful. But anal is more sensitive then vagina and it provides pleasant pleasure when you stimulate it properly.

Obsessively, for the first time ass fucking, it is little difficult and painful but with the right angle and the right essential thing you can make it pleasurable.

It means that you should do some preparation before involving in the anal sex or anal masturbation. This preparation helps you to experience your first anal sex.

Do women enjoy anal sex?

Do woman enjoy anal sexMost of the Indian women assume that anal sex is very painful for her and they will not take pleasure in it. But this is not true. Anal sex is enjoyable for both the partner if it is done correctly.

Anal sex for the first time has also become pleasurable but to make it enjoyable both the partner have to share great sexual communication, trust and confidence. No one should try to force the other.

Tips for how to do anal sex for the first time

Here, I am going to share some tips for anal sex or you can also say that anal sex for beginners tips. Before involving in the anal sex for the first time every Indian must know how to have anal sex for the first time. Once you know the process of ass fucking then you can make your first-time annal enjoyable and pleasurable.

Why anal cleaning is necessary?

Why anal cleaning is necessarySo, before involving in anal sex, anal cleaning is very important. You should clean your anal properly or you can say that you should wash your anal properly.

To clean the anal, you may use anal douches and anal enema. Make sure that you or your partner anal is properly clean.

Don’t skip this tip for how to do anal sex for the first time. This tip for how to do anal sex for the first time is very important and necessary to do.

Choose the correct Indian dildo

Choose the correct Indian dildoWhether you want or not want to use the sex toy? The answer to this question is: it’s up to you and your partner.

If you want to include some sex toy in your play then make sure that the sex toy which you select is perfect for you.

I want to explain to you that for the anal sex for the first time, it is better to select the beginner sex toy or small dildo sex toys. Small dildo is the best for the first time use. If you are using the sex toy then you should clean it properly before using it.

Communication is the key to success

Communication is the key of success

Before planning for the first time ass fucking, you must talk with your partner. Both the partner should talk with each other.

Both the partner should communicate their fears and expectations with each other and make sure that both are in the same situation. It means that both like the same things i.e speed, depth etc.

Trust me my friend this in the only things where you do not like the surprise. You should also continue your communication during your penetration.

Involve foreplay and rimming

Involve foreplay and rimmingOne of the best ways to enjoy anal sex is to involve the foreplay and rimming in your first time anal sex session. The most common mistake which every people do while involving in the first time anal sex is rushing.

Start with the foreplay, rimming, vagina sex anything that turns you on. Try to make yourself relax and do whatever which makes you happy help you to set your mood.

Use good quality anal lube

Use good quality anal lubeAnal sex is never being uncomfortable for any user. While involving in the anal sex for the first time it is necessary to use the good quality sex lube. So, investing in a good-quality lubricant is essential for healthy, happy bum-fun.

If you use your regular sex lubricant which you generally used for the vagina sex then you may feel little discomfortable during the first-time annal. This is because vagina lubricants are designed to be slightly acidic and it is less suitable for anal penetration.

So, if you want to make your first-time ass fucking memorable then prefer the anal sex lubricant only.

Don’t forget to use a condom

Don’t forget to use a condomA condom is very necessary while having anal sex. It does not matter whether you are using some Indian dildo or Indian anal sex toy or not. But the condom is required.

If you are using some sex toy then apply condom on your sex toys. Condom helps to make your sex toy clean.

If you are not using the sex toys then ask your male partner to wear the condom. It protects you from infection and re-infection.

Select the right sex position

Select the right sex position

If you want to make your anal sex more pleasurable then select the right sex position. Experiment with the different sex position and select the ones which are best for you and your partner.

If you are completely new and you don’t have any idea which sex position is best for the first time anal sex then you have three options. You can select any one in which you feel more comfortable.

Woman on top – This sex position allows you to control the speed and depth of penetration which is very important for the first time annal.

Spooning – It is one of the best sex positions for anal sex for beginners. You male partner will penetrate you from the back and able to hold you intimately. At the same time, you can use your hand to stimulate yourself for extra pleasure.

Doggy style – It is one of the most common and popular sex position. This sex position allows your partner with easy entry and full control.

Take it slow

Take it slowIt does not matter whether you use lots of anal lube or a small amount of anal lube. First-time anal sex is a little painful. But if you want you can make it pleasurable.

First, spend some time in foreplay and rimming. Allow your partner to rub gently around the opening of the anal before inserting anything.

At the time, when your partner wants to insert the penis, a finger, Indian dildo sex toy or anal toy then start slowly with just the tip before inserting deeper.

At any point, if you do not feel comfortable then ask your partner to stop.

What are the risks of anal sex or anal sex problems?

What are the risks of anal sex or anal sex problems

While involving in the first time annal, it is perfectly possible to have safe, enjoyable anal sex. But you must take some precaution because it does come with the few health considerations. So, the risks of anal sex or anal sex problems are –

  • If anyone partner has a sexually transmitted infection (STI) then there is a possibility of passing on an infection.
  • If the penetration is not slow and gentle then it may damage the anus.
  • There is a possibility of transferring human papillomavirus (HPV).
  • If you have vaginal sex immediately after the anal sex then there is a possibility that the germs passed from the anus to vagina and it causes the serious health issue.
  • If you are using the same Indian dildo for anal as well as vagina sex then it is necessary to use the dildo with condom otherwise it makes a serious health issue.