Surprising anal sex benefits or benefits of anal sex which you never imagine

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If you are confused about whether or not you want to dive into the exciting world of the anal sex then check these benefits of anal sex. Most of the woman does not like the anal sex and consider it to be taboo but let me clear you that it is perfectly normal. Moreover, it’s actually healthy.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of anal sex or you can say that the advantages of doing sex anally.

Is anal sex good for health?

Benefits of anal sexAnal sex is not for everyone. Most of you think that anal sex is painful and it is absolutely correct. But along with this, it is also 100% true that anal sex is completely healthy if you follow some technique for how to do anal sex.

With the little patience and some amount of good quality sex lubricant anal sex provides the satisfying orgasm for both the partners.

Most of you don’t know about the health benefits of anal sex. So, in this article I am going to explain you about the health benefits of anal sex.

10 Surprising benefits of anal sex or advantage of doing sex anally

Anal sex is not so popular in India and most of the Indian woman does not like to involve in the anal sex. But like the vagina sex, anal sex also provides pleasant pleasure. I know it is a little difficult for you to believe but it is completely true. Most of the woman says that their greatest orgasms come from anal sex.

Not only the best orgasm but anal sex also provides the many health benefits. I am sure after knowing the benefits of anal sex you may also want to try it.

Provides the best orgasm of your life

Provides the best orgasm of your lifeI know it is a little difficult for you to believe but it is true. One of the best advantages of doing sex anally is that you can experience the best orgasm of your life.

Stroking, massaging and stimulating the anus provides you the intense pleasurable if you do it correctly.

According to some study, it is clear that some women can reach orgasm from anal stimulation alone.

Increase the chance of achieving orgasm

One of the best benefits of anal sex includes that it increases the chance of achieving orgasm. According to the survey in 2010 which is published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that almost 94% women have an orgasm during their most recent anal sex whereas most of the women have to struggle to reach the vagina orgasm. With some other study, only 25% of women reach the vagina orgasm easily.

Good substitute of the vagina sex

Vagina sex provides you great feeling but sometimes you need other options. Anal sex is another type of stimulation. Vagina sex is wonderful but with the right technique and right lube you can make your anal sex memorable.

It is also a great option for the woman who wants intercourse while their periods or menstruating.

Provides the awesome feeling

The benefits of anal sex also include awesome feelings. The anal has thousands of nerve endings. There are almost 8000 nerves which are present in the opening of the anal. Whenever you stimulate the anal it provides you a lot of pleasure.

You may more confidence in and out of the bedroom

You can experience the more enhance pleasure when you try something outside of your comfort zone and succeed. When you successfully involve the anal sex in your sexual activity you feel like a superhero.

A fantastic alternative to period sex

A fantastic alternative to period sexMost of the women are not interested in sex during their periods because most of them do not feel comfortable or feel embarrassed. In this case, anal sex is a fantastic alternative to vagina sex.

If you are your partner are looking for trying some types of intercourse during your period session then anal sex is the best option for you.

You will get surprised to know that there are many health benefits of having sex or masturbation during periods.

Provides the great immune system

Advantages of doing sex anally include the great immune system. Sex provides you many health benefits. It helps you to boost your immune system. Regularly involved in the anal sex or any other types of sex, protects you from the bacteria, virus and many other harmful germs.

Increase the intimacy between the partners

Anal sex benefits also include the “increase the intimacy between the partners”. Anal sex includes a significant amount of trust. Most of the woman does not like anal sex and get nervous and insecure.

But, anal sex creates closeness between both the partners if women involved in anal sex because both partners are getting their needs met.

If the male partner loves the anal sex and the female partner complies, he feels closer to her, knowing she is doing something for his pleasure.

Increase sexual diversity

If you feel that your sex life is getting boring then to make it spicy involve anal sex in your sexual activity. Anal sex is the perfect way to introduce something new in your sex life. Anal sex is also helpful in a long term relationship.

Help you to sleep better

Anal sex or any other sexual intercourse required lots of energy. When you involve in sexual activity, your body releases the oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones help you to feel more relax and sleep well.

While involving in the anal sex when you reach the orgasm your muscles get relaxes which help you to sleep better.