Best places to have sex : Places where you need to have sex atleast once

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

The physical relationship always happens in a safe place which is almost a home but today many people wants to have sex in other places to take great experience.

Sometimes it can happened due to coincidence because they want to take benefits of alone space. If you find the chance to make physical relations with your partner and your partner also able to take it then you must try it ones.

Now, let’s start………………..

Some of the place, where you want having sex with the partner

best place to have sex

Most of the people have sex at home and never thought about outside or another place at home so they cannot enjoy their own life.

Sex is an activity which provides complete enjoyment when you want it and spends your time with someone special, your boyfriend maybe your husband, or maybe a stranger.

If you want enjoyment with your partner then you should try different places for having sex at home or outside.

Recommended Indoor Place to have sex

indoor place to have sex

There are so many places for having sexual activity in the home. You can play there with your partner.

In the earlier days of the relationship, most of the people used to enjoy with the partner in the bedroom and limit their sexual activity to their bed room only.

But you can experience lot of enjoyment at home with your partner as well as you can change your sexual life and make it more excited just by changing the place.

First, make sure every place is safe for you and nobody’s comes there otherwise your can’t reach the climax.

In the bedroom

in bedroom

Most of the people’s are having sex in the bedroom because it is safe and secure for them. The bedroom is yours so nobody come inside without your permission.

In the bedroom you find a lot of pleasure because you can play at anywhere in the bedroom, you can create the best environment with help of candles, slow lighting, some flowers, and so many things easily involve in the bedroom.

Most of the couple enjoy their first night in the bedroom so that bedroom most safe place for doing sexual activity.

You can also try any type of dildo, massager or vibrator in your bedroom to make your sexual activity more excited.

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On the sofa

If you can play on the sofa at home, the sofa provides you a more comfortable sexual activity. You can play with different sex position on the sofa which can easily stimulate both the partner.

Sofa almost easily available in every home so you can prefer it for better enjoyment with the partner. Sofa is one of the best option to apply different type of sex positions for both the partner. A different types of sex position give you a different stimulation and enjoyment.

In the balcony

In the balcony

Balcony is also a better place for having aggressive sexual activity because you can feel more sensitive in fresh air with your partner.

You and your partner feel more stimulate when you plan for having sex in the balcony. Most experienced couples do sexual activity here because they want more and more pleasure and enjoyment.

There are many benefits for having sexual activity in the balcony which gives you more confidence in front of your partner and change your lifestyle.

Different type of erotic sex position also happen in the balcony with the partner and you and your partner also feel less shame to each other.

If you and your partner are interested than you can also try some vibrator sex toys. It really helps you a lot.

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In the Toilet

Couples also do the sexual act at their toilet because they want to enjoy every moment of their life.  You can adopt foreplay at the toilet.

Most of the married couples use toilet sex before having bedroom sex because they want to feel more aggressive and stimulated sexual activity.

For these, female generally prefer the suction based dildo so that she can get ready for sex with their partner.

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In the Kitchen

You can play in the kitchen, kitchen provide a beautiful environment when you work in it and your partner come behind you and hold you in his hand. This is one of the most sensitive and pleasant moment for you and your partner.

This type of sex play gives you more enjoyment and pleasure when you want it, extra activity always pleasure in sexual activity.

Recommanded outdoor place to have more fun during sex


When a couple plays sexual activity at outdoor places then they find more enjoyment. Outdoor activity always full of fun because when you find you at outdoor with someone special then your physical hunger become more.

Now, we are discussing some of the best places for outdoor sex where you and your partner can enjoy –

In the car

In the car……….Yes ……it is the most famous outdoor place where you find complete satisfaction and pleasure.

Most of the couples curious about sex in a car because they find more pleasure with the partner.

Think about car sex, make sure you will feel stimulation. I know most of people have tried this in their life…

So, why are you waiting…go and try it today…

On the Beach

on beach

When you enjoy your vacation on the beach, at that time you can try the beach sex.

Yes! it is possible to have sex on the beach with the partner.

In beach, most of the women are in swimsuits and when male see women in swimsuit their sexual desire increases so they want to have sex with their partner at that time.

So the possibilities of having sex at the beach are more. It depends mostly on visitor’s mood.

You can also try some bullet vibrator or any other remote control vibrator on beach. What you have to do – just put the vibrator on your female partner panty and operate it with remote.

The vibrator toy will stimulate your clitoris and help you to reach the climax. At the same time your partner will also enjoy while seeing you like this.

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In the Park

Park is the most familiar place so it provides beautiful environment for both the partner so you can choose it for sexual activity.

You have to choose the best place where nobody can come. You can also try some sex toys in the part to increase the sexual sensation like spankers or ticklers.

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Movie Theatre

Movie theatre is also a most famous place for achieving great sexual experience at the outdoor place because an aggressive scene comes on the screen in the theatre then automatically you and your partner feel stimulate. At that time, you can try some sexual act like touching your partner’s genital etc.

You can also try to have sit in the last row and connect with full confidence. When you feel, the theatre is empty it may present an opportunity for you to take great sexual moves with the partner.