What is cervical orgasm and how to achieve it.

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Every woman achieves orgasm from the clitoris and vaginal stimulation. But did you try some other way to reach the orgasm? Try cervical orgasm.

Yes…cervix is also a pleasure zone and you can easily stimulate your cervix with deep penetration while using the sex toys like dildo or vibrator and experience a full-body orgasm. Purchase your new dildo and try to experience the new sensation of cervical orgasm. Readout if you want to know about cervical stimulation.

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What is cervical orgasm?

cervix orgasm

There are many points of stimulation in women body such as the vagina, clitoris, anal, boobs, etc. but vagina and clitoris play the main role in sexual pleasure because you can easily stimulate with that points. However, you should know about third “spot" that some say can produce intense, full-body orgasms. So this type of stimulation is known as cervical stimulation. I know, it is a little confusing for most of you, as the cervix is ​​not penetrated.

So, first, try to understand what is the cervix and where it is situated?

The cervix is a small canal. It sits on top of the vagina and connects the vagina to the uterus. It is also called the external os.

According to wikipedia

The cervix or cervix uteri is the lower part of the uterus in the human female reproductive system. The cervix is usually 2 to 3 cm long and roughly cylindrical in shape, which changes during pregnancy.

The stimulation happens when the penis or sex toy like dildo, vibrator or massager pushes or rubs against the cervix causes a pleasant sensation for most of the women.

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When a woman involved in the sexual penetration, at that time vagina get enlarge, this pulls the cervix up and out. As a result, it stimulates the cervical. For this, you required a penis or dildo or vibrator. It’s not possible to stimulate the cervix with fingertips.

Feeling of Cervical Stimulation and Is it Controllable

felling of cervical stimulation

Feeling of Cervical Stimulation as compare to other stimulation like clitoris stimulation, nipple stimulation, or vaginal stimulation are more pleasurable but sometimes difficult to achieve it.

Cervical stimulation is a completely safe activity for everyone who wants it. While penetrating, you can easily stimulate the cervix.

However, deep penetration is always hurtful because it is safe does not mean that everyone has to be okay and try it when they are feeling alone.

You must communicate with your partner about what feels good and whether you finds this type of penetration comfortable. Most of the women who have experience in sex can prefer deep penetration.

Yes, it is controllable for most of the women but if you feel pain during this activity then avoid it.

Does it hurt or pleasurable?

pain or pleasure

One may find cervical stimulation painful or uncomfortable, causing cramps or pressure if she was not stimulated correctly. Going back to a partner or avoiding deep penetration can help alleviate discomfort.

It is necessary to ensure that a woman is very excited and to open the channels of communication between partners to make cervical stimulation a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Pain during sexual intercourse is also known as dyspareunia and it is a very common issue.

According to Columbia University,

NY, approximately 60 per cent of women will experience it at one time or another.

Even though pain during sex is quite common, it should be mentioned to a doctor, especially if it happens frequently.

Some issues when you feel pain during sexual activity:

– Hormonal changes

– An infection

– Endometriosis

5 techniques to have a cervical orgasm

techniques to reach cervical orgasm

Cervical stimulation generates cervical orgasm when the sensations become more. Today most of the women don’t achieve this type of orgasm because they don’t know about this type of orgasms.

Some women have very intense, full-bodied orgasms that begin in the cervix and spread throughout the body when they feel more excitement.

Preparation before Cervical Stimulation

Preparation before cervical stimulation must need because you should never accept when you are not feeling it more comfortable. To achieve cervical orgasm you must need good quality sex lubricants.

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Along with the sex lubricant, you also need penis or dildo sex toys. If your partner is not available then you can prefer sex toys like dildo or vibrator.

If you don’t have sex toys then you can also make your sex toys with your household things.

Start carefully

Always start slowly when you decide to find any orgasms. Cervical orgasm related to the clitoris so you should try to start slowly.

Start carefully and wait for complete stimulation before attempting cervical stimulation. You should give the body a chance to adjust for deeper sensations when you believe to like these orgasms. Apply pressure slowly and stop or slow down as needed according to body chance.

Need to communicate

We know that cervical stimulation is little hurting so communication is the best way for avoiding pain. So you should communicate with the partner about what you feel, how to feel when giving you stimulation, what to do and which type of stimulation you want.

Communication is also a good way for complete stimulation and enjoyment. With the help of it, you can create more fun and enjoyment in your sexual life.

Focus on the body

You should keep in mind to focus on the body when you try to cervical stimulation and achieving orgasms. Cervix moves up in front of the body when you try to sexual cervical stimulation. For better activity, a penis or sex toy is usually long enough to reach the cervix and provide easily cervical stimulation.

Have Enjoyment

You can try different sex positions for taking cervical stimulation when you want. Finding any types of sexual orgasm, you make enjoyment and pleasure. For doing this stimulation, you can joke and tease when you and your partner touch to each other.

Doing safe when you became aggressive


Women get hurt when used with cervical stimulation, try to prevent pain and avoid pain so our sexual stimulation all in vain. You should back and take the comfortable or pleasurable point which can cause injury or tear to the cervix.

Always staying safe during cervical stimulation because it is hurting activity, it is a reason of pregnancy and also possible for sexually transmitted infections with this type of sexual activity so, you should keep safety tips when having it.

If you want to prevent the spread of infections, then you should use condoms or other obstructive contraceptive methods. Don’t go fast in any condition, if you go slowly then both the partner find it more pleasure and enjoyment.

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