Crazy sex positions – Never miss the chance when you want to experience orgasm

04/02/2021Sex Positions with dildo

Changing things is new to you, but if you want, you can try it in your sexual life. It may be unique for you to use different sex positions. We know that many sex positions are very special and effective for you, but this is not completely right for you, so you can adopt something different to give yourself complete satisfaction. There is nothing wrong with this because if you want to switch things, you are not alone.

And once you decide to add sex toys in your play, it becomes more interesting and happening.

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We know that experimentation and discovery is an important part of healthy sex life. Using Amazing Sex Positions will give you a great sex experience which will be a lovely feeling for you and your partner.

Some Crazy Sex Positions which give you unstoppable sexual feeling

crazy sex positions

The amazing feeling and experience of amazing sex positions can give you strangulation. Our body can never remain content with one thing for a long time because desires and abilities develop naturally over time.

You can do more acrobatics and fill your sexual life with pleasure. You can give yourself experience by experimenting with sex, but for this, you have to know what you can do.

Upgrade 69 sex positions

69 sex positions

This is a fun upgrading of 69 made for you which is an amazing sex position for the genital mat for great enjoyment.

You can place a pillow under your head, which is relaxing and make your partner sit on the pillow so that you can give it foreplay and it is like you are in 69 positions.

If you want to involve in the vagina licking or blowjob than 69 is the best position for you. With this sex positions at the same time both the partner can stimulate each other genitals.

In this situation, you can get a lot of pleasure and can do foreplay with your partner in your life and finally sex.

On the chair

on the chair

This position is very attractive and its experience is very good, one thing is being advised to use it. In this, you can execute your play by your discipline.

This is a situation which is enjoyable and weak but gives a very sensational feel in terms of experience. You have to do the entire play on the chair, so this level of comfort is not there and it is full of energy.

It is great for giving and taking pleasure and pleasure, you can do it in front of a mirror for more enjoyment.

Little dipper

woman on top

Inside in and using your partner’s penis is not a unique thing, but most of the people do not try it. You should be present at the top and sit on your partner, move up and down on your partner’s penis, which will give you pleasure and satisfaction.

Also, your partner can stimulate you manually using his hands. he can also use some small vibrator toy like bullet or egg vibrator to stimulate your clitoris or nipple.

This situation will give you a unique experience, only the partner will give you complete joy and satisfaction.

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Upstanding on the hand

upstanding sex positions

Teasing each other and winking at your partner to feel good is full of intimacy. In this position, you can enjoy sex by chest to chest and the best thing is that you do not need to do anything more. By trying again and again, you have mastered your situation and address happiness in your physical life.

Raising your partner with your hands and backing your partner like a wall can increase your happiness. You will get the enjoyment of both Vagina and Anal sex by watching it once.

Doggy Style

doggy style

Doggy style has always been prominent not only for you but for most people, but shame is in your nature. It is special to hypnotize your partner.

Watch this once with the lady so that you will have to do it again and again.

When you are styling Doggie, give your partner a full chance to enjoy from behind your back.

In this situation, the male partner can be blissful by using his female partner’s hair.

Learn more about the doggy style sex positions.

Reverse cow girl

reverse cowgirl

This situation will give you and your partner a great experience because it is created to maximize enjoyment.

In this position, it is allowed to excite each other again and again. It is the best thing to give pleasure to your partner by going back and forth.

The moving partner can play a unique game by keeping his foot forward. It is a very special experience to use many small clitoral vibes in this situation.

To know more about the cowgirl sex positions click below.

You can use the small vibrator toy to stimulate the clitoris. This position is designed to enjoy the repeat perineum; it can provide complete physical satisfaction.

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Butter Churner

butter churner

A great position is not one that gives you satisfaction, but a great position is one that gives you a different experience.

You have the awkward sex situation allows your partner to penetrate even more deeply, for which you have to come in a unique situation.

Lie down on the floor and touch both knees below the mood. Your partner could sit on you and get a deep experience. Increase speed according to experience and give your partner their happiness.

Cross sex position

cross sex positions

Putting each other in a cross-sex position may be a different experience for you, there is no support in this awkward sex position, but the right rapport with the partner will give you an engaging experience.

The nature of this situation is such that you will feel more experience and pleasure in motion with your partner. This is another great situation if you can use a dildo with a flexible penis or with a female partner.

This position gives you a chance to feel new sensations on different parts of your vaginal wall. So what is wrong to try once? 

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