Dangerous sex toys material which you should avoid while purchasing your dildo.

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What do you think about sex toys material? Only size, textures and design of the sex toys matter for you? What about the material? Have you ever think about the dangerous sex toys material? No.

So let me clear you, there are many dangerous sex toys material which may cause many various side effect on you body. So be careful while select your dildo sex toys or any other sex toys.

Here, we will discuss some of the dangerous sex toys materials which are not safe for the body and you should avoid using it. Just go through this article. Hope after reading this article it becomes easy for you to select the safe material dildo sex toys.

Are sex toys also made with unsafe material or dangerous material?

Are sex toys also made with the unsafe material or dangerous materialBuying sex toys is very easy but buying a body safe material sex toys is a little difficult. Most of the user only think about the size, shape and textures of the dildo sex toys.

But the user should also concern about the sex toys material. Almost every dildo sex toys are used to insert into the most sensitive and membranous part of the body. So you should start realizing how important sex toys material are.

Let’s start with what is dangerous sex toys material. Dangerous sex toys material are those which make a bad effect on the human body or which is not safe for the body. Dangerous sex toys material are made from many ingredients which are not safe for the body.

As you know, now a day, dildo sex toys become more popular not only in India but all over the world. Most of the user prefers sex toys to satisfy their sexual life so they should always select the body safe material.

Some of the user know that sex toys material are not safe for body so they avoid using it. But not every sex toys material are dangerous. Check this tweet to know what the user think about the sex toys material.

There are no government rules when it comes to sex toys or dildo sex toys material. So the manufacturing company used any types of material with toxic chemicals to make the dildo and other sex toys.

How to know about the dangerous sex toys material?

How to know about the dangerous sex toys materialMost of the users ask me about this. So I am writing this article. It is little difficult for any user either beginner or expert to know everything about the dangerous sex toys material.

Here, in this article, we talk about some of the dangerous sex toys material. But along with these materials, there is much more material which is dangerous for the body.

If you want to purchase the new dildo for sexual pleasure then try to purchase the branded company toy.

One wrong decision and you can easily make yourself sick or irritate your genital and nobody wants that. So, if you have any doubt about your dildo material then it is better for you to use dildo with condom.

Which dangerous sex toys material should I avoid?

RubberWhen it comes to sex toys, customer first requirement is body safe material. No one wants to purchase dangerous sex toys material.

There is no rule about dildo sex toys. It is up to you to know the dangerous sex toys material and what to avoid.

Before purchasing the dildo sex toys from dildo online store or from the shop you should know which material is dangerous and which material is body safe.

Here, we discuss some of the material which is not safe for the body or you can also say that dangerous sex toys material.


Rubber material belongs to the porous categories which are not 100% safe for the body. Some of the company also misleads the customer by labelling the rubber material with some other name.

So for your information let me clear you that rubber material is also known as TPE, PVC, Jelly, Elastomer, Skin safe rubber etc. But all these material belongs to the porous categories which are not 100% safe for the human body.


These are generally cheap material and contain the phthalates. These materials are used to make sex toys soft and flexible.


TPE material stands for thermoplastic elastomer and easily gets melt when it gets hot and moulded into a new shape. When these material sex toys get cool then it returns to its rubbery state.


Using the Jelly dildo sex toys for vagina sex, anal sex or oral sex can easily introduce the phthalates and another toxic solvent which is easily absorbed by the mucous membranes of the body. If you used the jelly dildo with a condom then also there is a possibility that it affects your health. So try to avoid it.

Why these materials are dangerous for the skin or body?

Why these materials are dangerous for skin or body

All these materials belong to the porous categories. Porous material sex toys are very difficult to clean and wash.

If you used this material dildo sex toys without condom then it can re-infect you with the previous bacterial or yeast infection. You cannot sterilize these materials toy.

If you have a huge collection of sex toys with these materials then it is necessary for you to store them separately. Because all these materials easily react with each other and get damage.

Dildo sex toys materials which are not dangerous but still you should avoid

When it comes to the safety and dangerous sex toys material then there is some material which is not dangerous but still, you should avoid it because it is not 100% safe. Let’s check which materials fall in the middle of the safe material and dangerous sex toys material.

Porous material

Porous materialPorous material dildo sex toys are basically soft but it still belongs to the dangerous sex toys material.

The main problem with the porous material dildo sex toys is that it can trap dirt and bacteria then can never be removed.

The porous material dildo toy will retain vagina fluids, personal lubricant or any other dust or dirty material which comes in contact with it.

In case, if you select the porous material dildo sex toys then it is necessary for you to use the dildo with a condom. It helps you to keep your toy clean.

The next things are that most of the porous material contains the phthalate. Phthalate is the chemical substance which is used in the plastic to make it flexible. This material also causes cancer so it is banned in children’s toy from 2008. Not all the porous material have phthalates but most of them have.

Unflared anal dildo

Unflared anal dildo

Most of the user loves anal sex and anal masturbation so they prefer anal dildo.

Some of the anal dildo sex toys have dangerous shapes which easily get stuck in the rectum during penetration.

If it happened then you should consult with the doctor, which you never want to do. So select the anal dildo with flared based.

It protects your toy from being loose into the rectum.

Dangerous glass material

Dangerous glass materialAs you know that glass dildo gradually become famous and most of the user prefers it for temperature play. Mostly glass dildos are made with the safe material but some of the glass dildo materials are not properly annealed.

Annealed is the process in which glass material takes a lot of skills, resource and proper machinery. The glass material which is annealed does not easily break.

So it is necessary to use the annealed glass material only. So try to avoid the glass dildo which is not made with the annealed glass.

Sharp edge

Avoid the dildo toy which has a sharp edge. Some of the metal dildo and plastic vibrator have shape edge which you should avoid because there is a possibility that it hurts you during the sexual activity.

Electric shock

If you love to use the dildo vibrator and other battery operated dildo toys then make sure that your toys are high quality. Poorly made dildo vibrators or any other battery operated toys can break while using and lead to an electric shock. Also, avoid using the electric toy near the water.