Can masturbation affect periods or menstrual cycle? Reasons for delay in periods?

09/01/2021Female Masturbationhealth

What do you think, does masturbation affect periods or menstrual cycle? If you think that, masturbation affect periods then you are wrong. Masturbation does not make any effect or delay in periods.

Here, in this article, we will discuss “Does masturbation affect periods?, If masturbation does not affect periods then what affect periods?, etc." I request you to read this article till the end to clear your doubt or confusion. Hope! This article helps you to clear your doubt.

Does masturbation affect periods, if done every day?

Does masturbation affect periods, if done every dayI received many queries regarding” Does masturbation affect periods”, so I decide to make this article. The main purpose of making this article is to clear your confusion or doubt. Its a open question : Does masturbation affect menstrual period?

The answer of this question is big NO. There is no connection between the masturbation and the menstrual cycle. Masturbation does not affect the menstrual cycle in any way.

Masturbation is the normal and healthy sexual activity which is a pleasant pleasure, fulfilling, acceptable and safe. It is the best way to experience sexual pleasure if you don’t have a partner. As of your periods, its irregularity has nothing to do with your masturbation habit or if done every day or done one-two times in a week.

If you feel that your menstrual cycle get affect then consult with your doctors. Remember that masturbation does not have any connection with the menstrual cycle.

Is it safe or not to masturbate during periods?

safeIt is 100% safe to involve in the masturbation during your period. In fact, there are many benefits of masturbation during the period. These benefits of masturbation during periods make your physical and mental health stable.

You can easily masturbate during your period with your finger or dildo sex toys.

But if you are using the dildo sex toys for your period masturbation then make sure that your toy is properly washed and clean. You can also use condom with dildo for safety purpose.

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If masturbation does not affect the period then what affects the periods or menstruation?

Masturbation does not affect the period anyway. But there is something which affects the menstrual cycle. The unexpected things are included in this. I know, it is a little difficult for you to believe but it is true. So let’s start discussing the things which affect the periods or menstruation.

Full moon

Full moonI know after reading this you get shocked. There is no scientifically proved. But it is true.

There are many women who feel that their menstrual cycle become strange during the full moon.

It happens due to the force of the moon which was strengthened by the recent eclipse.

So my friend, at the next full moon, you may pay attention to know does it effect on the period or not.

Doing too much exercise

Doing too much exerciseIf you are doing too much exercise then it affects your menstruation. Exercise makes a burden on the body and also affects the hormones.

So the menstrual cycle gets affected. If you suddenly increase the amount of the exercise then there may be a chance that your menstrual cycle gets the effect for 1 or 2 months.

Cold and flu

Cold and fluCold, flu and bacterial infections also affect the menstrual cycle. I am not sure whether you notice or not, But it is completely true.

In case, if you are taking any types of antibiotics then your menstruation may come earlier than usual. It happens due to the effect on estrogen levels.

In case – if you are suffering from cold and flu then your menstruation may come earlier or may be late.

Night shift or irregular working hours

Night shift or irregular working hoursAccording to the study and resources it is found that the women who work in an odd time or who do the night shift have increases the chances of abortion, hormonal disturbances and infertility.

In case, if you have a night shift for more than 2 days a week then you can easily notice that your periods or menstruation get effects.

Your friend’s cycle

Your friend’s cycleI don’t know whether you believe or not but it is 100% true.

You can easily notice that your period comes around the same time as your best friend, sister or family members.

The periods get affect by other women’s menstrual cycle especially those in close proximity to you.

Change in eating habits

Change in eating habitsChanging your diet (especially unhealthy) also affect the menstrual cycle.

In case, if you are on diet and does not eat enough food there is a possibility that you will go into the survival mode and your menstrual cycle will stop.

In the same way, if you eat too much then the estrogen level will increase and your period will be heavy, infrequent and longer-lasting.

Ask if any queries in your mind?

If you have any doubt or any confusion regarding “Does masturbation affect periods” then feel free to ask. You can easily contact us. Here, we share some of the queries regarding “Does masturbation affect periods”. Hope these queries help you to solve your doubt.

Can my period come early if I masturbate?

Masturbation can’t change the menstrual cycle. It does not make the period to come early or late. Most of the women do the masturbation during periods to relieve from the menstrual cramps and muscle tension.

Can masturbating or using dildo sex toys delay my period?

There is no relationship between the masturbation and periods. Masturbation does not affect the menstrual cycle. Periods delay or early is based on the hormones. Dildo sex toys or any other sex toy does not delay the period anyway. There is a possibility that you feel more like masturbation when the period will be a delay and less like masturbation when the period is about to start.

I haven’t gotten my period yet. If I masturbated before, does that have anything to do with it?

Don’t worry about this. Masturbation has absolutely no effect on your period. Some girls start their period at 10 whereas some might not get until 15. Every girl has her own schedule. Masturbation has nothing to do with the periods.