Facts about sex – Interesting sex facts which may be you don’t know

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Everyone knew about sex but did you know all the facts about sex?

I think NO…Everyone just wants to involve in the sex but never think about the facts behind this.

The sexual activity gives you a lot of pleasure but it never means that you know all the facts about sex. We all know that sex always provides more pleasurable but with the passage of time, we should also know about its benefits.

Most of the people have sex and they all know about complete enjoyment of the sexual activity with or without sex toys. If you want to know about the fact of sex then you should read it till the end.

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Some facts about sex you should know

facts about sex

Most of the people may think that they already know everything about sex, but do it? Below facts may change your perspective, what is sex.

Who is consider yourself a total expert of sexual activity, but according to time, there is always something new to learn about sex in their life. All the erotic activities can improve your health to the unwanted things that happen during your play, read on for everything you could want to know about getting ways. After getting knowledge it will be a lot more fun than sex ever was.

Most beneficial when you are sick

when you are sick

If someone faces sickness then they can’t be part of any sexual activity. According to sex experts, sexual arousal and orgasms make your immune system strong. And sex can be good for any person when they are feeling a little sick under the weather. At that time, they should take some sexual treatment with the partner.

Regular sex always peaceful but if you feel any problem related to the body then you should try to take sex for complete enjoyment. Sex Always beneficial but according to time you feel illness then you should avoid it for some days and take rest.

Sex Avoid stress and create environment

There are so many physical benefits of sexual activity, calms nerves, reduces stress, blood pressure, etc. A study found that who are involving in the sex regularly can physically fit and never feel any type of stress.

The sexual activity gives you better sleep, and if any person slept properly never feels stress. The sexual activity makes your relationship strong with the partner because both of you create a suitable environment.

Men want women to orgasms

Men want women to orgasms

Biologically speaking say that men are wired about female carrying in their sexual attraction. If your partners not response during sex it may be suspicion and distrust.

Male partners are motivated to satisfy their partners because he knows what to do next in their play.

Men always try to help women for achieving orgasm in their play because with the help of orgasm both the partner can feel most enjoyable satisfaction.

And its important for both the partner that they know each other very well so that they can satisfied each other.

Beginner forced to sex quickly

Beginners always forced to sex quickly because they don’t know about complete pleasure and satisfaction. The possibility of sexual attraction of men and women will be less due to quick sex but according to their interest, they may feel enjoyment.

Most of the people find the best stimulation because they believe their sexual activity performance but according to time, male partner feel uncomfortable when their partner never feels enjoyment.

Condom doesn’t affect sexual pleasure

condom does nor affect the sexual pleasure

Yes, condom always gives you a lot of pleasure in your play but some people can’t know about its benefits during sexual intercourse.

They feel uncomfortable and avoid condom during their play. It’s a bad way to find enjoyment because safe sexual activity always gives you more enjoyment.

So the use of condom must be needed in your play, it is a fact. Condom sex most usable for avoiding any type of infection on both of genitals.

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Couples believe great sex

Couples always believe great sex when they are known about whole sexual activity, great sex means you and your partner feel more comfortable in their play.

The fact is that the couple believes more enjoyment but they always not satisfied with each other. It’s ok, but if you and your partner always try to take more pleasure then you should try with a different sex position.

Most of the couples use sex lubricant in their play to find more pleasure as well as smooth penetration when having anal or vagina sex.

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Use of sex toy always more comfortable for both

Use of sex toy always more comfortable for both

If you never used any sex toy till now, then you lost most of the things.

Sex toy always gives you so many benefits such as increasing stamina, create a sensational environment, give you physical satisfaction, achieving orgasms, etc.

Today the different type of sex toys are easily available in the online market and all are giving you a lot of fun and enjoyment when you used it with the suitable sex lubricant.

These sex toys also help you to reach the orgasm. You can use cock ring, vibrator toy, dildo etc. to reach the orgasm. The entire sex toy gave the best stimulation as well as complete enjoyment with the partner.

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Just take an example – While having the intercourse you can try egg or bullet vibrator to stimulate your partner clitoris. At the same time when you stimulate your partner vagina and clitoris, she will feel more excitement and reach the orgasm.

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