Female ejaculation & Indian squirt: What exactly it is and how to experience it?

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What do you think when you hear the word “female ejaculation or Indian squirt”? Most of our friends don’t know whether female ejaculation is true or false. But trust me, it is completely true and you can easily achieve it with the help of sex toys like dildo, vibrator or massager.

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So, here you can get the basic female ejaculation conception or female ejaculation guide. Read this article till the end. We hope that this article helps you to experience the female ejaculation first time.

What is female ejaculation or woman squirting?

What is female ejaculation or woman squirtingFirst, start with the definition of the female ejaculation squirt or female ejaculation squirting or you can also say that the female ejaculation orgasm.

May be you know or even don’t know, I am not sure but you must know that woman can experience variety of orgasm.

So, let’s first discuss what is female ejaculation or Indian squirt?

When a woman releases the fluid from her vagina during the sex or masturbation then it is called the female ejaculation or woman squirting. The ejaculation liquid comes from the vagina so some of you also call it vaginal ejaculation. The one can experience the female ejaculation during the orgasm or sexual arousal.

According to Weikipedia

Female ejaculation is characterized as an expulsion of fluid from or near the vagina during or before an orgasm. It is also known as colloquially as squirting or gushing.

Check what Alyaa Gad, MD has to say about the female ejaculation…

For female ejaculate, you do not need to have penis. You just need urethra. Now, you know what is female ejaculation but do you know that Female ejaculations are of different types. Yes..Female ejaculations are of two types.

Squirting fluid – When you release the large quantity of fluid during the sex or masturbation then it is squirting fluid. This fluid is usually colourless and odourless.

Ejaculate fluid – This type of fluid is very similar to the male semen. It is usually thick and appears in a milky white colour.

Where does it come from?

where does it cames from

Regarding the female ejaculation I received many queries so I decided to make this article.

Most of our users ask about female ejaculation that where does it come from and does it same as squirting and many more.

So, first let’s discuss –

Where does female ejaculation comes from?

In the ancient year, most of the woman and even men also think that female ejaculation fluid was pee. But the woman ejaculation is not the pee.

Most of the health experts argued that woman squirting isn’t real and it was pee. Most of them say that it is released from the female urethra so it is pee. In real, the woman ejaculation fluid is not pee but it contains some amount of pee.

According to some other researches, the female ejaculation is the fluid which comes from the skene’s glands which are situated inside the wall of the vagina near the urethra sponge right at the G spot.

There are many more researches regarding this but it is not clear till now.

Ejaculation is the same things as squirting?

Most of the researches suggest that ejaculating and squirting are two different things. The squirting fluid is essentially watered-down urine. This fluid comes from the bladder and exit via the urethra.

Whereas the ejaculation is the fluid which is very similar to the male semen. As compare to the squirting female ejaculation fluid is thick and milky.

What does a female ejaculation smell and taste like?

The one who experience the feeling of female ejaculation can know the taste and smell of the female ejaculation.

But according to one study in 2014, female ejaculation tastes sweet. When we talk about its taste, most of you think that it smell like a urine, but the truth is female ejaculation doesn’t appear to have any smell at all. Yes! it is true, it does not have any smell.

Do all women squirt or ejaculate?

Do all women squirt or ejaculateWoman ejaculation is perfectly normal. According to the International society for sexual medicine, 10% to 50% woman ejaculates during sex and masturbation.

You can also prefer the female masturbation technique if you really want to experience the female ejaculation during your masturbation session.

According to some other researches, it is clear that most of the woman experience the female squatting but only a few have noticed it.

Sometimes the ejaculated fluid can flow backwards into the bladder instead of coming out so a woman can not notice it.

If you want to experience the feeling of the woman squirt or female ejaculation then try to stimulate the G spot. Sex researches believe that stimulating the G spot increase the possibility of female ejaculation or female squirting or woman cunnilingus.

Some of the best dildo sex toys which help you to reach the female ejaculation or orgasm.

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How to cum or how to experience the women ejaculation?

How to cum or how to experience the women ejaculationNow, you know about what is female ejaculation, what is Indian squirt, female ejaculation where does it come from etc. After knowing the basic things about the women ejaculation, you really want to experience the feeling of the female cum or squirting orgasm. So here, we will discuss how to cum and female ejaculation techniques.

Most of the woman who experiences the feeling of squirting orgasm or vaginal ejaculation says that they reach thereby stimulating the G spot. Yes! It is true. If you want to experience the feeling of the squirting orgasm or vaginal ejaculation then you should stimulate your G spot.

To stimulate the G spot you can also prefer the dildo sex toys like G spot dildo. G spot dildo is specially designed for the G spot stimulation.

If you have never experience the female ejaculation feeling then let me clear you that it does not hurt you. While stimulating the G spot, you will get lots of pleasure and if you are able to ejaculate then it might be turning on for you and your partner.

But all most 70% of women report that they does not reach the orgasm without clitoris stimulation. So, if you are also one of them then you can start with the clitoris stimulation.

Once you get excited or reach the clitoris orgasm then move to the G spot. Because female ejaculation and G spot are connected. If you stimulate the G spot then the chance of reaching the female ejaculation get increase. Stimulating the G spot and clitoris is the easiest way to experience vaginal ejaculation. So, try it tonight.

To stimulate the clitoris, you can prefer egg vibrator or bullet vibrator.

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Female ejaculation is healthy or not?

Female ejaculation is healthy or notSo, now you have much information about the female ejaculation. But do you know about the female ejaculation health benefits? If you don’t know then let me clear you that female ejaculation is healthy and it provides the many health benefits.

According to some researches, it is clear that there are many health benefits of sex as well as masturbation.

While involving in the sex or masturbation when you reach the orgasm your body releases the pain-relieving hormones which help you with back pain, leg pain, headaches and menstrual cramps.

Immediately after the orgasm, your body releases the prolactin and oxytocin hormones which promote restful sleep.

Along with these, there are many more female ejaculation health benefits:

  • Relieving stress
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Protecting against heart disease
  • Lowering blood pressure