Female masturbation technique or masterbation techniques to pleasure yourself without men

Female Masturbation

Is there any technique for female masturbation or female masturbation

Is there any technique for female masturbation

Yes! Of course, there are many techniques for female self-pleasure. If you think that female masturbation is very easy and every woman can easily achieve the orgasm during their masturbation period then you are wrong. If you want to achieve the orgasm without your men or without your boyfriend then it is necessary for you to learn and follow the female masturbation technique or masterbation techniques.

There are always tips and tricks which make your masturbation better. If you also want to experience the strong orgasm and looking for best masterbation techniques then you are in the right place. Just hold on to your panties and read on.

Technique for female masturbation or masterbation techniques which every woman should try to achieve a powerful orgasm

If you get bored with your regular masturbation or if you don’t have much knowledge about the female masturbation technique or how do women masterbate then go through this article. In this article, we provide you best masterbation techniques for women or female masterbation techniques which definitely helps you to achieve a powerful orgasm.

For these masterbation techniques or female masterbation tips, you can choose the dildo which you like most. Along with the dildo or didlo, you can also use any other sex toys for women. It all depends on you. But be sure that you are comfortable with the dildo or sex toys for women which you select.

Getting aroused

Getting aroused

It is the most important part to start the dildos masturbation. So please don’t skip this part. Without getting aroused, it is very difficult for you to achieve orgasm. To make yourself excited you can do whatever you want or all those things which help you to get excited.

For example – You can watch some porn video or if you like reading then read some aroused magazine etc.

Relax and stress-free

The best way to masterbate is to get relax and stress-free. To make yourself excited or aroused you ought to get relax and stress-free. It is very important because if you are in tension or stress then it is difficult for you to feel sexy and hard to get aroused. Relax and stress-free is the key of best masterbation.


Along with relaxing and stress-free, women also need privacy for female masturbation. You have to select the right place. The right place meaning is the place where no other people are available to disturb you. For most of the women, it will be her bedroom. But if you share your room with other women or girl then you should use the bathroom or shower for best masterbation.

Make an atmosphere

If you used your bedroom for female self-pleasure then you can also make an atmosphere. This is optional. But if you make an atmosphere then it helps you to get wet or excited. To make an atmosphere you can dim the light, decorate your bedroom with some fresh flowers, light some candles etc. It depends on you.

Get lube

Get lube

Before you follow the mastrubation techniques or masterbation tips be sure that you have a good quality personal lubricant.

Most of the women thought that lubricant is necessary only during the couple play or partner play. But it is not true. You should use personal lubricant during female mastrubation also.

Personal lube reduces friction and also helps you to get excited. While applying the personal lube you can touch and caress your erogenous zone. You should also apply the lube on the surface of your dildo sex toys.

Use dildo sex toys for best external masterbation techniques

Use dildo sex toys for external masturbation

If you are a woman or girls and you love to involve in the female masturbation then it is necessary for you to follow the female mastubation techniques or female masterbation techniques.

It does not matter which type of dildo or dildos or didlo you used for your best masterbation.

For female self-pleasure, it is necessary to start with the external stimulation. You can use any types of dildo sex toys to stimulate your external body part.

The only things you should remember is to use dildo sex toys with the correct masterbation tips or masterbation techniques.

Move dildo up and down

The first masturbation tips for women or the female masterbation techniques is very easy and any women either beginner or expert can start their dildo mastrubation. Just take your dildo sex toys start rubbing your clitoris. Focus only on the clit. Move your dildo sex toys up and down. If you want more stimulation on your clitoris then move your dildo sex toys with various speeds. These female masterbation tips help you to get wet and helps you to move to the next level.

Side to side

It is also one of the simple female masterbation tips. This masterbation technique is best for beginner women. In this female masterbation technique, you should only move your dildo sex toys side to side over your clitoris. Most of the female and girls try the different variations such as moving the dildo with different speed, using vibrating dildo for more intense feeling, change the amount of pressure etc.

Move dildo over the vagina and clitoris

Once you feel that you get wet then move to the next level of masterbation techniques. In this female masterbation techniques move your dildo sex toys over the middle of your vagina and clitoris from bottom to top or top to bottom. Try to find out your pleasure point. Once you find out your pleasure point then move your dildo with fast strokes, slow strokes etc. in which you feel more pleasure. It is one of the best way to masterbate.

Stimulate the urethral opening and side of it

Most of the women don’t know about the urethral opening and side of it. This point is called the U spot. You can use your dildo to stimulate the U spot. U spot is super sensitive and provides you the unique pleasure when you move your dildo sex toys over it. The best way to masterbate the U spot is to use the small dildo and move it gently over the U spot.

Stimulate clitoris hook

There are many women who do not feel comfortable or feel unpleasant when they touch their clitoris. For that woman, it is better to start with the clitoris hook. Stimulating the clitoris hook is one of the best way to masterbate. You can easily rub your clitoris hook with the help of any types of dildo sex toys.

Stimulate labia

It is one of the best masterbation techniques which women should try during their female self pleasure. You can stimulate your labia by rubbing it with dildo or didlo. There are plenty of ways to rub your labia with didlo or dildos. You can select any one which you like most.

  • Move your dildo sex toys up and down over your labia.
  • Press and squeeze it with a different amount of pressure.
  • If you want then you can also apply warming and cooling lube.

Insert the dildo into the vagina

Insert the dildo into the vagina

Once you get wet with your external stimulation then try to insert your dildo sex toys into your vagina. In the market varieties of the female dildo, dildo for women or dildo for girls are available. Select the best dildo for your best masturbation.

First, slowly try to insert the dildo into the vagina. Once you are able to insert the dildo sex toys or didlo sex toys into the vagina then move it in various directions for different pleasure. If you want to stimulate your g spot then try to select the G spot dildo.

If you have selected the vibrating dildo for your masturbation then first activate the vibration function and then try to insert it. It is necessary for you to start the vibration function with slow speed and once you feel comfortable with the slow speed vibration function then increase the speed. It definitely helps you to achieve orgasm.