How to Masterbate female : Techniques and tricks for healthy female masturbation orgasm

15/02/2021Female Masturbation

Is there any technique for female masturbation

Female masturbation is often seen as a taboo topic. The reason is female masturbation is a deeply personal activity  and most of the women, specially Indian women don’t feel comfortable to talk about this. But it does not mean that they don’t involve in the masturbation or they don’t masturbate.

The fact is that people all around the world are doing it and Indian women are also masturbating. So, its not a bad at all to masturbate.

Here, in this article I specially discuss about the female masturbation and masturbation techniques which Indian women can easily follow and experience the orgasm.

The topics which are covered in this article –

  • Different types of female masturbation
  • Techniques for female masturbation
  • Best sex toys for masturbation
  • Different types of sex positions for masturbation

Before that, if you are worried about the side effects of masturbation, please also refer to this article.

What do you think, your hand and fingers are enough for your first time masturbation? However, in modern India, most of the Indian women masturbate using sex toys.

In this world, varieties of sex toys are available but the toys often used for female masturbation are dildos, vibrators and massagers. Especially for female masturbation, dildo is used because it is particularly popular and used in India.

So, we thought to make some guide related to the masturbation techniques with the sex toys to help our female friends. Hope, this guide help you and you can enjoy your masturbation session.

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Female masturbation is great for health

female masturbation is great for health

Everyone knows that involving in the regular exercise provides a great health benefits. In the same way, regularly involving in the masturbation provides you the great health. It improves your sleep and help you to relieve stress.

Masturbation is a best and safe and natural way to know about your body, release built-up sexual tension, feels good and also many health benefits.

Do you know about the different types of female masturbation?

female masturbation

I know, some of you are familiar with the types of female masturbation but most of you don’t know that there are many types of female masturbation. Yes! you can satisfied yourself in different ways.

I think a common way is to use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris. There are many hurdles to using tools suddenly to trigger masturbation. (■What is the first female masturbation?)

However, if you gradually step up and get orgasm by G spot and Portio stimulation in vaginal masturbation described below, you will almost always need a tool (sex toy) around here.

Here, are the list of the most common type of female masturbation. You can prefer any one or more than one according to your choice.

Types of Masturbation How to Do
Clitoris Masturbation In this type of female masturbation, female generally stimulate their clitoris either with their finger or with the help of vibrator sex toy. Most of the Indian women can’t reach the orgasm without stimulating the clitoris.


You can get all the information about clitoris stimulation here.

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Vagina Masturbation In this type of female masturbation, women use the dildo or vibrator for penetration, so that they can easily reach the orgasm. Some of the Indian women also prefer the homemade dildo for vagina masturbation.

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In addition, you can feel a more pleasant sensation called inside orgasm when you masturbate inside the vagina.

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Anal Masturbation Anal masturbation is also a type of female masturbation. It involves stimulation of anal with finger or dildos. Generally, Indian women don’t like anal masturbation, so it is not famous.

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Of course, please refer to this for preparing for How to do anal sex.

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Combo In this type of female masturbation, Indian women can combine one or more than one types of female masturbation method. The main reason to combine the masturbation method is to reach the orgasm easily and quickly.

  • All of above
  • Nipple Speciality

Is there any technique for female masturbation

Yes! Of course, there are many techniques for female self-pleasure or you can say that female masturbation. If you think that female masturbation is very easy and every woman can easily achieve the orgasm during their masturbation session then you are wrong.

If you want to achieve the orgasm without your men or without your boyfriend then it is necessary for you to know about how to masturbate.

The main advantage is that you can develop yourself with masturbation to achieve orgasm.

There are always tips and tricks which make the female masturbation better. What feels good for one women can be a totally fail for some other women. So, first you should learn which female masturbation techniques works for you.

If you really want to experience the strong orgasm and looking for best masturbation techniques then you are in the right place. Just hold on to your panties and read on.

Technique for female masturbation which every woman should try to achieve a powerful orgasm

If you get bored with your regular female masturbation or if you don’t have much knowledge about the female masturbation  or how do women masturbate then go through this article.

In this article, we provide you best masturbation techniques or you can say that best way to masturbate which definitely helps you to achieve a powerful orgasm.

If you want to masturbate, your fingers are good but sex toys are better option. For these masturbation techniques or female masturbation tips, you can choose any of the sex toys which you like the most. Most of the women like the realistic dildo for the masturbation session.

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Along with the dildo or didlo, you can also use any other sex toys like vibrator, massager etc. It all depends on you. But be sure that you are comfortable with the sex toys which you select.

Not, every Indian women like to use the sex toys for their masturbation session. Most of the Indian women use their own finger  to stimulate their pussy or for rubbing pussy. So, if you are also one of them then you should know how to finger yourself.

If you don’t know then click below to learn how to finger yourself.

Find the right time

Before involving in the masturbation, first you should spend some time in thinking about at what time you are free and when you feel most interested in masturbating.

Not all the women like to masturbate before the bed time. Its all about to find the right time when both your body and mind are relaxed.

Getting aroused

Getting aroused

It is the most important part to start the female masturbation. So please don’t skip this part.

Without getting aroused, it is very difficult for you to achieve orgasm.

To make yourself excited you can do whatever you want or all those things which help you to get excited.

For example – You can watch some porn video or if you like reading then read some aroused magazine etc.

Relax and stress-free

The best way to masturbate is to get relax and stress-free. To make yourself excited or aroused you ought to get relax and stress-free. It is very important because if you are in tension or stress then it is difficult for you to feel sexy and hard to get aroused. Relax and stress-free is the key of best masturbate.


Along with relaxing and stress-free, women also need privacy for female masturbation. You have to select the right place. The right place meaning is the place where no other people are available to disturb you.

For most of the women, it will be her bedroom. But if you share your room with other women or girl then the best way to masturbate is your bathroom or shower.

Make an atmosphere

If you used your bedroom for female masturbation then you can also make an atmosphere. This is optional. But if you make an atmosphere then it helps you to get wet or excited. To make an atmosphere you can dim the light, decorate your bedroom with some fresh flowers, light some candles etc. It depends on you.

Get lube


Before you follow the masturbation techniques or masterbation tips be sure that you have a good quality personal lubricant.

Most of the women thought that lubricant is necessary only during the couple play or partner play. But it is not true. You should use personal lubricant during female masturbation also.

Personal lube reduces friction and also helps you to get excited. While applying the personal lube you can touch and caress your erogenous zone. You should also apply the lube on the surface of your dildo sex toys or vibrator sex toys.

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Use dildo sex toys for best external masterbation techniques

If you are a woman or girls and you love to involve in the female masturbation then it is necessary for you to follow the masturbation techniques.

It does not matter which type of dildo toys or sex toys you used for your masturbation.

For female masturbation, it is necessary to start with the external stimulation. You can use any types of dildo sex toys or vibrator to stimulate your external body part like clitoris.

You can also check our article “how to have clitoris orgasm" for best external masturbation technique.

But for the external stimulation, it is better to use the vibrating dildo or vibrator sex toys.

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The only things you should remember is to use dildo sex toys with the correct masturbation tips or masturbation techniques.

Move dildo or vibrator up and down

The first masturbation tips for women or the masturbation techniques is very easy and any women either beginner or expert can start their dildo.

Just take your dildo sex toys or vibrator and start rubbing pussy and clitoris. At the very first, focus only on the clit. Move your dildo or vibrator up and down. If you want more stimulation on your clitoris then move your sex toys with various speeds. These female masturbation techniques help you to get wet and helps you to move to the next level.

Side to side

It is also one of the simple female masturbation tips. This female masturbation technique is best for beginner women.

In this female masturbation technique, you should only move your dildo sex toys side to side over your clitoris. Most of the female and girls try the different variations for enhance pleasure. They move the dildo with different speed, use vibrating dildo for more intense feeling, change the amount of pressure etc.

Some of the women also prefer the vibrator toy for external stimulation.Vibrator for women

Move dildo or vibrator over the vagina and clitoris

Once you feel that you get wet then move to the next level of masturbation techniques. In this female masturbation techniques move your dildo sex toys or vibrator over the middle of your vagina and clitoris from bottom to top or top to bottom.

You can also do this with your finger but using the sex toys definitely works better because sex toys are made for these works only.

Try to find out your pleasure point. Once you find out your pleasure point then move your dildo with fast strokes, slow strokes etc. in which you feel more pleasure. It is one of the best way to masterbate.

Stimulate the urethral opening and side of it

Most of the women don’t know about the urethral opening and side of it. This point is called the U spot or portio. You can use your dildo to stimulate the U spot.

U spot is super sensitive and provides you the unique pleasure when you move your dildo sex toys over it. The best way to masterbate the U spot is to use the small dildo and move it gently over the U spot.

To know more about the portio or urethral opening click below.

Stimulate clitoris hook

There are many women who do not feel comfortable or feel unpleasant when they touch their clitoris. For that woman, it is better to start with the clitoris hook. Stimulating the clitoris hook is one of the best way to masterbate. You can easily rub your clitoris hook with the help of any types of dildo sex toys or vibrator.

But most of the women feel pleasure to stimulate the clitoris hook with the glass or metal dildo. You can change the temperature of the glass and metal dildo for more pleasure.

Stimulate labia

It is one of the best masturbation techniques which every women should try during their female masturbation session. You can stimulate your labia by rubbing it with dildo or didlo. There are plenty of ways to rub your labia with didlo or dildos. You can select any one which you like most.

  • Move your dildo sex toys up and down over your labia.
  • Press and squeeze it with a different amount of pressure.
  • If you want then you can also apply warming and cooling lube.

Some of the best dildo to stimulate the labia are –

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Insert the dildo into the vagina

For some, penetration during masturbation can feel great and take your pleasure to the next level. There are  many ways,  you can select any one.

Once you get wet with your external stimulation then try to insert your dildo sex toys into your vagina. In the market varieties of the female dildo, dildo for women or dildo for girls are available.

You can select any of the dildo toys or vibrator for your best masturbation session. If you don’t know how to choose the dildo then check our article to select the best one for you.

G-spot masturbation

G spot

You can try to pierce yourself with your fingers to apply pressure to your G spot.

If you find you  are tired, you can try using a dildo instead of your hand.

First, slowly try to insert the dildo into the vagina. Once you are able to insert the dildo sex toys or didlo sex toys into the vagina then move it in various directions for different pleasure.

If you want to stimulate your g spot then try to select the G spot dildo.

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A-spot masturbation

A spot

A-spot is an area within the vagina, located on the inner wall. It is one of five deep vaginal erogenous zones  that research associates with female orgasm

If you want to hit your A spot during masturbation, you need a dildo. Your A spot will be too deep to reach comfortably with your fingers.

If you want to hit your A spot then you can use large dildos for deep penetration.

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If you have selected the vibrating dildo for your masturbation then first activate the vibration function and then try to insert it. It is necessary for you to start the vibration function with slow speed and once you feel comfortable with the slow speed vibration function then increase the speed. It definitely helps you to achieve orgasm.Realistic dildo

The key is finding out what works for you

Once you decide to experience the orgasm feeling without your partner then in this situation your first job is to find the pleasure point.

At the very first, you should find out what is best for you. For this, you should fully understand your body than only you can decide what makes you to feel pleasure and only then we’ll get to some of the best
ways to masturbate.

Try different sex positions to heat things up

To make your masturbation more happening and excited try different sex position with your sex toys. You can try different sex positions to spice up your solo play.

Lying on your back

This position is best for the clitoris stimulation. In this position you should lie on your back, I know it is one of the oldest sex position but believe me it is one of the best sex positions for the clitoris stimulation.

While lying on back, you can also use pillow under your neck. You just have spread your legs and bend them at the knees. Now rub your clitoris with finger or sex toys, whatever you want. You can also go with the slow or fast or anything else which feels you happy.


If you want to stimulate your vagina with dildo or vibrator then squatting is the best position for you. This sex position helps you to find the G spot and while stimulating the G spot you can easily reach the orgasm.

In this sex positions what you have to do is crouch down with your heels close to or touching the back of your thighs. After that start to slide your finger or sex toys into your vagina. Try to insert it as deep as you can go.

At this level try different motions for quick orgasm.

Face down doggy style

doggy style 2.

The one who loves the backdoor stimulation can try the face down doggy style sex positions. With the help of this sex position one can easily stimulate their anal.

In this sex positions, you can easily insert your finger or anal toy or dildo in your anal with one hand. At the same time you can use you other hand for nipple stimulation or clitoris stimulation.

You can put your face down on your bed or floor. This makes your back higher in the air. Wrap one arm around your back to reach your anus.

To know more about the doggy style sex positions click below.

Cowgirl sex positions

Cowgirl sex positions is best for the one who loves the combo stimulation. Put your favorite dildo or vibrator on your bed and lower yourself down on it. You can also use your hand for external stimulation.

Click below to learn more about cowgirl sex positions.


How was it? I have introduced various women’s masturbation technique. It is the most important thing for women to masturbate by knowing and learning what they feel and what they like rather than the correct masturbation method.

・ For clitoris stimulation, use an egg vibrator or bullet vibrator.
・ If you like inside orgasm and insertion, you can use dildo or rabbit vibrator.
・ If you’ve achieved your first orgasm with masturbation, I definitely recommend the egg vibrator.

At first, you should use your fingers to develop your senses.
We support your best masturbation sex life.

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