First sex experience: How it feels for the first time sex, especially for Indian girl

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Really enjoyable, but I was a bit scared about the moments of my first sex experience.

I couldn’t understand what’s going on with me but every moment was memorable for me. My partner also excited to touch me and I feel a little embarrassing in front of him. Overall it was an amazing activity for me because every stroke gave satisfaction and there was also a surprise for me.

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The passing time was most pleasurable for me but I never thought it was gone soon.

If you want to know more about first sex experience then continue reading this article till the end.

It was my first sex experience which is enjoyable

first sex experience

When I was only 17 years old at that time I am little bit shy girl but had affair with a boy………oh yes………he was my first boyfriend.
I took experienced first sex with him, I strongly remember that day, and he and I usually chatting to each other in the night but that night adult conversation happened with him.

Normally, we were discussing adult movies but suddenly he said, can we try to take sexual activity. I can’t tell you, I was shocked but internally got excited about the physical relationship.

The conversation proceeded about physical activity, the excitement increased, blood circulation also increased because we were decided to take physical intercourse that night.

My room was placed on the first floor and my parents on the ground floor. He came from the roof of the neighbors to my room. He and I were scared but decided to be physical, most effective on this fear.

We were spending the most beautiful night with each other and it was enjoyable for both.

So, here I am going to discuss my first sex experience – what I had done and how to make it memorable. So, if you are interested you can also follow these steps to make your first sex memorable.

Started with dating

According to me, dating is the best way to having sexual activity because you can plan what you won’t do. First night curiosity about sexual activity more advanceable for anyone.

A girl and boy can believe to each other with the dating because they can easily understand each other. In my case, I and my boyfriend usually meet each other and also communicate about sexual intercourse before getting the physical.

Painful feeling but memorable

painful and enjoyable

Please stop…….it’s hurting. …….. I said to my boyfriend when having first sex experience.

But……overall it is memorable and I’m never forgetting it.

First time I didn’t know what I do but he was able to do sex. I think he knew about sex.

Tried…Tried and tried………I said, I felt pain and he said just ok. I didn’t know about sex, is painful but after some stroke, I feel comfortable and enjoyable with him.

Start with foreplay

Before having sexual intercourse, we spend some time in foreplay. We started with kissing.

Yes…he started kissing me on my lips and after that, he moved to the neck. While kissing me he just places his hand on my breast. At that time, I really get scared but within some minutes, I also started enjoying that moment.

When I was fully excited, he takes out some packet from his pocket. He wants to give me some surprises, so he brought some gift for me. When I opened that I was socked. It was a sex toy.

Yes…in that box there was one egg vibrator, lube and one dildo.

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Before that, I don’t know about sex toys. He taught me “how to use sex toys."

He inserted the batteries in the remote of the bullet vibrator and apply over my breast. After that, he slowly put the vibrator inside my panty. Oh my god…it was really mind-blowing.

This was the first step of our first sex.

It’s hurting for me

I lost my virginity with my boyfriend; when I was 17 years so it’s hurting for me and feel bleeding during the whole activity.

I want physical activity but so much hurting ……hurting. If you thought why did it happen so you can click below to know about losing virginity?

When I was fully excited, he dropped his pant and made me naked. First, he applied lube on his penis and also on my vagina. Actually, my vagina is completely wet then also he applies the sex lube.

I asked him “what is this liquid?". He explained to me that it makes sexual intercourse smooth and reduce friction.

After that, he rubbed my vagina with his penis and try to insert it. Felt bad but every stroke gave a lot of pleasure and enjoyment also.

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You can also apply lubricant if you decide to do any sexual activity. This was my first sex experience so I don’t have much knowledge but I suggest you use condom and lubricant both while having the sex.

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Feeling was unforgettable with someone special

me and my partner gained something

The first sex experience was never planned for anyone but it was special for me when I and he fall in bed. Although he and I had not met in a long time, I could never forget him in my entire life as I enjoyed the best moments of my life with him.

Because I lost my virginity with him, he is one of the best people in my life, can’t understand if you are single.

Me and my partner gained something

We had gained a lot of fun with each other because I never thought about my virginity. We had been live together at eight months and done a lot of enjoyment with the used of different type of activity with different sex positions.

We gained some erotic moments in sexual intercourse; we couldn’t miss every moment when he tries different pose and acts.

Little age never tries to make it comfortable in the play, but the continually happens when your internal stimulation was great felt.

We didn’t know before the play; there was a lot of enjoyment and pleasure in this special moment to each other.

I felt strong relationship after first night

Yes, I was felt that the relationship to strong and enjoyable for both. After the first night, I believed in him strong as well as he did the same.

I and my partner never forgot that activity when he and I alone at the room with the nuked pose. There were so many things and activities to play one by one.

Prepare some sex toy to make it more pleasurable

I forgot it before we were meeting, but if you are interested to take more advantage for any sexual activity then you should try it. Most of the people prepare but not is necessary for everyone.

Sex toy always provides the best stimulation and also create sex environment at the end of your sex activity.

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You can select any sex toy according to your sexual needs or your choice. There are many types of sex toy easily available in the online market such as vibrator, dildo, massager etc.