Have fun with sex toy in your bed time!

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

I remember that day when I felt my desires with a sex toy, feeling awesome when my partner told me about the different use of a sex toy, maybe it was vibrator, or vibrating dildo not sure but its vibration capacity more erotic that day.

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Believe me my friends; our sexual life gets better than it was several years ago before we start using the sex toys.

Did you ever use sex toys in your bed time?


Have fun with sex toy in your bed time!

Are you experienced that day when you and your partner hold a sex toy in your hand on the bed?

No, then don’t worry. If you think about that day, then stay safe with me on this page.

First think, when you want to try something like that what you have to do?

Choose a best sex toy which is completely enjoyable for you and your partner, Right? Yes!

Satisfying your partner is not only your duty but sometime you may need something extra to make your sexual life more excited and happening.

Sex toy is the best option to spice up the boring sexual life. Now a day, varieties of sex toys are available.

Different sex toy have different feelings because when you want more then select more pleasurable sex toy. There are two different type of person available – beginner type or some of experience holder. So, selection depends on these two conditions, if you believe and ready to take the advantage of the sex toys.

Here, you can get the sex toys for both beginner as well as for the experience users.

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When someone decides to take a sex toy and play to move sexual intercourse which is always better experience. Now-a-day without these type of activity nobody can find better sexual feeling or intercourse with the partner.

Sex toy always provide more satisfaction and enjoyment when you want that type feeling. Most of the people who experience the best sexual moment in their life, they definitely try some of the sex toy on the bed. Not only your partner, but there also some non living object which makes you happy.

Does it really improve the relationship?

Yes, sex toy always improve your relationship when you believe or try any different type of sex toy on the bed. We know that, after the day or in an old age the relationship may be dull and also get boring. Mostly different types of sex toy have different feeling when you take inside with the help of our partner or alone.

Today, different type of sex toy easily available in the online market such as women sex toy, men sex toy, couples sex toy, etc. Most of the people believe to try vibrator type of sex toy because they can easily stimulate on the bed.

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Sex toy can change your sexual life style with the partner by the help of different uses such as vaginal stimulation, anal stimulation, clitoris stimulation or boobs/breast stimulation. So we can say that these sex toys are playing a role of Catalyst of the erotic scenes.

You can also check this twitt…Most of the couples are using the sex toys in their bed time.

What your partner think when you bring sex toys in your bed room?

We know that the stimulation and enjoyment always increased by the help of sex toy so the sex toy is the most pleasurable object which is mostly used on the bed. But when you keep a sex toy without telling your partner, this thing will definitely attract your partner because he can’t think about this type of surprise.

If you take a sex toy like a vibrator types toys or hollow strap on or double ended then your partner also get excited about it and also get excited to it on the bed. Sometime this things are most pleasurable and getting most attractive play with the partner in different styles. There are so many thinks to adopt sex toy while having sexual activity or masturbation.

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What you have to do?

First, which type of sex toy you need think about it. After that you may feel more comfortable with your partner. I think, you should start first with the selected sex toy to avoid boringness during sexual intercourse.

You should always keep in mind while using the sex toys with your partner that you both are using the sex toys to make your sexual life better, not to hurt your each other so always use a good quality sex lubricant.

It does not matter, in which type of play you are going to involve, you should always use a sex lubricant for anal or vaginal play. You can also use a flavour lubricant for blowjob.

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Focus your mindset

Always focus what to do first and last because if you don’t focus with the partner’s feeling then your partner may not be able to give you own side 100% appearance. So please, avoid distinct things inside your mind. Feel and enjoy with the partner’s activity and always give and take pleasure during whole activity.

Use Different features of sex toy

If you are experienced user then you should use different features made sex toy which is more pleasure and enjoyment for you and your partner. Such as in the online market different features sex toy easily available.

If you have lots of experience then you can select the hollow strap on or more powerful vibrator toy or massager toy.

Spiral Rabbit Vibe
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If you don’t have much experience and using the sex toys for the first time then start with the simple bullet vibrator or egg vibrator. You can also prefer the simple vibrator toy or ask your male partner to use the simple cock ring.

Penis and dildos used together

If you want to experience the dildo feeling during sexual intercourse then choice the best dildo. According to us, any type of dildo sex toy best suitable with the penis because at first when you take inside then you feel more erotic in your play.

Dildo sex toy provide you best stimulation feeling. If you have lots of experience then you can also use dildo and your partner penis at the same time or some unique type of dildo which you can insert in the vagina or anal at the same time. Sometimes it may see you and your partner want to involve in the anal and vagina play so you can try the dildo or your partner penis at the same time for double penetration.

Peni Ana Special Cat Punch W TWIN VIBE PINK
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Try different sex toys

different type of sex toys

If you want to try different type sex toy then first find what you want inside you. Today most of the people try different type sex toy such as BDSM type sex toy, cock ring or any type vibrator sex toy with strong vibration capacity. But always carry safety tips when you want more exoticness. Most of the people must try different type of sex toy. These types of sex toy always provide confidence and make your relationship most strong.