What guys want to know about the female masturbation or girls masturbation? Know the answer, with 4 women.

Female Masturbation

Female masturbation or girl masturbation is quite taboo and ladies do not want to talk about this.

Today, through social media like Twitter and Instagram, it seems that the male population is still want to know the masturbation meaning for a woman and girls.

So, we thought to clear it by answering all of these really important questions which guys wanted to know.

We have 4 women – Avni 25, Jyoti 23, Aashi 29, and Sushma 32 who opened about the most intimate topics. So, let’s start.

Do Indian women or girl masturbate?

Do Indian women or girl masturbate

Avni – I am not sure about all the Indian women but yes! I and all my friends masturbate.

Jyoti – I have never been in the relationship but from the past two years I have been masturbating. It gives me immense pleasure.

Aashi – Yes! Most of the women masturbate and I think they enjoy pleasuring themselves as much as any guy.

Sushma – I have no rights to speak on behalf of all women and girls but I think most of them masturbate and if they don’t then they should. I always masturbate whenever I want to feel the pleasure even after my marriage also.

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How often do Indian girls masturbate?

How ofter do Indian girls masturbate

Avni – I probably masturbate around two to three times a week. But it depends on my mood.

Jyoti – I do it every day if I get the chance. But, I am not sure about the other girls.

Aashi – Whenever I was alone at my home and I feel like it, I do it. Sometime I do 4 times a week whereas sometimes I don’t do till two weeks. It all depends on my mood and situation.

Sushma – Again, it depends on the lady and I do it almost every week whenever I watched porn.

Why girls pretend that they don’t watch porn?

why girls pretend that they don't watch porn

Avni – Why always boys have fun? I always watch porn but it is also true that I never share this to anyone even my friends also. It’s kind of private things.

Jyoti – I don’t know the reason behind this. But, yes if someone asks me then I also say that I don’t watch porn.

Aashi – You know about the Indian culture. There are lots of judgement around female sexuality, especially about sex and masturbation. Indian women and girls do not open about their sexuality and learn not to talk about their sexuality or even to lie about it from their childhood. So, maybe this is the reason they pretend that they don’t watch porn.

Sushma – I am very confident with my sexuality, and never denied watching porn. Most of my friends watch porn and we talk about it. Sometimes we share the good porn links too with each other. My husband also knows about it and he has no problem at all. I don’t think that it’s a big deal if you say that you watch porn.

Do girls masturbate as much as guys?

Avni – Yes! sure…Even some women do more than guys.

Jyoti – It varies from woman to woman but from my point of view, yes! they do.

Aashi – I heard from someone that masturbates burn the calories too and I think it is the best way to get fit. A few years back, if someone asks me this question then my answer is, of course, men do it more than girls. But, now I must say that girls do more than buys because of it easy to hit the big O due to sex toys like dildo and vibrator.

Sushma – I am not sure what to say for this question. It depends on the person. For me, yes! I do more than my husband.

How do girls masturbate because they have long fingernails?


Avni – During masturbation, I don’t put my finger inside. I only stimulate the clitoris with my finger, so I never cut my nails. If sometimes I want to insert something on my vagina then I prefer the dildo or vibrator. But it is a rare case.

Jyoti – I never used sex toys. Personally, I don’t like the big nails so I cut it as soon as it becomes big. I used my fingers for masturbation.

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Aashi – I had masturbated with my long nails. Seriously, don’t feel comfortable at all. So whenever I had big nails I used my dildo for masturbation.

Sushma – I don’t feel that it is a big problem. If someone has big nails and don’t want to cut the nails then she can use the dildo or vibrator. Today, varieties of sex toys are available in India.

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What do girls do to make themselves excited?

Avni – I generally imagine something which makes me excited like having sex with my dream boy or my favourite actor.

Jyoti – I watched porn on my phone whenever I want to masturbate. I love the threesome porn and lesbian porn. But don’t think anything wrong. I am not a lesbian. I think watching porn makes me more comfortable.

Aashi – Sometimes I watched porn but not every time. Sometimes I just use my imagination. But watching the porn before masturbate really helps a lot.

Sushma – Watching porn is the best way to make anyone excited. Porn hub is not only for guys, okay.

Do girls masturbate to relieve stress?

Avni – It’s really very stress-relieving for me. I always masturbate before having any important decisions.

Jyoti – I think it relieves the sexual build-up especially for me because I’m single.

Aashi – Yes! of course, a whole load of stress will relieve. And once your stress will be relieved then it becomes easy to experience the multiple orgasms.

Sushma – Absolutely! Orgasms are relaxing. During masturbation, you are only the one at that place where you masturbate so you don’t talk to anyone and you will concentrate on your work. This whole situation is fairly stressed free.

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