Having sex before periods: Women Get Horny Before Their Period, Why?

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Do you feel horny, baby? Do you? Do you? Hahaha…..

Okay…we will stop.

The main point is every woman can feel a magical mojo feeling once in a month, generally when you are about to start your periods. Some of the women also experience heightened sexual arousal before their periods.

So, today we are discussing about these sensitive topics. So lets, start.

Is it normal to get horny before period?

Women Get Horny Before T

Yes, It is completely normal, but according to the interest of sexual intercourse, you drop any notion of shame or embarrassment moment when you try to take it and completely normal to feel horny in the days leading up to your period time, most of the women experience it once every month.

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Many studies have found increased sexual desire near period time, and some research has been done on how many women feel an increase in libido before any penetration. 

Before periods days, increased sensitivity and sexual needs. In those days, you feel to take any sexual intercourse with the partner or sex toys like dildo or vibrator and achieve climax. 

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Why it is happen?

why it happen

Normally, we don’t know why this does happen but according to some expert’s theories, we can say – 

Hormones are responsible for this because they play a big role in it. In the human body, when a rise in libido then levels of estrogens and testosterone are increased. 

This concept is the most effective in this term. 

High fertility happens when you face ovulation feeling and the bodies are supposedly biologically wired to stimulate.        

You can understand like another way such as, the human body is made to like this so you can feel automatic stimulation when you need physical satisfaction. 

Reduce Pregnancy Risk Before Period Time

reduce pregnancy risk

The highest chance of women pregnant after having vaginal sex one to two days before ovulation or close the mount of the uterus.

Having sexual vaginal activity before your period, therefore, reduces the risk of pregnancy in this time.

It is also a reason that can make people feel excited in your body.

However, it is important to try for complete satisfaction at this time. Use caution if necessary with the partner. 

To satisfied yourself you can try any of the sex toys like dildo, vibrator, massager etc.

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Vaginal discharge can Increase Sensitivity

In this time period, women get the most sensitivity due to nature and sometimes face vaginal discharge problem. Vaginal discharge colour may be changed at their condition, before period it can be white and after the period look clear due to cells that are being shed from your body. 

If you face more amount of vaginal discharge, it is known as more lubricant for allowing more sensational feeling on the genitals. 

Pressure on G-spot

Many people experience running around in their times.

We know that the changes in estrogens and progesterone levels can lead to water flow.

Although the resulting swelling can be uncomfortable and located at pelvic region, can also put pressure on the G spot that pressure can make the G spot feel extra sensitive for any human. This is the best time to stimulate the G spot.

Mostly, entire vulva faces swilling and generates any pressure on the genitals. 

Woman can also prefer the dildo sex toy to stimulate the G spot.

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Pregnant or Not? After Getting Vaginal Sex before periods

pregnant or not

Surely not, because before periods mount of the uterus has closed. After the periods it is open and the possibility of pregnancy increased after the intercourse.  

So it is not impossible to take a penis in your vagina and pregnant just before your period. But this is highly unlikely possibilities after to do this activity. 

When someone ovulates in their period time and it is usually about 14 days before your period starts, normally.

But the menstrual cycle lasts for a specific 28 days then it is applicable. 

Some women can only cycle for 21 days according to biological and others reach around 35 days in their time periods. 

Pregnancy will occur during ovulation time because an egg able to live about 24 hours and sperm will maximum five days in the body.

If you want to avoid pregnancy then it is always a good idea to play sexual intercourse before period without condom and to be on the safe side you should use birth control.

But we suggest you to always use condom for sexual intercourse.

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Can enjoy for intense Vaginal Sex Before Period?

women in pleasure

There is some confusion when you try to get having sexual activity before their periods and after the period which is most beneficial for us. In short, sexual activity can cause more intensive when starting to periods.

After the period women feel Irritate until complete menstruation process so they cannot enjoy, it is better to have sexual intercourse before their period because there is no risk for pregnancy and your partner can also enjoy it.  

You can also enjoy your vaginal sex before their period, just before 1 week because that time your stimulation at last limits. Too many benefits in this time and feeling awesome such a way when you try it. 

If want to masturbate only

If want to masturbate only

Masturbation never induces a period, we know that there no evidence to prove it but the fact that orgasm may encourage menstruation sometime. Masturbation always pleasurable if you feel alone at home, you may try and get the best stimulation and enjoyment in your life. You can also prefer some female masturbation technique. It helps you a lot.

 Consider the following when you try potential blood spotting:  

– Keep a towel nearby when you touch your genitals

– Collect any blood so wear a menstrual cup

– If you never try deep penetration then focus on clitoral stimulation. For clitoris stimulation you can try egg or bullet vibrator.

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– Always clean your sex toy before and after the use for avoiding of any infection.