19 surprising health benefits of sex for the Indian woman.

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Everyone feels good while having sex. But did you know that sex is super good for your health and there are many health benefits of sex?

If you thought that the benefits of sex was a pleasure and reaching the orgasm then you are wrong. Not only one or two but there are many health benefits of sex or you can say that health benefits of daily sex from looking younger to boost your libido.

So, now it’s time to share the health benefits of sex with your loved one.

Doing sex regularly is good for health?

Doing sex regularly is good for healthSex is part of human life. Sex is not only for pleasure feeling and reaching the orgasm. Regularly sex or daily sex is good for health also.

If you regularly involved in the sex then it provides you many health benefits. According to the latest studies, regular sex i.e. one or two times in a week can provide some incredible boosts to your health and well beings.

As you know that there are many benefits of female masturbation. In the same way, there are also benefits of sex for female.

If you want to know about the health benefits of sex then read this article till the end. After reading this article, you definitely want to takes advantage of these health benefits.

What are the health benefits of sex for the Indian woman?

There are many health benefits of sex for females. From your head to the toe sex provides you many benefits. Here, I am going to discuss some of the amazing health benefits of sex. So, let’s start.

For Your Brain

For Your BrainYou know that doing sex daily is good for health. But do you know that regularly involving in sex is also good for your brain? Yes! It is true. Involving in sex and achieving orgasm also affect your brain. Let’s discuss the health benefits of sex for your brain.

It helps to reduce your stress

Doing sex daily is good for health. The women who regularly involve in sex are better able to manage the stressful situation and are happier. The reason behind it is that endorphins and oxytocin release during the sex.

Happier Mood

Every woman feels goods while having sex. But do know that it elevates your mood. The fluid which you release during the sex sometimes acts as an antidepressant. You can also say that it is one of the best health benefits of sex for females because it reduces depression and makes you happier.

Boost brainpower

When you involve in the sex with your partner it increases the blood flow everywhere including your brain. That blood flow contains extra glucose which you can use as energy. An active sex life makes your brain work better.

Headache relief

According to some researches, it is proved that daily sex is good for health and it also helps a woman to relieve from migraines and cluster headaches. The main reason for this is when you reach the orgasm, the level of the hormone oxytocin increases by five times. This hormone helps you to reduce the headache.

For your body

For your bodyAs the health benefits of sex for your brain, there are also many health benefits of sexual intercourse for your body. Regularly involving in sexual intercourse provides many health benefits for the Indian woman. Let’s discuss one by one.

It helps you sleep better

During sexual intercourse, your body releases oxytocin and endorphins. Oxytocin hormones also called the love or intimacy hormone. When your body releases these hormones you can feel more relax and sleep well. Goodnight sleep makes you feel healthy overall.

It helps you to make younger

This is one of the best health benefits of sex for females or you can also say that this is one of the best health benefits of sex for seniors. Now, you do not need to do any surgery and using anti-ageing cream because sex keeps you to look younger.

According to many researches it is clear that the woman who regularly involves in the sex looks 7 to 12 years younger than their actual age. It is because regular sex releases the estrogen and testosterone hormones that keep you younger.

It provides you the healthy heart

I know it’s a little difficult for you to know but it is true. Regular sex provides you a healthy heart. You can also say that it is the best health benefits of sexual activity for the people who have heart diseases.

When you involve in the sex with your partner then it helps to keep the level of hormones like estrogen and testosterone. When these hormones get imbalance then it causes heart diseases and increases the risk of a heart attack.

Boost your immune system

It is the best health benefits of sexual intercourse. Regularly involved in the sex protects you from the bacteria, viruses and many other harmful germs which cause common illness. You can also say that sex acts as antibodies against these.

Boost your libido

I don’t know whether you believe or not but it is true. This health benefit of sex for females is best for the woman who is suffering from the waning libido. Sex is the best antidote for a waning libido.

If you are suffering from the pain or vagina dryness then it becomes challenging for you to have sex. But sex boosts vagina lubricant, the elasticity of the vagina tissues, the blood flow of the vagina etc. All of these help you to make your sex better, more pleasurable and heightened libido.

Improve bladder control

Now a day, all over the world almost 30% of woman met with the urinary incontinence at some point in their life. When you regularly involve in the sex or masturbation and reach the orgasm then it provides you the stronger pelvic floor muscles and also toning them. Having strong pelvic floor muscles helps the woman to reduce the risk of accidents and urine leaks.

Helps to make your blood pressure lower

Now a day, millions of men and woman are suffering from high blood pressure. Regular involving in sex helps you to lower the blood pressure. If you or your partner is suffering from the high blood pressure then doing sex daily is good for health. Sex does not replace your drugs but it is a useful addition for you.

Burns calories

You can get surprised to know this health benefit of sex. Yes! It helps to burn the calories. Sex is just like an exercise. If you gain too much weight and don’t want to do the exercise then sex is the best option for you. Involving in the sex for half-hour can burn almost 108 calories.

Live longer

Do you know what the secret to living longer is? It is none other than sex. If you want to live longer then you should have more sex because it is the easiest and pleasurable way. According to some study, it is clear that those who have the most orgasm can live longer.

Sex makes fertilization easier

A study performed at a fertility centre found that the woman who regularly involves in the sex with their partner can become pregnant easily. The reason behind this is when male partner daily ejaculation for a week then he had higher-quality sperm and healthy sperm is more likely to fertilize an egg.

Better period

It is also the best health benefits of sex for females. Regular sex helps you to make your periods lighter, shorter and less disruptive. It also helps you to relieve menstrual and premenstrual cramps.

Lower risk during pregnancy

If you are pregnant then sex helps you to improve the immune system, protect you and your baby against preeclampsia, helps you in easier labour and recovery, lowered blood pressure.

Uterine benefits

You know that regular sex also helps you in your period. But do you know that sex during your period can also reduce the risk of uterine tissue growing outside of the uterus.

For your relationship

For your relationshipRegular sex also helps you to make better bonding with your partner. Here we discuss some of the benefits of sex on your relationship.

Improve emotional health

Sex also helps you to improve your emotional health. This is because the release of the orgasm can help you to make a pair of bonding. It also improves the ability to perceive, identify, and express emotions.

Improve intimacy and relationship

As we have discussed above that orgasm release the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for the couple bonding. This hormone helps the couple to build feelings of love and trust.

In the study of the premenopausal woman, it is clear that the woman or girlfriend who hugs their partners have higher oxytocin level.