How do girls masturbate – Best masturbation way for Indians

04/02/2021Female Masturbation

Today, everyone knows how to masturbate, right? But do you know how do girl masturbate or you can say that how do women masturbate?

Most of you know the basic female masturbation technique but feel shy to talk about that. As a woman, we talk about partner sex with our close friends but none of us talks about the masturbation.


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This is the reason, I am writing this article. Here, you can find the most common female masturbation technique. Hope, you will try these techniques tonight and able to reach the orgasm. For this, you need some sex toys. But, if you don’t have a sex toys than you can prefer some household object as a sex toys.

How do most of the India women masturbate?

Today, everyone masturbates but when it comes to the Indian women, most of them get confused. They don’t know whether Indian women masturbate or not? If you have also confusion then check our article “Do Indian women masturbate?” Here, you get all your answers.

As you all know that sex toys gradually become famous in India and most of the Indian women use the dildo and vibrator for their masturbation session. Let me clear you that most of the Indian women use sex toys but not every woman.

Sex toys are little expensive in India and not every woman are able to purchase it, so what they use for their masturbation session and How do women masturbate in India without sex toys?

Continue reading this article to find the answer to this question.

Female masturbation technique which Indian women prefer for masturbation

Here, I am going to tell you four most common masturbation techniques which most of the Indian women prefer for their masturbation session. So, let’s start.

How do women masturbate – Using a dildo

dildo sex toys

Today, most of the Indian women who live in the metro city prefer the dildo sex toys for their masturbation session. You cannot find any physical sex toys shop in India but there are many e-commerce sites which offer varieties of dildo range from realistic to non-realistic, small to extra large etc.

For your information, let me clear you that, dildos are most famous in India rather than a vibrator.

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Some of the Indian women are not able to purchase the dildo so they prefer the homemade dildo. The most common homemade dildo is a cucumber.

Yes! Indian women prefer cucumber for sexual satisfaction. Click below to know more about the homemade dildo.

Positions and technique

If you are using the dildo or something like dildo then you can sit or lie down and insert your dildo or alternative of the dildo. You can also follow some of the sex positions like – doggy style, missionary etc.

To experience maximum pleasure, you must prefer the dildo technique. The technique for using the dildo helps you to reach the orgasm. Insert the dildo right before you are about the orgasm. It may be the most satisfying moment for you. To know more about how to use dildo click below.

How do girls masturbate – Rubbing against something

rubbing against something

Most of you aware of Indian culture and in that culture, it’s very difficult for the girls to use the dildo or any other sex toys. So, they prefer this technique for masturbation.

You can say that this is the most common and easiest way to masturbate. In this female masturbation technique, instead of applying direct stimulation to the clitoris with your finger or sex toys, you can rub your genital against something like pillow etc.

Positions and technique

For this female masturbation technique, you can select any of the position in which you feel more comfortable. Some of the most common ways to involve in this type of masturbation techniques are –

  • Lie on the stomach in such a way that your genital pressed firmly into the bed. You can use pillow and or cushion between your legs to rub.
  • Lie on your back and put the blankets or pillow between your legs. Used your own hands to hold either side of the pillow to keep the pressure firm.
  • If you want the hard or rough stimulation then sit on the floor and rub your genital against the chair leg.

This masturbation technique is followed by a young Indian girl who lives with their parents. While doing this masturbation method, you should arrange your genitals so that you can feel pleasurable. Most of the girl thrust quite hard, keeping up the steady rhythm until they reach climax.

How to masturbate women – Using their own fingers

Using fingers

You can say that it is the most traditional way to masturbate for women. Most of the Indian women and girls prefer this masturbation technique to satisfy her. To know more and basic things about how to fingering click below.

Positions and technique

Using your own finger for masturbation is the easiest method. You should only lie on the bed with your knees up and legs apart or sit up, cross-legged.

At this time, read an erotic book or look at some porn while masturbation. Let your imagination take over once you are close to climaxing.

Fingering technique is not work the same for all the women and girls. Some of the women and girls are so sensitive that they don’t like direct clitoris stimulation.

Some of the women and girls like direct clitoris stimulation others like indirect. To stimulate the clitoris most of the women prefer the vibrator toy.

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In India, almost 20% of women use some kind of clitoris stimulation to reach the climax.

While clitoris stimulation during the masturbation with fingers move your right-hand middle figure up or down or in a circular manner. Start by stroking lightly and after that increase the pressure and speed.

Try with different rhythm and speeds to experience different sensation.

How to masturbate for women – In the shower

in the shower

Doing masturbation in the shower is totally private. The shower is the place where many women either masturbate or at least get the urge to.

For masturbate in the shower, you must have a handheld shower hose. Without a handheld shower hose, you cannot masturbate in the shower.

Positions and technique

If you have a handheld shower, then try to sit on the bath or kneeling and then turn the shower to the maximum pressure. Put the direction of the shower over your clitoris area. The strong jet of water stimulates the clitoris.

You can use the soap as a lubricant but don’t push the soapy fingers inside the vagina.