On average how often do women masturbate according to research and science.

Female Masturbation

Today, masturbation is not taboo as it was in the past day which is a great thing, especially for women. Now a day, everyone does masturbation. But how often do woman masturbate? Do you know?

Continue reading this article to know the answer to this question. Hope, at last, you get your answer.

How often do woman masturbate?

How often do women masturbate

It becomes a little difficult to know the exact answer to these questions because Indian women never open about their sexual life.

But thanks to Indian University’s National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior which clear that 68% of women accept that they masturbate at some point in their lives, but the actual no. is 81%.

And this no. is not only from the younger woman, but the older woman also masturbate too. According to Psychology Today, In the Age of Longevity, authors conduct a small survey of some woman and found that older women are getting in the fun too.

This survey found that 34% of 70-79 years women had sex or masturbate and you might get surprised to know 14% of 80-90 years old women say the same.

What is the average frequency of female masturbation?

The average frequency of female masturbation seems to be at least once a week. Almost 32% of women say that they masturbate every day without fail, 31% of women say that they masturbate a few times a week, 15% of said that they masturbate once per week.

It is surprising to know that 14% of women admitted that they never masturbate whereas 8 % of women say that they masturbate once a month.

At what age woman start masturbation?

At what age you start masturbation

Most of the women almost 70% start masturbating under the age of 20. Here, I want to share my personal experience. When I was a teenager and in a high school, I started to get interested in sex and started to masturbate. When thinking so, there may be many women who start masturbation from the time they have not experienced sex.

Women in the middle age keep masturbating. According to some survey, 25 to 38 % of women aged 40 to 60 masturbate monthly.

Women aged 70 and above also masturbate. According to the survey, approx 26 % of senior women masturbate monthly.

The frequency of female masturbation varies with age?

The frequency of the female masturbation is almost the same in their 20s and 30s age and seems to average once or twice a week. Even most of the women in their 40s, the no. of times does not change much but when they are in their 50s, the number of women who are masturbating is decreased to about half.

How many women prefer masturbation over sex?

At some point in life, everyone has sex experience. But its quiets difficult to believe that 30% of women say that they found masturbation more pleasurable having sex with another gender or the same gender.

At first, I thought that sex was more pleasurable as compared to the masturbation. But after doing many researched and reading the articles and blogs related to these sensitive topics, I found that I was always thinking about the good sex. But sex can also be bad.

When you talk to masturbation then it is always better than bad sex and you know what you want.

How many women prefer sex toys?

How many women prefer sex toys

Today, most of the women own sex toys for their masturbation session. According to the survey, 44% of women use sex toys especially some kind of vibrator and really enjoy them. Most of the women also say that vibrator improves the sexual experience of the masturbation.

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In India, sex toys are a little expensive, so not every woman can purchase it. Most of the Indian women who live in rural area are not able to purchase sex toys, so they prefer homemade dildo.

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