How to clean vagina: Tips to keep the vagina clean and healthy

04/02/2021How tohealth

Vaginal is the self cleaning organ which does not required any special product. It’s difficult to believe you but it is true. The vagina is designed to clean itself with the help of natural discharge.

Here, you can find out how to clean vagina to keep it healthy and hygiene. You can easily prefer these simple methods in your daily life routine.

Is it necessary to wash your vagina or to take vagina care regularly?

How to clean vagina

As you all know that women vagina is a delicate part of the body and it needs proper care. The vagina itself is self-cleaning and does not need to wash.

Taking care of the vagina and vulva is actually very simple and you don’t need to buy fancy soaps or liquids.

It’s very easy to wash outer part I mean vulva of the vagina. In the vulva part, clitoris, clitoris hood and inner and outer labia are included. You can easily wash these parts with water. But make sure that water does not go inside the vagina.

Washing the vagina or putting water inside the vagina may lead to many problems. So, I suggest you to wash only outside part of the vagina or only “vulva”.

Why it is important to clean pussy or women vagina after sex or masturbation?

Before starting the discussion on this topic, I just want to know how many of you wash your vagina after having the sex with your partner or having the masturbation. If you all do this then it is good.

But do you know why we need to wash our vagina after sex or masturbation? If you know then it’s great but if you don’t know then you have to learn.

Whenever you have sex with you partner or whenever you do the masturbation with the dildo sex toys or vibrator, at that time bacteria present on your partner penis or on your dildo or vibrator can move to your genitals.

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If you don’t clean your vagina then it will cause a serious problem. There are also chances that you have to suffer from STI infection. So, it is better to clean your vagina after sex or masturbation.

How to clean vagina – Make a daily cleaning routine

So, now you know why it is important to clean the vagina. Vaginal wash or cleaning pussy regularly helps you to prevent from infection and irritation in the vagina. Vagina wash or cleaning pussy is not as difficult as you think. You can easily establish a daily washing routine to vagina clean.

Here, I am going to discuss some of the daily cleaning methods. Established these cleaning methods in your daily life to make your vagina healthy and clean.

Wash the vagina area at least once a day with unscented soap and water

Wash the vagina area at least once a day with unscented soap and water

All of you take a bath every day? Right! So why not give some time to clean your vagina. It just takes 3 to 4 minutes.

Throughout the day, sweat and moisture can easily build in your vagina which provides a good environment for bacteria and yeast. So, wash the vaginal area daily while taking the bath or shower to prevent vaginal infection and unpleasant odours.

If you are in your periods then it is good to wash it more than once in a day.

You can wash your vaginal area with warm water and unscented soap. Some of you also prefer lightly scented soap. If you are comfortable with the light scented soap then you can easily use it otherwise prefer the unscented soap.

Clean the full vaginal area including the folds around the clitoris.

Clean the full vaginal area including the folds around the clitoris.

While cleaning your vagina you have to clean the full vagina including the outer area.

Be careful to clean all the folds around the vagina including the clitoris, clitoris hook and vagina lips.

Make sure that you only wash around the hook of your clitoris and the area outside the entrance of the vagina.

Try not to get any soap inside your vagina because it will make you feel irritated and also your vagina get dry.

At last clean your anal area too

Clean your anal

Once you clean the vagina then you have to move to the next step. In the next step, you have to clean your perineum. The perineum is the area between your vagina and anal.

Start cleaning the area between the anal and vagina and then move to the anal.

While cleaning your vagina and anal, always move from the front to back.

After cleaning pat the area with a clean towel.

Once you clean your genital with water then use a clean and dry towel to pat your vagina area dry. Never rub the vagina or the area near the vagina and anal. It may cause irritation.

How to maintain good vagina hygiene

How to maintain good vagina hygiene

We all want a healthy and happy sexual life. But to make sexual life happy and healthy, it is necessary to maintain good vagina hygiene. So, if you want to have a healthy vagina, you should follow these things.

Always wear cotton underwear

You should always wear cotton underwear and every day you should change it. If you prefer synthetic material underwear likes nylon and polyester then it is not good for you. Synthetic material keeps moisture and heat around your genital area which makes the environment for harmful bacteria and yeast.

If you really want a healthy vagina then you should also avoid wearing the tight-fitting leggings and pants because if you wear the tight-fitting jeans or leggings for a long time then it may cause irritation in your vulva.

Always wash your new underwear before using it

If you purchase some new underwear then you have to wash it properly before using it. The reason behind this is every new clothes have harsh dyes or chemical residues. If you don’t wash your new underwear then the harsh dyes or chemical residues irritate your vulva and vagina.

Always change tampons and pads often during your periods

If you are in your periods then it is necessary to change your pads or tampons frequently. If you are using the pad then you have to change your pad in every 3 to 4 hours even if you’re not bleeding too much. In case, if you are using the tampons then never wear the tampon for longer than 8 hrs.

Never prefer the scented pads or tampons. If it is possible then prefer 100% cotton pads.

Use a condom to keep yourself away from STD infections

To keep your vagina healthy and hygiene, you should always prefer the condom whenever you have sex with your partner. If you are using any types of dildo or vibrator during your masturbation then also you should prefer the condom with your sex toys.

If you prefer the condom during your sex or masturbation then it can reduce the risk of getting an STI or bacterial infection.

You can ask your partner to wear a condom or you can also use a female condom to protect your vagina.

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If you really want to keep your vag clean and smelling good then you have to keep some point in your mind.


If you are really a health cone and want to keep your vaginal clean and smelling good then you have always preferred these steps after your sex or masturbation.

Wash your hand before sex or masturbation

Most of you use your hand for masturbation session. Not only you but your partner also use his hand to do the fingering before sex.

While doing the fingering, your partner or your own fingers are going in all sorts of places. In case, if some bacteria is present in your or your partner’s finger than it switch to the genital area which you don’t want.

So, its important to wash your hand with antiseptic soap or liquid before sex or masturbation.

You ought to pee after sex or masturbation

Peeing after sex and masturbation really help you a lot. It helps you to prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections).

Generally, UTIs occurs when some bacterial enters into your urinary tract and travels to your bladder.

Peeing after sex can flush the bacteria that was introduced during the sex with your partner or using the dildo during masturbation. It is not the best way to prevent the UTIs but you can say that it is the easiest way.

Always wipe from front to back

Whenever you pee or poop, always wipe from front to back. Wiping from back to front is not safe at all. If you do that then the anal bacteria can easily move from back to front into your vagina which causes the risk of vagina infection.

You should also avoid the toilet paper that contains perfumes, dyes or lotions because it causes irritation in your vagina. It is better to prefer the plain white paper.

Some of the queries which you have in your mind regarding “How to clean vagina”.

I know you have any queries regarding “How to clean vagina” or “how to take vagina care”. Here, I shared some of the queries with you, which is mostly asked by the women and girls.

If you have also some queries then feel free to ask me. You can easily contact us.

Can I use my regular soap?

Nope! You don’t have to use the soap to wash your vagina.

If you want to use the soap, you have to choose the soap that is unscented, mild and colourless. If you used the fragranced soap to clean your vagina then there is a chance that you can feel some irritation or burning sensation around the vulva.

Is it safe to use feminine wash or sprays or vaginal wash products?

Most of you used the feminine washes or sprays or vaginal wash products to clean the vagina and to reduce the odour. But it is not completely safe.

Most of these products contain chemicals which are not safe at all. If you regularly used these products then you can easily feel the irritation and burning sensation near your vagina and vulva.