Clitoral stimulation: Tips and techniques to satisfied yourself with clit stimulation

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Most of you reach the clitoris orgasm many times. But what do you think? Are you doing enough?

75 % of women easily reach the clitoris orgasm with some sort of clitoris stimulation. This is the reason most of you do not give enough attention to this sensitive part of the body.

So, try some of the new clitoris orgasm tips or clitoris orgasm technique alone or with your lover, utilizing not just your hand but also your lips, tongue, sex toys like vibrator – bullet vibrator or egg vibrator is best for the clitoris stimulation.

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Is any technique required to reach the clitoris orgasm?

Clitoris orgasm

As you all know that clitoris is the most sensitive part of the women body and the main purpose of the clitoris is to provide pleasure.

Just, simply stimulating the clitoris with fingers definitely helps you to reach the orgasm but it is not enough if you really want to experience the mind-blowing pleasure. to stimulate the mind blowing pleasure just by stimulating the clitoris, you should try some sex toys like bullet vibrator or egg vibrator.

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There are many techniques but here, we will discuss some of the most common and simple clitoris orgasm technique. Hope these clitoris orgasm techniques help you and you will experience the best orgasm of your life with mind-blowing pleasure.

If you want to know more about the clitoris click below.

8 best clitoral orgasm techniques are

When it comes to reaching the orgasm most of the women need more than simple penetration. Most women need some clitoris stimulation in order to reach the climax.

But simply stimulating the clitoris is not enough. You should try some clitoris orgasm tips or clitoris orgasm technique.

Here, in this article, we explain you some of the clitoris orgasm tips or clitoris orgasm technique. Try these clitoris orgasm techniques tonight and experience the unique sensation and pleasure.

Suck and nibble

suck and nibble

If you are with your partner and wants to experience the clitoris orgasm then you should start with the suck and nibble. Only licking is not enough, your partner should also suck with his lips and tongue on the clit.

The entire vulva is full of sensitive never fibers. So, when your partner sucks on the clitoria hood and lightly nibbles on the inner and outer labia, will stimulate the nerve fibers.

This sucking method will lead to increase the blood flow to the clitoris and vulva which help you to reach the orgasm.

If you are doing this alone during your female masturbation technique then you can prefer the sucking toys. Yes! now a day, sucking toy is available in India.

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Draw a circle or touch your clit very lightly

Draw a circle or touch your clit very lightly

This is one of the easiest ways to stimulate the clitoris. According to the researches from Indian University, 3 out of 4 women say that they love when someone traces little circles on or around the clitoris.

To make the circles you can use the fingers or two fingers or all, it depends on you.

For this technique, you can also try some finger vibrator.

You can also try the feather-light technique to stimulate the clitoris. In this technique of clitoris stimulation, you should not put lots of pressure on the clitoris. Instead of lots of pressure, apply a minimum of pressure on the clitoris.

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To get set up, you should lie down on your back and apply the sex lube. You know that sex lube is very important for any types of sexual play. Lubes helps to reduce friction and make the surface slippery.

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Go diagonal

Stimulating the clitoris with circular motion does not always work for the women. Most of the women feel more pleasure with a back and forth diagonal move.

It’s very easy to stimulate clitoris diagonally. To do this, take your fingers, flatten them and gently rub the clitoris back and front in the diagonal motion. You can increase or decrease the speed and intensity as your desire.

Rub the clitoris with various finger movements

It does not matter whether you prefer the circular, diagonal or light tapping motion on your clitoris. You do not know what makes you feel pleasure unless you try it.

So, the point is you should always experiment with the different fingers movement. You can use your one finger or more than one finger or any vibrator toy.


You can also try the hinting technique. Try hinting focusing on the area near your clitoris. Most of the women like this technique of stimulating the clitoris or technique of clitoris orgasm.

You can use your one finger flicking all around the clitoris but not directly on it. To reach the clitoris orgasm, at the time when you are at the height of pleasure, you will have to maintain a steady consistent stroke.

For this purpose, you can also try some vibrator toy.

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Use your imagination


It does not matter whether you are with your partner or alone. To reach any types of orgasm, it is necessary to keep your mind and body relax.

To keep your mind and body relax, you can imagine your favourite things or your dream guys. It helps you to get excited.

If you are with your partner then also you can imagine something which makes you feel happy.

Don’t forget the shaft


Most of you spend lots of time and energy only to stimulate the tip of the clitoris. But the clitoris is not only the part located at the top of the vulva.

With the help of this figure, you can easily understand the structure of the clitoris. Most of you only know about the glans of the clitoris. But it also has a pair of bulb and crura or shaft.

For your information, let me clear you that it has two legs that extend up to 5 inches inside the body. The inside part of the clitoris is also known as the shaft or leg or crura.

To stimulate the shaft, you can slide your finger to either side of the clitoria hood. You can also pull and push the clitoris tips and move in circles or diagonals to feel pleasure.

Play the harmonica


This clitoral orgasm tips or clitoral orgasm techniques are especially recommended if you are with your partner. At the time, when you are at the midst of an orgasm then ask your partner to add some oral vibration.

For this, your partner has to make his lips into an O. He can also take the clitoria hook in his mouth. Your partner should also make the humming sound while sucking the clit. It helps you to feel the unique and warm sensation.

If you are doing this alone then for this technique you have to use tongue vibrator. This tongue vibrator provides you the very similar feeling like someone is licking your clit.

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Try different sex positions

If you get bored with the same sex position every time when you want to stimulate the clitoris. Now its time to try something new and different. You can try the solo spoon position or trying lying on the stomach while you masturbate.

Add some water play

If you really want to try something new and different then there are some adventurous ways to experience the clitoris orgasm and this adventurous way is to run warm water on the clitoris.

For this, you should only lie on your back with legs up. You should only open the water tap and allow water flow with different pressure from the tap directly on your clit.

Add sex toys

You can also add some of the sex toys while having the clitoris orgasm. You can select any of the sex toys like vibrator, dildo, massager or vibrating dildo etc. You can also try different types of dildo sex toys to stimulate the clitoris and vagina.

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You can start with the small vibrator toy like bullet vibrator if you don’t have too much experience. If you have experience then you can purchase the large toy with varying speeds to play with intensity levels.