How to massage portio with dildo for a portio development to experience the strongest orgasm of life.

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Develop portion sensitive zone to experience the best climax and strongest orgasm of your life. Portio development takes lots of time and lots of work. But, still, if someone wants to experience such a crazy pleasure then it’s necessary for them to know about the portio development or how to massage portio.

So, we decide to make this article for our female friends who want to experience the strongest orgasm of their life. Hope, this article helps you to experience the best orgasm of your life and also help you to develop the portio. So, let’s start.

What is portio and where it is located?

What is portio and where it is located

Do you know what exactly the portio is? Portio is the part of the cervix. It is the lower end of the cervix bulges through the anterior wall of the vagina.

The size of the portio is almost 2 cm and the main role is where the baby raised in the uterine body comes out. In short, you can say that it is a birth road.

Is portio really provide the strongest orgasm?

Is portio really provide the strongest orgasm

Many women experience the strongest orgasm of their life and they gave credit to portio. According to the stories of those women who experience the strongest orgasm say that they feel a climax that makes their head blank and loses their feelings. And it happens after developing the portio.

The clitoris and G spot provides you lots of pleasure but the strongest orgasm you can experience while massaging the portio. To experience such a great moment, you must first develop a portio.

Here, in this article, I will explain to you the development method of portio also.

Is it necessary to develop portio to reach the strongest orgasm?

If you directly stimulate the portio then you feel pain because it is a part which is insensitive to stimulate. Most of you get worried about why it feels insensitive. That’s because the portio is undeveloped. Even, most of the women feel pain at first when they simply insert the penis or dildo sex toys.

So, it is necessary to develop the portio. Once you develop your portio then pain turns into pleasure. By penetrating the uterine with dildo or penis, vibration is transmitted to the uterus, and furthermore, the uterus itself shakes and you can get an unbelievable pleasure. So it is necessary to develop Portio.

How to massage portio for portio development?

How to massage portio for portio development

You cannot develop the portio in a single day. It takes time to develop it. Some women can develop portio quickly whereas some women cannot develop it easily, so you must develop it patiently.

You can develop your portio by having the partner massage but it is limited in time. So the easy and the best way are to use sex toys. Yes, you can use any types of dildo sex toys to develop the portio.

First, lets the portio go down?

To develop the portio, it is necessary to reach the orgasm. It’s easy to reach the orgasm through clitoris orgasm or G spot orgasm. At the time, when the women body reaches the orgasm, the whole uterus descends toward the vagina.

So, the first step is to take the portio down. So, to reach the orgasm and to take the portio down the best way is to stimulate the clitoris. Click below to learn how to stimulate the clitoris.

Insert the dildo into your vagina

It is not only enough to massage the portio sensitive zone. First, you should loosen up the whole vagina.

At this point, you should know your vagina angle. The vagina is slanted from the vagina opening to the uterine. If you try to insert the dildo straight, you will feel little difficulty.

So, if you know your vagina angle then it becomes easy for you. Try to insert the dildo little deep inside the vagina. At the time, when you feel that it hit the back then hit it slowly hit your dildo.

Don’t force the dildo hardly. You can also use the vibrating dildo. Some women feel better with the vibrating dildo. At this point, some women reach orgasm. If such happens then please calm down because it is the final stage.

Try this process again and again

Once you reach the orgasm than don’t stop there. Again try from the first step. Try to achieve the clitoris orgasm. Once you reach the clitoris orgasm then insert the vibrating dildo sex toys inside the vagina.

Try to push the vibrating dildo little in the cervix. If it feels better, it means that it has been developed. On the other hand, even if you feel the pain which is generally natural then try to vibrate the vibration function of your dildo in the range where you feel comfortable without overdoing it.