How to perform lesbian scissors: Tips and technique to do the lesbian scissor perfectly.

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How to perform lesbian scissoring? How do you scissoring perfectly? How to scissor to make it more pleasurable. I know you have many queries in your mind regarding the lesbian scissoring if you really want to involve in it.

Here, in this guide, you learn about how do you scissor or you can also say that How to perform lesbian scissors. Hope this guide helps you and you can enjoy your first lesbian scissors with enhance and unique pleasure.

Do Indian lesbian couple really “scissor”?

Do Indian lesbian couple really “scissor”

Most of you have confusion on whether lesbian couple really scissoring or it is only shown in the porn videos. For me, it completely depends on the lesbian couple in several ways.

So, before starting about how to perform lesbian scissors, you should first know what is scissoring or scissors meaning. You can get all the basic information about lesbian scissoring here.

Once you know about the lesbian scissoring then it becomes easy to perform scissoring.

Scissoring is the sex positions in which both the partners are rubbing their clitoris against each other. If both the partner is comfortable then they can involve in it.

Scissoring also depends on the structure and place of the clit. If both the clit are situated in such a place that both the partner can rub it against each other in a way that both can enjoy at the same time. Then it becomes easy for the lesbian couple to involve in the lesbian scissoring.

Some of the lesbian couples feel difficult so they avoid preferring the scissoring or lesbian scissoring.

How to do scissoring or How to perform lesbian scissoring: The effective way for Indian lesbian couple

Scissoring is possible. It just needs a concentration and good coordination between both the partners. Lesbian scissors are the most intimate position. This is a sex position in which you share the most sensitive part of your body with another woman.

So, it is necessary to do it in the right way. If you do wrong then you don’t feel anything. It simply feels that you are rubbing against something. So, if you decided to involve in the lesbian sex scissoring then it is necessary for you to know or to learn how do you scissor or How to have lesbian scissors or How to perform lesbian scissors correctly. Let’s start.

Try to forget about the porn videos

porn-iconScissoring is not as easy as you think. Lesbian sex scissoring is one of the most famous sex position and most of the lesbian couple prefer this scissor position for their sexual activity.

Whenever you want to involve in the lesbian scissors, the first things which you should do is to forget about the porn.

Yes! Try to forget all those scenes you watched on the porn videos.

If you try to copy the porn scenes then maybe you and your partner get hurt. Keep your expectations to the minimum. It helps you to enjoy the scissoring.

It is an intimate position

It is an intimate positionScissoring sex position or lesbian scissoring is one of the most intimate sex positions.

I don’t know whether you noticed or not but the lesbians scissoring is really intimate in comparison to the other lesbian sex positions.

At the time, when you and your partner decide to involve in the scissor sex position then make sure that you both are comfortable with each other because scissors sex position exposes your entire body infront of your partner.

So, when you and your partner both are comfortable then only prefer the lesbian scissoring.

There is more than one way to do lesbian scissoring

There is more than one way to do lesbian scissorsScissors sex position or lesbian scissoring is a wonderful sex position. Most of you think that scissor sex position is only for the lesbian couple or the sex position for the woman who wants to do the sex with the woman.

But, let me clear you that it is a sex position in which any gender user can easily involve.

Scissoring sex positions can easily be done with the two vulvas, vulva and a penis, or with a two penis.

So, while involving in the scissoring either you can prefer the traditional scissoring positions or you can try something different.

For example – Your partner will lie on her back, tilt her pelvis up while you straddle her, grinding your vulva against her. Or one partner can straddle another, holding each other while you sit up.

Stretch first

Stretch first

If you really want to know how to scissor or how to perform lesbian scissors and wants to involve in the lesbian scissors then you must stretch first.

Don’t get confused. I am not telling you to take some exercise class for this sex position. I am trying to tell you that you should make sure you are well stretched out before scissoring.

Scissoring is a little difficult for most of the lesbian couple because scissoring can be hard on your hips. So, make sure that you warmed up. You can also add lots of foreplay action.

You can spice it up

You can spice it upAt the time, when you are learning about how to have lesbian scissors or how do you scissor, you must know what exactly this scissor position.

Once you know exactly what the scissoring sex position is then it becomes easy for you to perform.

You know that any sex positions do not refer to one exact position. You can spice things up by doing some extra things.

In the scissor sex position or lesbian sex scissoring position, you can grab the back of your partner’s neck, pull them in closer and kiss them. You can also try different pressure and speeds to enhance your sexual pleasure.

Sex lubricant is optional

If you want then you can use any types of sex lubricant which you have. It’s totally cool and sex lube helps you to reduce the friction. If you add sex lubricant, it provides you the more sensation.

Some of the lesbian couples don’t like to add the sex lubricant for the lesbian scissors activity because they like the friction which they get without the lube. But the safe way is to start with the lube.

In case, if you are using any types of sex toys then sex lubricant is necessary. But before using the sex lubricant, make sure that your toy material is compatible with the sex lube.

Add some sex toys like double ended dildo and vibrator

While involving in the lesbian scissors, you don’t need to add the sex toys. But if you are curious then you can prefer any of the sex toys which you like most.

For example – If you prefer the vibrator sex toys then place the vibrator in between both of the clitoris. This vibrator stimulates both the clitoris at the same time.

sex toys for women bannerMost of the Indian lesbian couple prefer dildo sex toys. Dildo sex toys give you penetration on top of the scissoring.

For the lesbian scissors or lesbian sex scissoring double ended dildo is the best option. Double-ended dildo penetrates both the partner at the same time.

It is gonna awkward for the first time

It is gonna awkward for the first timeLesbian scissors are not so easy. Scissoring or you can say that lesbian scissors can be awkward like the other sex positions.

For the first time, there is a chance that you get nervous while struggling to find the right rhythms.

So, while involving in the lesbian scissors or scissoring sex position, try to laugh and have fun while experimenting. Once you can know about the right spot, then you can enjoy your scissoring positions.

Lesbian scissors don’t work with everyone.

Lesbian scissors don’t work with everyone.Lesbian scissors or lesbian scissoring does not work for every lesbian couple. Some of the lesbian couples think that it happens because of her and her partner.

But let me clear you that it is not your fault. It just that your body is not compatible with the scissoring positions.

For the scissoring positions, both of the clitoris should be the line up properly, if you both want to feel good and pleasure. If it does not work, don’t worry. Try some other way.

Take the protection

Take the protectionWhile having the lesbian scissors or lesbian scissoring the risk of transfer an STI or STD get increases. You can minimize the risk by using a dental dam during sex, avoiding menstrual blood etc.