How to do anal sex : 7 preparation tips for anal sex

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When you hear anal sex, you might imagine a special sex play which is a little different from normal sex. For those who want to make their anal sex memorable , here are some tips on how to do anal sex. If you are completely new then you should first read our article “First time anal sex“. It helps you a lot.

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Anal is surprisingly delicate, so it is necessary to hold down the right knowledge regarding how to have anal sex.

If you want to enjoy a higher level of pleasure with proper preparation for better anal sex, please refer to it.

Why preparation is required for anal sex?

How to prepare for anal sex

Anal sex is a big deal for most of the user. Like any other sexual act, you should – in fact, you must prepare for it. Without preparation, you cannot make your anal sex pleasurable and excited. So, you have to do some preparation before involving in the anal sex.

With little preparation and little knowledge about anal sex will help you a lot and make your anal sex memorable.

7 preparation tips for anal sex which every anal sex lover should prefer

Here, we suggest you to do some preparation before involving in the anal penetration. These anal preparation tips help you a lot to make your anal sex happy and pleasure. So, continue reading it.

How to prepare for anal sex –Discuss your anal sex plan with your partner

Discuss with partner

You can’t skip this step. Communicating with your partner helps you a lot. At the very first, you should decide what exactly you want to do with your partner during anal play.

You should also discuss what you both want from each other. If you both are ready for the penetration then only involve in the anal sex penetration.

If you don’t want something then honestly say to your partner. If you have some idea in your mind or want to try something new then discuss with your partner that you really want to try it.

How to prepare for anal sex – Before involving in the anal sex play, experiment on your own

experiement on yourself

Before inserting your finger or anal dildo in your partner butts you must explore your anal. If you do not feel comfortable while putting a finger or anal dildo into your butt it means that you are not prepared to penetrate your partner’s butt.

So, here I suggest you to spend some time alone for anal masturbation.

With the help of some anal masturbation tips, you can easily explore your anal.

If you never touch your anus before then you may feel a little uncomfortable. While touching the anus for the first time, you will feel two muscles contract around your fingers: the external sphincter and the internal sphincter.

Spend some time with anal masturbation, before having the anal sex.

How to prepare for anal sex – clean your anal properly with douches or enema

clean your anal

This is the most important step and everyone should include this step before having the anal sex. You ought to clean your anal properly before having the anal sex. To clean your anal you can prefer the anal douches or enema.

It’s very easy to use anal douches and enema. With the help of anal douches and enema, it becomes easy for you to clean the anal deeply.

To use the enema, apply some amount of lube on the tip of the nozzle and insert it into your bum. After inserting the nozzle, squeeze the water into the hole. Hold the water for some seconds (10 to 15 second is enough) and then expel it into the toilet. Repeat this process for 4 to 5 times.

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How to prepare for anal sex – we suggest you to prefer the anal lube only

anal lube

While having the anal sex, we suggest you to prefer the anal lube only. Generally, anal lube is different from the other ordinary lube and is long-lasting.

Like the vagina, anal does not produce its own lube. So, it is necessary for everyone to use good quality sex lube.

But, most of the users prefer water-based lube. Water-based lube is good for the silicone made sex toys and are also easy to clean.

Most of you also prefer the oil-based lube during the anal sex but my friends, oil-based lube is not compatible with the latex condom and it breaks the latex condom. So, I suggest you to prefer the water-based anal lube. Water-based lube is compatible with all types of sex toys material and condom.

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How to prepare for anal sex –prepare your sex toys

prepare anal sex toys

For your anal sex, you can prefer any types of sex toys like dildo, anal toys, strap on dildo anything is okay but make sure that you feel comfortable in that.

Once you decide which dildo toys you are going to use for your anal penetration then you can move to the next step.

For example – If you are a female and want to peg your male partner then for you strap on dildo is the best option.

Some of the best anal dildo is

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How to prepare for anal sex –Protection is required

protection is required

Most of you think that anal sex does not require any protection but that is not true. Anal sex also required protection. Including the condom in your anal play is the best way because safety always comes first.

There is also the possibility that STIs occurs while having anal sex. If you used the condom then the degree of protection get increases for some diseases like chlamydia, HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis etc.

So, I suggest you to use the condom every time when you want to involve in the anal sex.

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How to prepare for anal sex –Start with the foreplay

start with foreplay

Before involving in the anal sex, you should spend some time in foreplay.

I highly recommended adding foreplay before your anal penetration. It helps you to get relaxed and ready for penetration.