How to quit masturbation for women – the effective way to make changes in your life.

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Do you feel that you masturbate too much? Really want to know how to quit masturbation for women? Yes! You can quiet the masturbation habit.

There are many effective ways which help you to get rid of masturabation habit. Not only you, but there are many women who are addicted to masturbation and can able to quit this habit. So if you are worried about how to quit masturbation then no need to worry. We are here to help you.

We request you to read this article till the end so that it becomes easy for you to quiet the masturbation habit. Hope that this article helps you to quit masturbation.

How to quit masturbation? I am addicted to mastuburation.

How to quit masturbationMasturbation is a normal part of satisfying sexual health. It is a fun activity and a safe way to self-pleasure. If masturbation affects your daily life and prevents you from doing the daily work, it means that you should addict of mastuburation and you ought to get rid of.

For your information, let me clear you that masturbation is not bad. It does not cause a side effect at all. But if you feel that you are addicted to mastuburation and you can come back to your normal life and quit masturbation then it’s great. There are many effective ways to get rid of masturbation.

Is it good to stop masterbaiting

Is it good to stop masterbaitingDoing masturbation is a normal activity for any women. Most of the women who are in a satisfying sexual relationship can also masturbation.

But if you feel that you are addicted to masturbation or if masturbation becomes problematic then you should stop it.

Most of the user ask me How to know that masturbation becomes problematic?

So, if you also have such queries in your mind then you can judge yourself easily. Take a small test to know whether you are addicted to masturbation or not. The test is very simple. You should only give the answer in yes or no.

  • Can’t you control the urge of masturbate?
  • Did you skip work, school or social function for masturbate?
  • Did you plan your day around when you can masturbate?

If all your answers are yes then you are addicted and you should quit mastubation or stop mastrubation. If your answer is No then congratulation you are not addicted.

Effective ways to stop mastrubation for women

Stopping masturbation may be a concern for some women. But if you decided to stop masturbation, then here are some tips or technique which helps you to know How to quit masturbation and if you honestly follow these tips then you definitely get rid of masturabation habit.

Don’t feel guilty

Don’t feel guiltyIf you decided to stop mastrubation then the first step is to get over an addicting behaviour. It means that you should stop feeling guilty. Most of the women feel guilty and does not involve in social activity.

So it is necessary for women to overcome their guilt and start living in the present situation.

I know, it is a little difficult for most of the women but it is necessary. Try to divert your mind. It helps you to quit mastubation.

Avoid your dildo toys

Avoid your dildo toysThe most effective way to stop mastrubation is to avoid your sex toys or dildo sex toys.

If you have a huge collection of different types of dildo sex toys then just avoid it or hide it in such a place where it becomes difficult to find. Even you also do not take it easy. If you feel that you can’t control yourself then just throw it away.

Block the entire website from your computer or mobile that allows you to access the dildo sex toys.

Stop watching pornography

Stop watching pornographyIf you love to watch the pornography then please stop watching it. The stimulation from pornography is very strong and it forces you to do the same.

So try to block all the pornography sites from your computer and mobile. You can also install some porn-blocking software on your computer and mobile. It helps you to keep away from pornography.

After blocking the sites, if you feel difficulty then you can also place your computer in the public room of your house. So you can’t be alone when you used your computer. In case, if you have a huge collection of pornography movies, magazines or other content then please throw it away.

Involve in the social schedule

Involve in the social scheduleIf you really addicted to the masturbation then it is necessary for you to involve in the social schedule. If you involve in the social schedule then you do not feel bored and lonely.

Try to fill your life with engaging activity such as spend some quality time with your family members and friends. Go to movies and shopping. Etc.

Try to do all that work in which you feel happy.

Make yourself busy

Make yourself busyYou should also make yourself busy. Try to find out your new hobbies. The excitement of doing something new and different can help you to replace the urge to masturbation. It also helps you to keep your mind distraction and off.

There are many things in which you can invest your time and energy such as writing, learning to play music and dance, drawing etc.

This helps a lot if you really want to stopmasterbation or quit mastubation.

Take a perfect diet

Take a perfect dietHow to quit masturbation? Most of the users are worried about this. But if you want to quit masturbation then you should change your diet.

Yes! You should increase the number of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

It provides you to feel more alert and energy so that you can take part in the other activity. It also helps you to boost brain power.

Be patient

Be patientYou cannot stopmasterbation or quit mastubation overnight or in a single day. Stop mastrubation is not something that you can do instantly. This is a process which requires commitment and time. So you ought to keep patient.

If you really want to quit mastubation then you should set up a reward system. This reward system helps you to behave well and you can also judge yourself in terms of how long you go without masturbating.

Try to make your record longer. This new motivation helps you to overcome your problem.

Find someone trustworthy

Find someone trustworthySometimes you need someone who helps you to stopmasterbation or quit mastubation. Find someone you can trust and share your problem.

You can also consult the counsellor. There are many counsellors who are expert in providing the counselling and care of those people who are sexual addictions.

You can also take part in the counselling program. Yes! There is a professional counselling program for masturbation addiction.

Check this tweet. Here, professional counselor taking about how to quit masturbation.