How to satisfy a man in bed: 12 best ways to please your partner

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

how to satisfy a men in bed

What most affect a man in bed? Surprisingly, most admitted that they are not at all interested in theatrical or trapeze etc. In fact, many men told us that they are simple beings who basically want to show their wives. But if you are looking to give him something extra-special, they will like it a little bit.

Although it is impossible to explain all male behaviours, here we discuss some of the best ways to please your man.

Men are always being asked to spend more time exploring other parts of a woman’s body, but the same advice can be given to women – it’s easy for them to think of it as a walking penis, but really , There are many other parts of the body that he will enjoy 'being aroused.

Play with his nipples, sucking on them, then blowing on them for extra stimulation; locate his chest and abdomen with his hands; squeeze behind him; and caressing her skin from top to toe, making sure all her nerve ending are on fire for your touch.

For this you can try different type of couple toys. Select the best one to make your partner happy.

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Try these super cool tricks tonight to make your man happy and satisfy.

Contrary to popular belief, making a man particularly happy in bed is not as complicated as it appears. Here are some tips that women can try.

Variation is very important if you really want that you man always take interest in you. Always be on catch for new creative ideas, new sex positions, and thoughtful gifts.

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Always discuss with your partner about new idea in which you and your partner both feel comfortable and also you both can like.

He will be impressed by your creativity and his interest in you will increase manifold. If not discussed, you can surprise him directly with your idea and bounce one of these in front of him.

He will avoid guessing what kind of happiness you are planning for him and thus he will not only be thinking about you.


Tell him how much you love

loveYou can feel more happy to tell your partner that you love him, and you can said that you are a happy couple. I know this is the other way around but you will understand this.

Men want loyalty at all cost in love relationship. This loyalty will make your man safer and will motivate him to be loose in the bedroom with you. Men want as much commitment as women; they just want to pack it differently.

 Make your man hostage in bed and make him happy


Do you want to make himhappy? Tie him to bed and tease him a little. before making love to him. Doing this will not only make him crazy, but makes him want more from you, which will always be for your benefit, as you will definitely enjoy your session. Make sure you don’t always surprise him by making him a standard.

Men especially like the instructions if they are given in a loving manner because it means that they can give you more pleasure. If you can’t use words to communicate, use a soft groan to tell when something feels good.

Turn on your partner in the shower


Seeing your lover naked will always make you to feel pleasure.  so, always invite your lover to take a shower with you and he will give her more than one reason to be happy.

Just make sure the temperature is low because how you avoid women bathing in boiling water is still a mystery to us.

To make your man happy, take a shower with him and take care of his desire.Having sex while taking a shower is very relaxing and comfortable.

In shower sex, we can try different type of dildos like real flash dildo skin for anal stimulation and Michinoku Dildo L size for deep penetration. They both are washable toys there is no problem to use in shower sex.

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Make your man happy by sucking his fingers

While women are serial fantasists, men are visual beings. This means that we get excited by what we see. It said that if you want to make your man happy, then you should suck his fingers slowly and attractively while putting eyes in his eyes.

Doing so will not only give her pleasure but will also be a step towards a very hot sexual encounter.

Talk dirty to your man

dirty talks

If you have never tried to talk dirty to your man before, you are missing out! But don’t be fooled into thinking that talking dirty requires you to have more sex.

A lot of dirty talk make your relation complex and sometime it will harmful for your relation also.

Open your mouth and let those dirty thoughts come out, even if you have to whisper.

Talking dirty to a man causes his brain and pulse to run, so injecting a little dirty talk into his mind and see the result.. Tell her how you want to touch him or where you want his hands.

Tell him what you want to do with him or what you are doing for him. Let him  know how your body is feeling. Something as simple as a whispered phrase or expression can actually send its excitement to new heights.

Select the right background music for the sex

Contrary to popular belief, men also like it when women try to set the mood. When you crawl towards your man on your fours, try playing some soothing music in the background and watch your lover fall in love for a second time. If you are not sure what music your lover likes, just ask. One should not waste money on hiring a private investigator to investigate his man.

Surprise Him with Secret Sexy Attire

Surprise Him with Secret Sexy Attire

Shopping together for lingerie is fun, but it’s also going to excite your partner if you surprise him with a secret sexy outfit.

Your partner always love you to see like this. It help your partner to get excited and also help him to get ready for some special moment.

You should always wear this types of lingeies to make your man more happy and satisfied.

You can shop bikini set red for looking hot and sexy. You can try different panties also like Elegant G-String Panty With Pearl-Red. Wearing a bikini set makes you feel very attractive and this increases your partner’s sexual desire.

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Let him dominate you … BDSM-Style


Many women fantasize about giving up all control to their partner during foreplay. Even though being polite is usually not your priority, it never allows your partner to be in control.

If he knows that you already have permission to take control, he will enjoy this foreplay idea the most. You want to do a few things before you start signalling to him.

Pick up some cable ties or mild restraint and a blindfold. Create a safe word that you can use if you get uncomfortable and tell him what it is

With this kind of foreplay you can get as many lumps as you want. Spanking, baiting, leather, chain, fancy sealing contrasts – it’s up to you how “seriously" he talks “or how far you want to step into the" polite “role.

But there is no doubt that the two of you have a great time and perhaps some laughter in the process.

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Watch porn with him

Surprise Him with Secret Sexy Attire

Porn may not usually be your thing, or it may be, but you prefer to sneak in alone. Guys are naturally aroused through sight, so porn can foreplay them all by themselves.

If you want to do something special to increase foreplay with your partner, choose a sexy video that you think he will like and watch it together.

Take the opportunity to talk about certain posts that you think are fun or what you think are hot. This can be a real turning point for both of you.

Change positions for different stimulation

Change positions for different stimulation

In some situations you will feel tight, which will be good for him. In some he will be able to go deeper, in some he will be able to feel you’re other parts more easily (which he may really like). If, for your happiness, you must be in a position to go to the climax, then fine! Just start in a different position, and then switch later other positions.

For different types of position, we can try Kama sutra position for making your sex more comfortable.

If you do not know one or two about Kama sutra then you cannot please your man. Surprise him with a 69 and eat him as if you return the favor if you know what I mean. You can also make sure that you are getting the reverse cowgirl out of nowhere, catching her off guard.

In cowgirl position your man are playing with your partner clitorises then you can try some sex toys like clitoris vibrators,  suction vibrator and nipple vibratos.

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Buy some new sex toys

Are Indian female need sex toys for masturbating

There are good reasons why the adult toy industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Those sexy gadgets, moving concoctions, and rings for her penis make foreplay and sex even more interesting.

If you are lacking in sex life and you are struggling to find the best foreplay for men, then add some toys to the mix. Some fun sex toys for friends:

A remote pleasant egg controlled vibrator for you that he can control all things during sexual activity. Good bull beat ring is a  Vibration rings that slip around her penis to prevent her erection longer.

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Highlight the experience by making sex-toy shopping a couple things. This way what the two of you might like together.

 Try out some taboo sex

Yes, most men may not really be comfortable saying this, but they are some pretty taboo stuff. Don’t hesitate to ask him what they want and if they want something taboo, try it as long as you’re comfortable with it.


For umpteenth time, it is not as difficult as many people think when it comes to making a man happy. As long as you keep trying new things and be confident in what you are doing.

Don’t forget your ego in one stroke; you can never go wrong with it. It is also important to note that lovemaking and makes your men happy, is all about teamwork. This means that for this to happen, both you and your husband need to work together as a team.

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