Clitoris: Know the basic things about the female clit for instant orgasm.

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That most sensitive part of the female body is the clitoris. What is it, where is it located, and how to stimulate it? etc. We answer all these questions here.

So, if you are interested to know about your most sensitive part of the body then read this article till the end. Hope this article helps you to know more about your body.

What is clitoris?

What is clitorisThe clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the woman body. This erogenous zone has a high concentration of nerve ending which makes it most sensitive.

The clitoris is available in all-female mammals including some female birds and reptiles also. In woman, the clitoris has been firmly tied to sexual pleasure.

How to locate the clitoris?

How to locate the clitorisThe clitoris is the external body part of the female. It is little tricky to find the clitoris because it is tucked inside the inner labia, underneath its own little protective hood.

In some woman, the clitoris is easily visible and accessible whereas in some women it’s really hidden under the hood. Every woman’s vulva is unique.

With the help of this image, you can easily understand the structure of the clitoris.

The clitoris or clit size varies. From the top or from the outside only the tip of the clitoris is visible but it actually has a spongy shaft that stretches up to more than five inches inside the body.

When the woman gets excited her clitoris becomes stiff and swollen just like a penis.

How to find the clitoris hook?

Now, you know that where the clitoris hook is located. But the question is how to find that location. Its not as difficult as most of you think.

Here, I am going to discuss “how to find the clitoris". Follow this simple step and experience the clitoris orgasm.

  • First, you have to become naked and get a hand mirror.
  • Now, sit on a side of the chair or bed and open your leg. While sitting put your one leg on the bed or chair.
  • Hold the mirror on your hand and try to adjust it, so that you can see your vulva.
  • Use your other hand to pull your outer and inner lips apart.
  • Look at the very top of your “slit,” and you’ll see a flap of skin that’s connected to your inner lips. This is the clit hook.

What is the purpose of the clit or clitoris?

What is the purpose of the clit or clitorisWomen clitoris is the most sensitive part of the body. The main purpose of the clitoris is to provide pleasant pleasure.

The clitoris is the only organ in a female whose main purpose is to provide orgasm or pleasure feelings. No other male or female organ is designed only for pleasure.

Female clit contains over 15,000 nerve endings. Imagine, how pleasant you feel if you rub these 15,000 nerve ending constantly. Clitoris helps women to reach the climax and experience the amazing feeling of the orgasm.

Most of the woman reported that they reach the vagina or G spot orgasm due to the clitoris stimulation or first they have to stimulate the clitoris.

Clitoris stimulation is the most common way to reach orgasm in the female. During penetration, the majority of woman reach orgasm because at that time clitoris stimulated indirectly which helps women to reach the orgasm.

You can check this tweet. From this tweet it is clear that every women like to stimulate the clitoris because stimulating the clitoris helps them to reach the orgasm.

How to stimulate the clitoris?

How to stimulate the clitorisNow, you know some basic things about the female clitoris. Next step is how to stimulate the clitoris. If you want to stimulate the clitoris you should know how to stimulate the clit. Here, we will discuss how to stimulate the clitoris.

You can also stimulate your clitoris with some technique. The clitoris stimulation technique helps you to reach the clitoris orgasm.

If you want to know more details about how to stimulate the clitoris, click below.

Make an environment

It does not matter where you involve in sex with your partner or alone. The most important things are to set the mood. Do whatever makes you feel good. You can watch porn or read some sexy literature. The correct environment helps you to get excited.

Use the correct lube

Some of you think that lube is only for the penetration but it is not true. Include the personal lube in your all types of sexual play.

In case, if you are using any types of sex toys then first confirm that your sex toys are compatible with your sex lube or not. If not then find some other options.

Focus on your clit

At the time, when you stimulate the clitoris or during the clit stimulation focus only on the clit stimulation.

If you are new in the amazing world of the sexual activity then you must state with the clitorial stimulation or clitoris stimulation. It means that you can add nipple play, anal penetration or vagina penetration but first start with the clitoris.

Once you reach the clitoris stimulation then it becomes easy for you to achieve the G spot orgasm or vagina orgasm or anal orgasm.

Take your time

To stimulate the clitoris, take your time. Do not rush. Stimulate your clitoris until you reach the clitoris orgasm or climax. Once you reach the clitoris orgasm then move to the vagina or anal penetration whatever you want.

Experiment with pressure and speed

While stimulating the clitoris, you or your partner can try the different motions such as the back, forth, circular or even a light tap. You can also try with different speed and pressure.

 Is any sex toys required to stimulate the clitoris?

Is any sex toys required to stimulate the clitorisYes! It depends on you whether you want to use sex toys for clitoris stimulation or not. If you want to use the sex toys to stimulate the clitoris then you have many options. You can use the different types of sex toys to stimulate the clitoris. Most of the woman prefers the vibrator toy to stimulate the clitoris.

Now a day, in the market varieties of vibrator toy is available which is specially designed for the clitoris stimulation. This type of vibrator toy is called the clitoris vibrator sex toy. You can easily use this clitoris vibrator sex toys during your female masturbation session. If you never involve in the masturbation session then first you have to learn how to masterbate.

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Along with this, if a woman wants then they can also use different types of dildo sex toy. Vibrating dildo is best for the clitoris stimulation. Some of the women also prefer homemade dildo for clitoris stimulation.

What precaution should take while stimulating the clitoris?

PrecautionsWhile stimulating the clitoris, you should also take some precautions.

  • If you or your partner is using the hand or finger to stimulate the clitoris then make sure that your hands are clean properly. Cut your nails.
  • If you or your partner prefers some sex toys then make sure that your toy is cleaned properly.
  • The clitoris is very sensitive, so stimulate the clitoris slowly and smoothly.