Kegel exercise for women. Step by step guide to improve your sexual life.

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Kegel exercise for a woman or pelvic floor exercise is very necessary. It helps the woman in many ways including sexual life. Here, you can get the information about what is kegel exercise for woman, how to do the kegel exercise etc.

Once you know basic things about the kegel exercise for female then it becomes easy for you to do the pelvic floor exercises.

So, read this article till the end to gain knowledge about kegel exercise for the woman. Hope this article will help you and you can perform kegel exercise correctly.

What is the kegel exercise?

Kegel Exercise for WomenKegel exercise is a simple exercise which helps you to make the pelvic floor muscles stronger. Pelvic floor muscles also support your uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. Kegel exercises are also known as pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercise is the best way to maintain and improve bowel and bladder functions.

Kegel exercise can easily be done by any gender user such as men, woman, gay and lesbian. It helps to increase the strength of pelvic floor muscles.

Why kegel exercise for the woman is necessary?

Why kegel exercise for the woman is necessaryKegel exercise for woman is necessary because there are many causes which weaken the woman pelvic floor muscles. Some of these causes are pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, ageing, overweight etc.

The pelvic floor muscles support the womb, the bladder, and the bowels etc. in a woman. In case, if the pelvic floor muscles are weak, these pelvic orgasms may lower into a vagina.

If it happens then it becomes very uncomfortable for you. Sometimes it also causes urine incontinence.

How to do kegel exercise for woman – the best way

How to do kegel exercise for woman – the best wayOnce you know how to do the kegel exercise for women then you can easily perform it without any difficulty.

Like any other exercise, at first, it may be a little difficult for any one. But gradually with a daily commitment, it becomes easy.

Here, we discuss how to do kegel exercises most easily. So, let’s start.

Find the pelvic floor muscles

At first, it may be very difficult for you to find the correct muscles. The easiest way to find the right muscles is to use your fingers. Clean your finger and insert into your vagina. Once you insert your finger then try to tightening your vaginal muscles around your finger.

Another method to locate the muscles is by trying to stop your urine mid-flow. This method is only for the learning process. It is not good to start and stop your urine regularly.

Check whether you are doing correctly or not?

You can also check whether you are doing kegel exercises correctly or not. To check – Just place your finger in the vagina and squeezing the muscles. You should feel a lifting and contraction around your finger. If you do not feel anything like that it means you are doing wrong.

Select the positions

You should select the correct position in which you feel comfortable. At the very first, you should only be lying on your back. You should be lying until you feel of contracting the pelvic floor muscles. When you get comfortable with this, then try while sitting and standing.

Contract and relax

  • Once you get the correct position then try to contract your pelvic floor muscles for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Now, relax for some seconds.
  • Repeat this relaxes cycle 10-20 times.

Try to keep the other muscles relaxed

While performing the kegel exercise, don’t contract your abdominal, leg or buttock muscles. You should also avoid lifting your pelvic while performing. To avoid or to detect unwanted abdominal action, you should place yours on your belly.

Increase the time

Gradually increase the time of contract and relax. At first, you should start with the 10 seconds. Once you feel that you get comfortable with the kegel exercise then increase the time up to 10 seconds. Every day, increase the time up to 10 seconds.

Repeat 3 times a day

You should do the kegel exercise at least three times a day. For every session, you can perform 10 repetitions. Once you get comfortable then increase the duration of the repetition.

Try apps

If you are comfortable with the basic kegel exercise and want to move on the next level then try some apps. Now a day, there is a special type of vaginal fitness trackers are available which help you to track your pelvic floor gains.

Some of the vaginal fitness trackers are also available with some device which you can easily insert and this device provides you more info to work off.

These trackers also help you if you find difficult while identifying the muscles.

Some precautions while having the kegel exercise.

Precaution while having the kegel exercise

While having the kegel exercise for women, it is necessary to take some precaution also.

  • While performing or after performing the kegel exercises, if you feel pain in your abdomen or back then it means that you are not performing the kegel exercise or pelvic floor exercises correctly.
  • In case, if you perform the pelvic floor exercise or kegel exercises incorrectly or with too much force then there is a chance that your vagina becomes too tight and you will feel pain during the sexual intercourse.
  • The most important things about the kegel exercise for female are that once you start doing it, you may need to continue it for the rest of your life otherwise incontinence will return.