Yes! Lesbian has more lesbian orgasm than straight women and it is 100% true.

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Do lesbian couple have better sex or have more lesbian orgasm than heterosexual women? What do you think? What is its answer? Yes or No?

Well it is true that lesbian couple have more and more lesbian orgasm than straight women and it is cleared by many surveys and studies.

Here, in this article you can also able to know the reason behind this. So, continue reading this article.

Lesbian orgasm is much more than straight women.

Lesbian orgasm is much more than straight women.

Yes! it is 100% true that lesbian couple have a more lesbian orgasm or you can say that better sex than the straight women and it is cleared by the survey.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine,

The lesbian couple experiences the lesbian orgasm 75% of the time during the sex whereas only 61% of heterosexual women experience the orgasm.

Another larger study by the Kinsey Institute recorded slightly different number in 2017.

According to this study, 86% of lesbian couple experience lesbian orgasm during sex whereas 65 % of the straight women.

In case, if you feel difficult to believe this number, you can check this tweet. In this tweet, you can easily clear your double.

Why lesbian have better sex or more orgasm than straight women?

Why lesbian have better sex or more orgasm than straight women

There are many reasons that a lesbian couple has better sex or more orgasm than straight women.

Most of the women informed that they were more like to orgasm when they have deep kissing, mutual masturbation and lots of oral sex in addition to the simple vagina. And most of the lesbian couple involve all these in their sex. If heterosexual women want to have an orgasm during their sex then they should also involve these sexual acts.

Women know their own body – Sex is about lots of nuance and understanding of what you and your partner want. It means that sex is all about what individual partners want needs, likes and dislikes.

When it comes to the lesbian orgasm or lesbian sex, they know about their bodies. Well, the lesbian couple knows where their clitoris is and also know what to do with it and how to stimulate the clitoris to reach the lesbian orgasm.

When a lesbian couple has sex they do not need to tell their partner what to do or what not to do because they are more familiar with each other body. So, the chances of getting orgasm become high.

Generally, lesbian couple prefer the strap on dildo for sexual penetration or to stimulate the vagina. So, if you also want to have an orgasm like the lesbian orgasm then you should also try the strap on dildo.

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3 things which you should learn about the lesbian orgasm from the Indian lesbian couple

If you really want to reach the orgasm then you should learn some key points from the lesbian couple which they prefer to reach the lesbians orgasm during their sexual activity.

Lesbian orgasm Tips #1 – It takes time

it takes time

The duration of the sex started from the foreplay. The researchers found that – starting the sexual act from foreplay is the best way for women to reach the orgasm.

The problem is, men can easily and faster get turn on than women. This is the main reason most of the women do not reach orgasm.

On the other hand, the lesbian couple takes their time. They don’t have any problem while taking their time.

In fact, according to some survey, 74% of lesbian women reported having sex more than 30 minutes and longer. And they also report that this is the reason they reach the orgasm.

Lesbian orgasm Tips #2 – Oral sex is the key

oral sex is the key

Oral sex is the key point if you really want to reach the orgasm. Most of the Indian lesbian couples are less likely to focus on intercourse. Rather than focusing on vagina intercourse, lesbian couple focus on oral sex.

Indian lesbian couple says that oral sex allows direct access to the clitoris which is the most sensitive part of the women body.

And you know that most of the women need some king of clitoris stimulation to reach the any types of orgasm.

Lesbian orgasm Tips #3 – Pleasure is not only for one partner

pleasant is not only for one partner

Most of the straight couple follow the script. What you do when you have sex with your boyfriend or husband.

I know – first intercourse happens, then maybe you reach the orgasm or sometimes without reaching the orgasm, your sex ends and at last you fall asleep.

On the other hand, Indian lesbian couple does not follow these scripts. They do their sex differently. It means that their sex does not end when one partner reaches the orgasm.

Indian lesbian couple does not follow the rule where one partner orgasms and the sex is over. Generally, lesbian couple manually stimulating the clitoris during the sex to increase the chances of getting both the partner climax together.

Lesbian couple also use the different types of dildo sex toys to stimulate each other.

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