Lesbian scissoring – what it is? Know the basic things about scissoring.

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Lesbian scissoring – For our lesbian friends who want to try something new to spice up their sexual act. Yes! Lesbian scissors or scissoring are very very real. It is not only the things which are shown in porn.

If you are interested in the lesbian scissors or scissoring and want to know more about it then you are in the right place. Here, you can get the basic information about the lesbian scissors. So, first, gain knowledge about lesbian scissors and then tries it to make your night memorable.

What does lesbian scissoring or scissors meaning?

What does lesbian scissoring or lesbian scissors meanFirst, try to understand what is scissoring or what is scissors meaning? It is a sexual act which is essentially genital to genital contact and can be performed in different sex positions. It is more famous among the lesbian couple, so most of the people call it lesbian scissoring or lesbian scissors.

Generally, lesbian scissoring are the sexual act in which two women stimulate each other by interlocking their legs and pressing their genitals together.

According to Wikipedia 

Tribadism or Tribbing, commonly known by its scissoring position, is a sex act in which a woman rubs her vulva against her partner’s body for sexual stimulation, especially for stimulation of the clitoris.

Why it is also called the Tribbing?

There is some confusion regarding the Tribbing, tribadism and scissoring. All these three are a sexual act between women in which both the partner rub vulva together against each other for sexual pleasure.

Now you know what it lesbian scissoring . Tribadism is the sexual act which is used to described vulva to vulva fun. This act is generally performed by the lesbian couple for sexual pleasure or as foreplay.

Tribbing and tribadism both are the non-penetration sexual act just like the lesbian scissoring. All there are erotic ways of rubbing, swivel, timing hip movement which may result in orgasm for some couples.

Some of the basic thing about lesbian scissors?

Before you want to involve in the lesbian scissoring, you must know some basic things about scissoring.

A scissors sex position is lesbian sex positions.

A scissors sex position is lesbian sex positionsMost of you think that scissoring sex position is a lesbian sex position and the only lesbian couple can perform it.

Yes! Scissoring sex positions are indeed the lesbian sex positions but another gender user can also try it. It is not so difficult.

In this sex position, two women, face to face, foot to foot, or they can select any other combination by arranging their legs in which both the partners feel comfortable.

Some of you also call it dry humping. The reasons to call it dry because the penis is not involved in it.

To know, how to perform the lesbian scissoring, click below.

Lesbian scissors are not only the way lesbian having sex.

Lesbian scissors are not only the way lesbian having sex

Lesbian scissoring are the most common activities for the lesbian couple and most of you are familiar with it.

But it is not only the way lesbian having sex.

Along with the lesbian scissors, there are many more sexual activities which lesbian couple can perform.

Some of the most famous lesbian sexual activities are oral sex, fingering, fisting, tossing, strap on sex etc.

Like the straight couple, the lesbian couple also has many options and they can also prefer the varieties of sex toys like vibrator, dildo, etc. for their sexual penetration.

Lesbian scissoring are not as easy as you think.

Why it is also called the TribbingIt depends on the lesbian couple whether they want to involve in scissoring or not.

There are some lesbian couple who loves to perform the scissoring sex whereas some lesbian couple does not like it and even don’t engage in the scissoring.

If you think that, lesbians scissoring is very easy and you and your partner can easily perform it then you are wrong. It is not as easy as you think. Just think about it. For scissoring pleasure right angle is very important.

It is difficult to reach the orgasm just by grinding your vulva up on her vulva. But scissoring definitely help you to get turn on.

Lesbian scissors are a little bit complicated.


Now, you know that scissoring are the lesbian sex act and it is co-opted by the straight community also.

Most of the men love watching the lesbian scissoring porn and sometimes tried it also to make their partner excited.

Scissoring are one of the most popular sex acts which most of the lesbian couple perform. Sometimes they even perform it only for foreplay.

Some of the lesbian couples think that it is co-opted by the straight community so now they should stop doing it. But as lesbian scissors are co-opted by the straight community, it does not mean that lesbian couple should stop doing it.

Some of the problems which you may face while having the scissoring.


While performing the lesbian scissoring there is a chance that you may face some problems. Some of the problems that most of you have during scissoring are –

  • It is not necessary that your clit rub together. Sometimes while involving in the scissoring the clit’s are not rubbing together.
  • Most of the beginner lesbian can’t find the right angle.
  • You have to make too much effect.
  • For lesbian scissor, flexibility in the body is necessary. Most of the lesbian couple is not enough flexible for their scissoring sex.
  • While performing the scissoring for the first time, there is a chance that you may feel little pain.
  • Sometimes, you may feel self-conscious or weird and it gets in the way of your having fun.