Lesbian sex for the first time: Tips for the amazing girl on girl sex.

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Who should I ask about lesbian sex for the first time? Want to know how lesbian having sex for the first time? You are not only the lesbian with such troubles.

Recently, most of the people enjoy not only heterosexuality but also homosexuality, romance, dating and sex regardless of LGBT gender.

It’s great to have a happy time with a reliable girl and lesbian partner, regardless of gender.

Here, in this article, I am going to tell you some of the effective ways of having lesbian sex. Hope this article helps you and you enjoy your first lesbian sex.

How lesbian having sex for the first time?

How lesbian having sex for the first timeLesbian sex for the first time! If you are thinking of having lesbian sex for the first time or girls on girls sex for the first time then you must know how to have first time lesbian sex. It does not matter how much confidence you are and how much lesbian porn you watched.

All vaginas are different and are stimulated in different ways. So, if you want to know how to have lesbian sex for the first time or girls on girl’s sex then you are in the right place. Here, you can get the effective way of having lesbian sex for the first time.

Curious about trying lesbian sex for the first time: The effective ways are

When it comes to first sex, everyone wants to make it memorable. While having the first time lesbian sex or lesbian sex for the first times, it is normal being nervous. But one truth is that you never want to forget your first time. Here, we provide some of the effective ways to make lesbian sex for the first time memorable.

First-time lesbian sex – Know your own body

Know your own bodyBefore involving in the lesbian sex for the first time, you should know about your body. It means that it’s good if you know what makes you and your partner excited.

Getting confused. No need to get confused because I am talking about masturbation. Spend some time with yourself. When you involve in the masturbate and touch yourself then it becomes easy for you to find the place where you feel pleasure.

Once you know your pleasure point then you can tell your partner and you also know where to touch her. The most important things that you can tell your partner what turns you on.

First-time lesbian sex -Go sober

Go sobarEveryone wants to remember their first sex. So definitely you also want to remember your first-time lesbian sex.

Sometimes most of the lesbian couple prefer the alcohol and drugs to make the physical relationship but if you don’t know let me clear you that alcohol and drugs can lower your inhibitions.

Yes! Using the alcohol or drugs indeed makes the first move easier but you’re not as likely to do or say something regrettable if you’re sober.

First-time lesbian sex -Safe sex

Safe sexMost of the lesbian couple think that they don’t need to worry about the sexually transmitted diseases because STD occurs with the penis-vagina sex or penis anal sex. If you also think like that then you must change your thoughts.

Lesbians also need to worry about the sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS.

Unfortunately, safe sex is not talked in the lesbian community but it is necessary to have safe sex.

First-time lesbian sex -Communicate during your play

Communicate during your playCommunication is the key to successful lesbian sex for the first time. During your lesbian sex, you should communicate with your partner. You can ask her what she wants. You can ask about what makes her feel good. Tell her where you want to be touched. If she is doing something which you like then let her know.

If your partner feels shy or does not know then start slowly and ask her what feels good. Every woman body is different. Just adjust accordingly and keep doing. Your partner loves if you communicate with her and pleasure her in the way that feels best for her.

First-time lesbian sex -Get relax

Get relaxRelaxation is very important for any types of sexual play. Take your time to get relax. To make yourself or your partner relax, you can touch her all over. Don’t go straight for the penetration.

To make your partner relax, you can do many things like – undress her slowly, kiss her elbow, touch her breast, caress her belly, her inner thighs, kiss behind her knees, massage her buttocks, slowly suck on her fingers etc.

There are so many erotic funs which you can do before you involve in the penetration.

First-time lesbian sex -Have realistic expectations

Have realistic expectationsDuring your first time lesbian sex it is not necessary that you reach the orgasm.

If you reach the orgasm in your first attempt then it’s good for you but if not then don’t feel low or sad.

Your first-time lesbian sex is about getting to know her body, how to turn her on, etc. Lesbian sex for the first time is to get the physical, get closer, express your feelings of love etc.

First-time lesbian sex -Add lube

Add lubeOne of the best things about having the lesbian’s sex or girl on girl sex is that most of the women can have multiple orgasms without needing any downtime between them.

It means that lesbian couple has the opportunity to experience the feeling of the multiple orgasms. So, during the lesbian sex to keep yourself and your partner comfortable prefer the good quality sex lube.

Sex lube helps you to reduce the friction to make your penetration more easy, smooth and painless.

First-time lesbian sex -Prepare a toy

Prepare a toyFor lesbians sex, generally, the lesbian couple prefers sex toys. Most of the lesbian couple love to involve in lesbian sex with a strap on. Lesbian sex with strap on help both the partner to get satisfies each other.

Now a day, there are many types of lesbian strap on available in the market. You should select the lesbian strap on which is best for you.

For the first time lesbian sex or lesbian sex for the first time prefer the strap on in which you and your partner both feel comfortable.

Don’t start with the large size dildo. It is better to start with the small size dildo and gradually move to the huge dildo sex toys.

First-time lesbian sex -Trim your nails

Trim your nailsSo, for the safe lesbian sex, both of you should trim your nails. This is because whenever you and your partner get turn on, you both touch each other genital area.

The tissues of the woman’s vulva and vagina are very delicate. So, you need to stimulate it with care. If you want that the sounds coming out from your partner is of pleasure and not of pain then you should cut your nails.

If you don’t cut your nails then there is a chance that your partner gets hurts.