Marriage sex – Simple way to keep your marriage sex life better and healthy

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Marriage is a step of life which gives you a lot of experience which can help you to understand your partner feeling. According to women, marriage life almost changes but according to men, it may little change.

A different phase of life always given better experiences but it is all about more satisfaction and the way of achieving a different type of pleasure. To make your marriage sex life more pleasurable you can also try some sex toys like dildo, vibrator etc.

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Keep your sex life better when you decide to take more enjoyment in marriage life

marriage sex

Sex desires according to time may be less after the marriage but it is not the right way to maintain your marriage life pleasurably. According to age, you want more enjoyment from your partner. Your intimate relationships should improve with the passing time because you know each other’s likes, dislikes, habits, and so many thinks.

Different peoples have a different understanding of their own life but it’s difficult to understand all about your partner. Sometimes marriage life became little hectic due to children, work tension, finances, and other issues. There is a possibility that all these factors are disturbing your romance with your partner.

So, it’s necessary to have sexual pleasure in your marriage life.

Implements for better sex life

Implements for better sex life

Good sex life always gave better enjoyment with some factors and it is most beneficial at every time. You and your partner always find physical satisfaction.

–         You should accept each other’s flaws and quirks

–         Find fun and enjoyment

–         Love and faith to each other

–         Physical intimation

–         Good communication

–         Always make time to each other in a busy life

All of them should be supported from time to time and should improve their sexual life.

How to Make Sex Life Strong

Without satisfaction your relationship never became strong, try to use below techniques to satisfying your partner to make a better marriage sex life.

Always communicate


Communication is the best way to find complete enjoyment and it can give you an environment to share your things with each other.

With the help of communication, you can find better enjoyment with the partner. Communication also gives you intimacy in your relationship.

You should share your desire like what you want, like, dislike etc. and try to communicate what to do next in your play.

You can share your feeling against your partner because it is necessary to achieve orgasm with great enjoyment.

Explain what you want

Explain what you want

When you try to take complete enjoyment with the partner then decide to take all activity in your play and discuss in deeply.

Share your desires and always be honest about what you want in your play. Never adopt any activity without told your partner and without his permission. Make sure what you want with the partner and how to perform it. It’s necessary to talk about your desired openly.

Never try to do something which your partner does not expect from you. If he doesn’t like that particular activity then there is a chance that your partner will leave the play in between.

Make a plan what you want to do

Make a plan what you want to do

Today most of the female partner has a hectic lifestyle so they don’t feel more enjoyment. In this case, it is necessary for you to discuss your plan for sexual encounters with one another to live a better marriage life or sexual life.

For example – It is a good idea to start with the fingering. Start with the foreplay than move to the fingering and at last go for the penetration.

You can make a play for spontaneous and attractive sexual activity with your partner so that you can enjoy it.

You can take help with the phone, e-mail, texts, etc for making a plan for what you want to do today.

Never compare sex life before and after marriage

Never compare sex life before and after marriage

Most of the people enjoy their marriage life but some people never feel this type of feeling with the partner because they live a bachelor’s life after marriage also.

Don’t believe that before marriage life is good, always faith in your partner because he is only a person who lives for you and understood all things of you.

You need sex toy to take intimate sex drive

Yes, it is fully proved that a sex toy can help to change your married life because it provides the best stimulation as well as satisfaction also.

Now, we are discussing some most used sex toy, you can also prefer it to make your sexual life healthy and pleasurable –

Couple sex toy

In the online market, there are so many types of sex toy easily available for you. You can select anyone which is best for you.

Such as cock ring is the most usable couple sex toy. Today it comes with different vibration mood so you can feel most stimulated during your play. Your male partner can wear it and have a lot of fun with you.

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Vibrator sex toy

Vibrator sex toy gives you a lot of enjoyment with its strong vibrations. It is the most useable sex toy by women because it has great sensitivity for any women.

You can select any vibrator sex toy and make your life more pleasurable with your partner. You can select a different type of vibrator sex toy –

–         Clitoris vibrator

–         Vagina vibrator

–         Anal vibrator and so many sex toys

Supplements also

If your partner never maintains sexual activity at a long time then he should use supplements after doctor’s consulting because it may dangers without suggestion.

They can increase the male partner’s sexual stamina as well as give him the confidence to take long sexual activity with different moves.

Add sex game

Sex game boards also give you a lot of pleasure and enjoyment; they can able to wake up your unwanted sexual life.

Today different type of couple’s sex game easily available in the online market. With the help of these types of sex games, you may able to do different sexual position and doing so many sensitive activities.

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