Masturbation during pregnancy : Is it safe, benefits and effects?

04/02/2021Female Masturbationpregnancy

Do you have queries regarding the masturbation during pregnancy in your mind such as whether masturbation during pregnancy is safe or not? Using dildo sex toys is okay? Any risk is there or not? Etc. If Yes! then you are in the right place.

In one sentence, if you want to know the answer then masturbation during pregnancy is completely safe. It does not affect your pregnancy at all unless or untill your pregnancy have any complications.

Not only me, but most of the doctors agree that masturbation during pregnancy (at low-risk pregnancy) is safe and also provide health benefits.

If you want to know more about the masturbation during pregnancy or does female masturbation affects pregnancy then read this article till the end to grow up your knowledge pool. I hope this article help you and clear all your queries.

Is it safe or not, to do the masturbation during pregnancy?

Masturbation during pregnancy is completely safe. In a most low-risk pregnancy, masturbation is the safe way to relieve stress, manage an elevated libido and pleasure yourself. You can easily stimulate your external body part.

According to many researchers and studies

It is proved that breast and nipple stimulation closed to delivery time can initiate early labour. This happens due to the release of the hormones oxytocin and prostaglandins.

For internal stimulation or internal orgasm, doctor advice is necessary. Your doctor will advise you whether vagina penetration and orgasm is safe for you or not.

If you’re a first-time-mom and reading this article then let me clear you that genital masturbation during pregnancy have no harmful effects unless your pregnancy is at risk.

Can I use my dildo sex toys?

Yes! You can easily use the dildo sex toys, vibrator or massager for masturbation during pregnancy. But while using the dildo sex toys you should take some precaution also.

dildo bannerMake sure that you have clean it properly with antiseptic liquid and water. If possible boiled it for 2 to 5 minutes for safety reason. If your dildo sex toys are not compatible for boiled then submerge it in the warm water for some seconds.

You should avoid using dildo sex toys with a sharp edge. It does not matter whether you are using the small dildo or large dildo never do the deep penetration during pregnancy.

If you’re a first-time-mom and want to use the dildo then you can select any one among the below dildo. According to my experience this dildo is best for the masturbation during pregnancy.

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When is it not safe to use the dildo or vibrator?

In some of the cases, it is not safe to use dildo sex toys or any other sex toys while masturbating during pregnancy. The most important things that never insert the dildo sex toys to the full depth of your vagina. Along with this, there are also some cases when you should avoid any types of dildo sex toys –

  • Your doctor has advised not to sex, masturbation or orgasm.
  • When you have a risk of preterm labour.
  • When you have vagina infection.
  • Your water has broken.

Benefits of involving in the masturbation during pregnancy

Are there any benefits of involving in the masturbation during pregnancyMasturbation during pregnancy is good for the body. Most of the women find that masturbation during pregnancy is a great way to relieve the tension. Some of the women also report that they achieve stronger or more intense orgasm during pregnancy. You can also say that masturbation during pregnancy provides you the best orgasm of your life. Check this tweet.

As you know that pregnancy affects the body so masturbation during pregnancy is a unique way to explore the body. It is very necessary for every woman to feel comfortable with their body during pregnancy and for this masturbation is the best way.

But make sure that you have little knowledge of female masturbation technique. This female masturbation technique help you to reach the orgasm during your pregnancy period.

As you know that there are many benefits of masturbation during periods. In the same manner, there are also benefits of involving in the masturbation during pregnancy.

Some of the benefits of masturbation during pregnancy include:

  • Lowering stress levels
  • Improving Sleep
  • Easing pregnancy-related discomfort and pain
  • Increasing the release of endorphins
  • Along with this, masturbation is the safest way to experience sexual pleasure. There is no risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Are there any side effects?

Basically, there is no any side effect of masturbation during pregnancy. Most of the women think that masturbation during pregnancy and using the dildo causes the miscarriage but it is not true. There are many women who specially used the realistic dildo during the masturbation to reach the orgasm.

Realistic dildoEven masturbation during pregnancy helps you to relieve the stress and tension which is good for pregnant women. Some of the women notice increases Braxton-Hicks contractions while achieving masturbation orgasm. Sometimes it makes you uncomfortable but there is nothing to worry.

Some of you also experience the cramps after masturbation orgasm which is very similar to the period cramping. These cramps are normal and may feel like Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Does it cause any risk?

Does it cause any riskThere is no any risk while involving in the masturbation during pregnancy if you have no complications or any other medical issues.

Sometimes masturbation during pregnancy causes small tears in the internal or external genital in case if you have long nails.

If it happens then it introduces the bacteria into the body and causes the infection which is not safe for the pregnant women.

To reduce this risk always cut your nails before involving in the masturbation during pregnancy. Along with this, always clean your hand and your dildo sex toys before involving in the masturbation. Check below to check how to clean the dildo sex toys.

In case, when the preterm labour is a risk then you should avoid the vagina penetration and also having an orgasm. Even the doctor also recommended you to avoid intercourse or orgasm to lower the chance of premature delivery.

If you are using the dildo sex toys or any other sex toys for masturbation then make sure that your toy properly washes and clean. If you are using the dildo sex toys which you had shared with your partner or friend in the past then it is better to use the dildo with a condom to avoid the risk of STIs.

When to avoid masturbation during pregnancy?

When to avoid masturbation during pregnancyIn some of the cases when some women experience certain complications then the doctor may advise to avoid the intercourse, orgasm or even masturbation during pregnancy. It may be a for certain time or even entire length of the pregnancy.

Some of the condition when you should avoid the masturbation during pregnancy.

  • A weakened cervix.
  • A history of premature labour or having a sign of preterm labour.
  • Experience the vaginal bleeding.
  • Uterine infection.
  • Intrauterine growth restrictions.

So, if your doctor recommended no sex then ask them clearly what they mean. Even orgasm or masturbation included in that or not. After consulting the doctor then only involve in the masturbation during pregnancy. This is the only way to keep yourself and your baby safe.