14 Myths about female masturbation which Indian woman should remove immediately

Female Masturbation

Indian female masturbation is a regular part of the sex life for most of the woman but do you know that there are many misconceptions about the Indian female masturbation which people thought that it is absolutely true.

Here, in this article, you can learn some myths about female masturbation which is absolute, not true. Clear your misconceptions about the masturbation myths and enjoy it without any fear.

Female masturbation myths and truth which you should know

Female masturbation myths and truth which you should know

Indian female masturbation is a very normal process. We all know that everyone masturbates and absolutely no one can talk about it. This is the main reason to create female masturbation myths.

The Indian woman who regularly masturbates are more confident, more knowledgeable about their body, enjoy their sex life with better pleasure, have a better relationship with their partner and have better overall health.

If you have also any misconceptions about the Indian female masturbation then it’s time to clear it and learn the right things. Now a day, most of the woman are talking about the female masturbation and clear their misinformation. Now its your turn.

Female don’t masturbate

Most of the people think that woman does not masturbate but it is not true. Actually, according to some study, almost 92% woman ages between 18-30 masturbate regularly.

Indian female masturbation or you can also say that Female hastmaithun is very normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Indian female masturbate to satisfy all their sexual needs.

Males are more sexual than women.

Males are more sexual than womenOne of the masturbation myths is that most of you think that male is more sexual than a woman. But let me clear you that woman are also sexual beings just like men.

Men often focus more on the physical aspect of their sexuality, while women tend to view sexual arousal through an emotional lens. Sexual desire in both men and woman are different but it does not mean that males are more sexual than women.

Female need partner to reach the orgasm

Most of you think that Indian woman needs a partner to reach the orgasm but it is not necessary. Many women can easily reach inside orgasm without a male partner.

Now a day, many types of sex toys or you can say that Indian dildo sex toys are available which help you to reach the orgasm without your partner.

Masturbation for a woman is unhealthy

One of the most common myths about female masturbation is that it is unhealthy for a woman. The only risk involve if you are using Indian dildo or vibrator and your toy are not properly clean or you don’t know how to use your toy correctly.

If you also think like that then let me clear you that there are not only one or two but so many health benefits of female masturbation.

If you don’t know about the benefits of female masturbation then you must know it. Once you know the benefits of female masturbation then your misconception gets clear.

Female don’t watch porn

Most of you think then only men watch porn video but let me clear you that women also watch porn, in fact, all types of porn. Generally, woman watches the porn before they have sex or masturbation to make them excited. Some of the women also watch porn just for enjoyment.

Masturbation cause infertility

Masturbation cause infertilityOne of the masturbation myths is that most of you think that female masturbation cause infertility. If you are also one who have queries in the mind that does female masturbation cause infertility or does masturbation cause infertility in females then now it’s time to clear it.

Female masturbation does not cause infertility and it is cleared by the medical science. However, there are small caveats related to this masturbation myth that may impact female fertility.

If you are using any types of sex toys then make sure that your toys are cleaned properly. If it is not cleaned properly then there is a possibility that STI occurs and these STIs infections can cause infertility in a woman.

Female become addicted to dildo or sex toy

Some of the women think that using the Indian dildo sex toys or any other sex toys may spoil sex with a partner and she becomes addicted to the Indian dildo.

But believe me, my friends, you won’t become addicted to the Indian dildo or vibrator if you used it for the Indian female masturbation. These toys just help you to achieve your sexual requirements and it does not affect your sex with your partner.

Masturbation kills sex drive

There are many myths about female masturbation but do you know that most of the Indian women think that masturbation kills sex drive which is 100% not true.

For Indian woman, masturbation is one of the best ways to learn about our sexuality. It helps you to know what you like and what you do not like which help you to make sex with a partner more easy and enjoyable.

A married woman or the woman who are in a relationship don’t masturbate

Indian female masturbation is all about sexual satisfaction. Most of you think that if you have a partner or if you are married means never touching yourself.

According to some researches – the people who have regular sex partners are more likely to masturbate as compare to the people who have not sex partners.

Some people think that if you have a partner and you regularly masturbate it means something wrong in your relation or marriage. But masturbation is the best way which helps you to improve and enjoy sex even more.

Masturbation should stop at a certain age

Masturbation should stop at a certain ageMost of you think that at a certain age Indian woman should stop masturbating.

Just like there is no right time to start the masturbation, in the same way, no right time to stop.

Indian female masturbation is perfectly healthy activity at any age and any age groups woman can involve in the masturbation for sexual pleasure.

Masturbation is unhealthy during menstruation

As we have discussed that masturbation is totally healthy for a woman is the same way masturbation is also healthy during menstruation.

According to some researches, it is clear that the woman who masturbate during their period’s many health benefits. So, clear your misconceptions or myths about female masturbation that masturbation is unhealthy during menstruation.

Masturbation cause blindness

It is the most common masturbation myths in which most of the Indian women believe. The myths that masturbation leads to the blindness or cause you to grow hair on the palms of your hand is very common. But it is not actually true.

Medical science already proved that Indian female masturbation does not cause any blindness or mental illness.

Masturbation makes your worse in bed

One of the most common masturbation myths is that Indian female masturbation makes you worse in bed, which is absolutely not true.

In fact, masturbation before your sex with a partner helps you in many ways. It helps you to get to know your body, your sensitive area, which makes you feel pleasure, how it feels, what you want etc.

Masturbation just makes you more comfortable and better in bed with your partner.

Little girl don’t masturbate

Most of you think that little girls do not masturbate. But did you notice that small girls sometimes play with their genital which is absolutely normal and healthy?

According to some study it is found almost every young boy had masturbated by the age of 15 whereas only 58% young girl masturbate.