Old women sex : Thing to keep in mind while having sex in older age

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Are you facing problem while having sexual activity? Are you in your older age? Here, we brought some tips for you to make your sexual activity more excited and interested.

When we face different stages of age then feel some different things about sexual activity. Its confirm that the interest in doing sex may be decreased according to time because you are facing different moods of life and face physical changes.

Now, age became change because today we have a lot of knowledge about sexual activity and we all know how to perform.

Sex Feelings of Older Age of Women

old women sex

Older age of women, you accept this. According to age, women feel the intensity of stimulation. Growing age wants more stimulation to wake up our genitals.

When women face old age then she avoids the physical relationship with her partner as well as don’t believe in female masturbation with any sex toy like dildo or vibrator.

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Don’t feel embarrassing at this age; you can do sex and it is complete right. To get satisfaction with your own body for any woman is not a bad thing.

Today most of the women want to increase their stimulation capacity with the help of Viagra, sexual exercise like kegel exercise, etc. Sometimes the effects of these external things are beneficial.

Doing Safe Sex In Old Age

Doing Safe Sex In Old Age

Safe sex provides complete enjoyment with older age. You don’t do the different types of sex positions in old age but with patience, you get a better relationship with the partner.

Never go fast at first because your body is not able to take aggressive sexual activity. Play slowly and take enjoy with the partner.

Some other ways help to find complete enjoyment without any problem –

Clean your Self

Yes, you should clean yourself because a clean body and genitals can provide an erotic sexual mentality.

If you are looking gorgeous and clean then your partner became more aggressive. It is also necessary because sex is a game to touching and rubbing of genitals to each other with the hand, tongue, external objects like homemade dildo, etc.

Communicate with the Partner

Communication is the best of better performance because most of the women feel shame in front of the partner in old age because they don’t have felt any sexual activity for a long time.

Sometimes without communication, you aren’t able to complete enjoyment because both of you don’t know about how to perform better with the partner.

Before starting any sexual activity you should communicate what you want of the partner and if we face any problem during sexual activity then we avoid it and get relax.

Use good quality sex lubricant

So, in your older age, you should prefer a good quality sex lubricant to make your sexual activity more smooth. Most of the women are suffering from vaginal dryness problem in their older age. So, in this case, women can use the water based sex lubricant in their daily life also.

It does not matter whether you are involving in the sexual activity with your partner or using a sex toys to satisfied yourself. Sex lubricant is necessary in both the conditions.

So, arrange a good quality sex lubricant and make your sex play exciting.

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Vibrator and Massager Most Effect In Old Age

In older age women’s genitals feel unsensational due to less blood flow, if you face similar problem then you should prefer any sex toy which provides the best stimulation as well as also helps to achieve their orgasms.

You should use vibrator or massager to achieve your climax easily. Vibrator’s most effective sex toy to provide complete satisfaction and enjoyment with the partner during sexual intercourse.

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Always Careful about Unsafe Sex with the Growing Age

Always Careful about Unsafe Sex with the Growing Age


Any older women who want to increase genitals sensations and also doing long sexual activity with the partner then they are used many products. Sometimes these products may be harmful to women’s bodies.

Few older women using a condom but most of the women don’t it, so they face sexually transmitted infections. Similarly, most of the women are infected with AIDS.

Condom is important for older women age as it decrease the risk of  STIs because they often occur without symptoms, and physicians are not always treated to older women.

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Face different Infections

Many different infections occur when you having to play unsafe sex with the partner. These infections are always harmful to their own body.

Unsafe sex always provides many troubles not only women as well as men also so avoid unsafe sex and find more pleasure and enjoyment.

Never use unwanted objects at an older age otherwise you may face those infections. Be careful about sexual activity, we know it is sometimes difficult when you able to take complete enjoyment but it’s your life so avoid it and make your life full of fun and enjoyment.

STIs Infection

STIs infection most common infection which is passed from one person to another person through sexual intercourse. If we are having unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex with the STIs infected person then you may also face this infection.

There are many symptoms of STIs infection which can develop when someone causes it, such as –

  • Lot of pain during urination or sex
  • Rashes on the vagina, anus, thighs, etc
  • Vaginal discharge (unusual)
  • Itchiness on the vaginal or inside it

As similar to men also face this infection so be careful about STIs infection.


HIV is most caused by humans because it is generated by the virus. It is also caused when HIV positive person sexual contact with the partner without any protection.

There are also other ways to cause HIV infection except for sexual intercourse but the most common reason during unprotected sex.

AIDS is the next stage of HIV infection due to occurs by the virus and the most immune system is badly damaged by the virus.

AIDS most dangerous disease for humans because you may die in a few years so the testing of this virus is most needed for anyone.