Prostate massage : Easy and effective way to reach the prostate orgasm.

04/02/2021Dildo Techniqueanal stimulation

Yes! Of course. P spot stimulation or prostate massage with dildo or any other sex toys really provides the pleasure feeling not only for Indian guys and other guys also.

Have you ever tried to stimulate your prostate? Yes or No.

If you had tried then you definitely know the pleasure of stimulating the p spot or prostate. If you have not tried till know then you should try it.

Try to stimulate your prostate with sex toys. It definitely helps you to reach the orgasm.

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Is p spot stimulation feel good for Indian guys?

Is p spot stimulation with dildo feel good for Indian guys

P spot stimulation with sex toys or dildo really helps you to achieve the p spot orgasm or prostate orgasm. Not only the dildos but there are many sex toys for men in India are available. If you want to stimulate your p spot then you can easily select any of the dildo toys or other male sex toys.

There are many e-commerce sites for sex toys for men in India. You can easily purchase dildo online or any other sex toys online.

We know, the beginner Indian guys, have many queries regarding the prostate stimulation with dildo like what is the prostate, how to find the prostate, how to massage prostate etc. in their mind. If you have also such queries in your mind then feel free to contact us. We are here to help you.

In this article, we provide you the tips for p spot stimulation with dildo manually and with your partner. Just go through this article. It definitely helps you to experience the p spot orgasm.

How guys do the prostate massage with dildo during anal masturbation?

How guys do the prostate massager with dildo during anal masturbation or anul masterbationMost of the Indian guy love to involve in the anal play. Anal stimulation has the potential to provide great pleasure for anyone because it is an area with lots of nerve endings and is highly receptive to touch. But the user who has a prostate, anal stimulation or anal exploration can be especially pleasurable.

Before involving in the prostate massager, it is necessary for you to choose the best dildo toys. Along with the dildo toys, you should also select personal lubricant according to their dildo toys material.

What is p spot and where is the p spot?

So let’s start with what is p the spot and where is the p spot situated? P spot is one of the most sensitive parts of the man’s body. It is a small glade, almost size is similar to walnut and is located between the penis, bladder and rectum.

If you also want to know how to find the p spot then first, lubricant yourself and your dildo toy properly. Then insert it into the anus and gently probes for the prostate. You can feel the prostate like a little ball.

Once you know the location of the prostate then it becomes easy for you to stimulate the prostate with dildo. Just insert your dildo toys and apply some pressure for several seconds. In some interval of time, try to apply pressure on the same or a different spot.

When you apply the pressure on the centre of the prostate then the fluid from the tip of the penis releases. You can also call this fluid as a p spot orgasm.

Tips to do the p spot stimulation with a partner?

If you want then you can also involve in the p spot stimulation with dildo during the partner play. Here we provide p spot stimulation technique with dildo toys. These p spot techniques definitely help you to achieve the p spot orgasm during the partner play.

Get ready

Get readyAt the very first, it is necessary for both the partner to get relax. Anal sex is not so easy so you should prepare your mind also before involving in this.

Try to make a comfortable environment. Make sure you have choose the correct toys. Noe only dildo but you can also use the prostate toy.

If your partner is female then she can select different types of dildo such as an anal dildo, strap on dildo, double ended dildo, glass dildo etc.

Make sure that both the partner is comfortable with the selected dildo toys and the dildo toys are properly washed and clean. You can also use the dildo with condom. If you don’t use the condom with dildo then the risk of getting disease get increase.

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Preparation for the giver

Preparation for the giverIf your female partner wants to finger you before inserting the dildo toys then it is necessary for her to cut the nails and remove the jewellery like rings, bracelet etc.

The female partner should also check their finger to make sure that she does not have any scratches or cuts.

If she is going to use the strap on dildo then make sure that the dildo is correctly fit in the O ring of the harness belt.

If you decide to involve in the double penetration with the help of dong toys then it is necessary for the female partner also to apply the sex lube near her vagina or anal along with the dong toys. The anus needs more care than the vagina so always use the anal lubricant for anal sex.

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Preparation for the receiver

Preparation for the receiverThe male partner should also do some preparation before involving in the anal sex to stimulate the p spot with dildo toys.

The best things about the P spot stimulation with dildo are that stimulating the prostate does not require deep penetration.

So it depends on you whether you use the douches or enema or not for anal cleaning purpose. Discuss with your partner.

If your partner needs then you should use the enema and douches to clean your anal.

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Once you clean your anal for p spot stimulation with dildo then you should apply the anal lubricant only. If you don’t have the anal lube then used any other personal lubricant. But it is better if you used anal lubricant only.

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Select a comfortable position

Select a comfortable positionOnce both the partner is completed with all the preparation, then you should select the correct position in which both the partner get comfortable.

Most popular position for prostate stimulation includes the receiver or male partner lying on their back with legs apart or on their stomach with a pillow under their hips or on all fours.

If you want to know details about these sex positions then you should read the kamasutra text.

You can get all the information about the sex position from the Kamasutra books.

Warm up is necessary

Warm up is necessaryBefore involving in the p spot stimulation with dildo toys, if you spend some time in foreplay then it is beneficial for you. Once both the partner gets excited then only start your penetration.

To make your p spot stimulation with dildo painless you can also use lube applicator.

With the help of lube applicator, you can inject the sex lube inside the anal. It helps you to make your anal slippery and moisturize.

You can also star with some prostate toys and then move to the didlo toys or dildo toys.

Finding the p spot

Finding the p spotNow the most important things are to find the P spot. Most of the user says that P spot is a bit like a walnut. P spot located internally on the front wall same like a G spot.

At the very fist, female partner should insert their finger about an inch inside the anal and keep contact with the front wall until she finds something like a walnut.

Once she found the p spot with her finger then it becomes easy for her to stimulate the p spot with dildo.

When your female partner inserts her finger into your anal then at that time you should communicate with your partner and if you feel particularly pleasure then let your female partner know. If you feel like pee that it is a good sign that your partner is in the right place.

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Stimulate the p spot with different motions

Stimulate the p spot with different motionsOnce your partner finds the p spot with fingers then try to insert the dildo toys. User should always insert the dildo toys slowly and smoothly.

Once your partner successfully inserts the dildo toys then try to move it inside the anal with different pressure. Your partner may also push or pull the dildo. It provides you the better pleasure.

If you are using the vibrating dildo then first activate the vibration function and then try to insert it. Always start the vibration function with slow speed and once you feel comfortable then tell your partner to increase the speed of the vibration function. It helps you to achieve the p spot orgasm.

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