Period sex position: Best 5 position for having sex during periods.

04/02/2021Sex Positions with dildo

Period sex is right or not? Up to  you observe,

Have you ever try sex during your periods? What? You are failed to experience the pleasant pleasure?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Here, we introduce some of the best sex positions which you can easily try during your periods. The sex positions like doggy style, cowgirl are some of the easy and also be safe during your periods. So, try it and experience the pleasant pleasure.

There are lots of reason to go ahead during your period. The best one is you can experience the incredible orgasm.

To reach the orgasm, You can try different types of sex toys with your partner like vibrators, dildos, cock rings,  BDSM  etc.

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Top 5 best sex positions during periods which you should try

Period sex can be more fun than your regular routine. Yes, you heard right: once you know how to have sex during your period, than you don’t have to stop during your periods. In fact, you can enjoy your sex more during your period as compare to regular day.

Mood and cramps are quite common when you are on your period. But there is a racing sex drive. Many women are very upset due to hormonal play with periods.

There are real benefits of having intercourse during masturbation. Of course, the greatest joy and body positivity. If you are in a mood and are not afraid of dirt, here is what you should consider.

The biggest advantage may be that penetrative intercourse is actually easier for both parties. During your period, you can conside your menstrual fluid as a sex lubricant. Menstrual fluid is the best replacemnt of the sex lubricant. Menstrual fluid is organic and the perfect consistency to achieve it with your partner.

However, nothing need  to be done as there are some sex positions that will allow both of you to enjoy intimacy at the same time. The best part is to enjoy the relationship. There are a lot of sex positions, or sex styles.

Modified doggy style

doogy styleMost of the  women  just want to feel relax during their period, so modified doggy style is the best position during their periods. Doggy style is the most popular position, if you like to feel humble while keeping your man in control.

To perform doggy style with your partner, you need to go down your hands and knees and spread yours legs apart. Then your body sits on his knees and make you enter from behind. The best benefits of including this sex positions during your period is that it  will not distract you from period cramps but will also maintain cleanliness.

You can use towels to avoid disturbance during sex with your partner during your period.

Lovers can have doggy style sex in front of mirror so that both of them can see her cleavage and get down on her movement. Couple can also use the sex toys for more satisfaction result.

While having the doggy style, couple can prefer the different types of sex toys for dual penetration. For example – You can use the different types of dildo and your partner penis at the same time for dual penetration. If you want to insert your partner penis in your vagina than at the same time you can prefer the dildo sex toys for anal stimulation.

Isn’t a good Idea? Try this tonight and enjoy your doggy style position. Not only with the dildo but you can also try some other anal toy.

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The cowgirl

cowgirl styleMost of the women just want to feel relax during their period. So, cowgirl is the best position during their periods. The cowgirl position is an easy to perform and easy to show, the women is on the top position.

The man lay on his back, spread his hips and rested himself on his penis. You should hold his erect penis with one hand and slide down on it. Smelling it with some smoothness beforehand will increase your happiness.

The main element of this position is not to sit directly over him, but learn forward over him, which means you can use your hands to support yourself either placing it on your hips, or his both sides. When you are in this position, you can swivel your hips like a dancer, bounce or grind on it and control the depth and rhythm of your thrust.

You can use towels to avoid disturbance during sex with your partner during your period.

This position allows men to easily encourage the women with their hands; thereby helping the women achieves orgasm quicker. In this position, while pushing him, your partner can also cup his partner’s breast and play with her clitorises.

When you are playing with your partner’s breast and clitorises then you can use different types of sex toys like clitoral vibrators, suction vibrators and nipple specialty etc. It gives you the pleasant pleasure and also help you to feel relax.

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Missionary style

miissionary style

Most of you just want to feel relax during your period, so for them Missionary is the best one. Missionary sex position is also called the lazy position because in this position woman should only lies on her back and her partner lies on top of her.

During your period, to avoid the mess during the sex with your partner you can use towel.

This sex position is best for the vagina penetartion. If you dont want to do the internal stimulation during your period, you can also experience the orgasm just by stimulating the clitoris.

To stimulate the clitoris, you can also try different types of clitoris toys like egg vibrator or bullet vibrator. The vibrator toy provides you pleasant pleasure during your period and also help you to reach the orgasm.

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At the time, when your partner is stimulating your clitoris, you can use your own hand to stimulate your breast.

This sex positions allow you to feel relax. As you are leaning back, your abdominal muscles get relax which help you to ease cramping.

Spooning style

spooning styleMost of you just want to feel relax during your period, so for them spooning is the best one position. Spooning position is also called the lazy position.

This is a condition that allows your boy to caress your sore breast. The shallow penetration that comes with his trick is great for your periods cramps. Try it for maximum enjoyment.

Period days means lazy days, another great situation to try is the spoon position. It feels good because your partner will catch you from behind, when the two of you were lying down and he is entering.  This position is very lazy, funny and very comfortable.

During your period, to avoid the mess during the sex with your partner you can use towel.

On the other hand, women are for a particular behavior because the closeness between the two is such that the penis rubs against her G-spot. This can increase intimacy, making it easier for achieve orgasm. Many women consider it one of their best positions for sex.

Suppose that you are lesbian couple and both of you are in your periods. How can you enjoy your sex? In this situation this spooning sex position is best for you. While performing this sex positions, you can try some lesbian sex toys like strap on dildo.

Yes! you can use strap on dildo(even if you are not a lesbian). It helps you to penetrate your partner. At the same time, both the lesbian partner can enjoy the feeling of the penetration with the help of 2 dildo strapon. It has two dildos on the strap, one at the front and the other from back for dual fun and enjoyment.

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The butter fly style

butterfly styleThis position of the butterfly is a condition that gives maximum pleasure. The butterfly is one of those conditions that come naturally during a night of frolicking that leaves glass on the floor and furniture breaks.

It is a sex position that gives both partners maximum pleasure. If you want to ignite a spark in your sex life, this is a humble-major step.

Lay on your back the edge of a table or bed. With your body standing in front of you, place your feet on his shoulder. With the help of his arms, raise your hips and reach your preferred angle.

Don’t forget to keep towel nearby you. If you are comfortable and have experience than only try this sex position during your periods. In this sex positions, you don’t need to do anything. Your partner will control the speed and moves. This positions allow you to experience the G spot orgasm.

Also your both hands are free so you can use your hand to stimulate your clitoris or breast. You can use any small vibrator like egg or bullet vibrator to stimulate your clitoris or breast. Egg or bullet vibrator is most famous and its price is also not so high so any one can easily purchase it and enjoy their session.

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