Physical relationship – Way to make relationship more successful before and after marriage

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The physical relationship gives you faith when you live in a long relation with someone special.

One partner should always understand the feeling of the other partner. Similarly, the other partner should also understand your partner’s spirit. This is called a relationship. When two people are physically intimate in a relationship than it is called a physical relationship.

Mostly people intimate after marriage but today’s era says that marriage never matters to having a physical relationship. We can say that according to age physical relation become well because you and your partner face maturity and feel more comfortable with each other.

Mostly seen that physical relation never plans before marriage but according to the situation you do sex with your partner so don’t go there where the possibility of having sex is greater.

Here, we are talking about the physical relationship and I know that most of you have queries like “Premarital Sex, Is it right? "

So, the answer to this simple question is – it depends on the couple. Sex is always beneficial for anyone and now premarital sex is common in daily life. So we can say it is right when someone having premarital sex they find a lot of pleasure. But always take precautions otherwise you may feel different infection or unwanted pregnancy. Today most of the people having premarital sex in daily life.

Different ways for physical relationship before marriage may be effectible

physical relationship

In India, most of the people never believe in a physical relationship before marriage because according to the Indian culture it is bad. The reason behind that people thinks that it is effectible on your relationship with the partner.

Other things, women’s body parts want physical satisfaction with their loved one. Most of the women involved in the physical relation and after that they feel guilty, confused about sex, and fear that sex may affect their relationship.

Now, we are describing different ways which are effectible your physical relationship before marriage –

Intimacy change your relationship at first

Intimacy change your relationship at first

Any relationship without intimacy cannot reach the results because intimacy creates an environment when you and your partner close to each other.

Some people thought that physical intimacy is a way to have one night stand with the partner which is completely wrong.

Physical intimacy depends on how a person views it means according to the person the sense of intimacy may be changed.

There is a huge difference between western cultures and Indian cultures because the values of relationship may be same but intimacies always change in both cultures. But according to age and time, some people feel it is okay to have sex before marriage.


According to the survey in India, almost 66 percent of respondents were against pre-marital sex. This disagreement was higher among women and surprisingly higher in metropolitan areas whereas approx 20 percent were for pre-marital sex during the same time period.

Intercourse give you strong relationship so you can

Intercourse give you strong relationship so you can

If you want to make a strong relationship then you should do intercourse with the partner because physical intimation gives you a lot of faith and trust on your partner.

When you date someone, at that time you meet that particular persona in many places where no one is there. In such situations, couples take advantage of it and get intimate.

Most of the girl and boy have got intimate with their boyfriend and girlfriend before marriage and live their life happily.

Take responsibility after marriage

Take responsibility after marriage

After passing of years both of the partners feel bored because so many disturbances happen in their family at home. Most of the people don’t take responsibility after marriage because they have a busy life and avoid so many things with their partner.

You should take responsibility and do according to that because you and your partner live a long relationship, today there are so many things which help you to improve your sexual life with proper accuracy.

Always carrying your partner, love so much, take care of their needs, and play according to him/her…….all the things give you a lot of fun and give you the best sexual life.

Must use precaution to avoid pregnancy


Precaution give you stress-free sexual relationship because with the help of precaution you can avoid pregnancy after marriage.

But if you having sex before marriage, it is must compulsory to use precaution with the partner. Without precaution physical relation becomes too much risky for pregnancy or so many different types of infection.

Condoms are the best method to avoid pregnancy risk and also give you a lot of fun and enjoyment with the partner.

Today we have a different type of condoms easily available such as –

– Dotted condom/ Extra dotted condom

– Flavoured condom

– Regular condom

– Delay condom

– Extra-large condom

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Relationship not only for sex

Relationship not only for sex

A relationship is not only for sex…….it is true because if you are in relationship only for sex then you don’t feel partner feeling. You think only about you and never trust your partner.

Due to this concept, you never achieve long relationship and always try to change partner for sex for having the best sexual activity.

Most of the people feel this problem and broken down their relationship own self because sex never gives you pleasure, pleasure inside you and your partner which is come out when you having physical relation.

If you want to improve your relationship then don’t focus on sex before marriage, so you should prepare the best faithful environment to take complete enjoyment of your life.