Sensitive sex – Erogenous zone to touch before sex for intense pleasure

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Who would not want to involve in the foreplay before sex and be charmed in their sexual activity?

Today we are going to tell you how you can easily arouse your partner or your man can fill a unique feeling by kissing or touching which part.

When there is an opportunity to have sex, it becomes very important for most of us to know about pleasure areas by men and women.

Many other areas of our body can be involved in sex and foreplay, with the help of which you can get a unique feeling.

Today there are many more ways to spice up your bedroom, so stay with us for all those pleasure areas.

Some sexy areas which give you unexpected sensitive feeling

sensitive sex

Usually, there are many such areas in women which make them excited so quickly that they do not live without coming in their partner’s arms.

You should know about these places as it can be a way to get satisfaction. While touching this area you can enjoy your play with your partner so much that you never forget.

You need to know these to increase your enjoyment and to give a new direction to your partner’s sexual activity.

You can allow touching with the finger and tongue

touching with finger or tongue

You can touch the sensitive places before having sex. Before getting intimate with your partner, you can make your own rules with your partner to make your session more interesting.

You can use your tongue or your fingers to touch the sensitive places. If you don’t know than let me clear you that fingering is the best way to start up the sexual intercourse.

If you have some sex toys like bullet vibrator, tongue vibrator, finger vibrator etc. then you can also use that particular toy to touch your partner erotic zone.

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Where you and your partner want to touch

There are many places that you and your partner may earn to touch because there is a proliferation of excitement in both the activity and the tolerance of the activity.

We have given information about some of the most sensitive body parts  below, which will also help you to enjoy a lot-

On the neck

on the neck

One of the best and most effective places to get your partner’s neck is for you to have sensitive sex. Most people do this to warm up, but depending on the situation, you may resort to a hug.

You can provide a wonderful feeling with the tip of the fingers along the veins of your neck with your lips. Kissing and touching with the fingers affect the sensitive nerve, giving you and partner a unique feeling.

This also help your partner to get ready for sex.

On the stomach

on the stomach

The stomach is very special in the stimulated area, which you can take advantage of yourself or with your partner.

This is a very special area, touching this area can greatly increase blood flow to your clit and vagina. Teasing your partner by using the tongue and fingers is the best way to stimulate this erogenous zone.

Many people also use the ice cube and hot water to reach this climax. If you have a glass or metal dildo then also you can add this temperature play activity in your paly.

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On the Ears

kissing on ears

We know that there are hundreds of sensory muscles inside our ears and the skin is also very sensitive. Therefore, sensitive touch with ears should be very soft.

For this, touching the outside of your ear with finger or tongue is the great way. While touching you can also kiss on the ears. It will gives you a unique experience.

Not only you but your partner can also experience the unique pleasure and feel comfortable.  This is the most unique and simple way to make your partner excited before sex.

On the Back

kissing on back

It can be very special to have your partner tease your small back and provoke yourself with the touch of fingers and hands.

This area is sensitive to sexual stimulation, but giving yourself a unique feeling is a great experience for you.

Any hot sex makes you feel more excited at the light touch. Perhaps at times more vigorous pressure women find attractive when a game full of sensations is played with them.

Your partner should also be creative, for this, he can play with you by using temperature cube or heat pad.

On the feet

On the feet

Lick partner’s feet and become more sensitive to the foreplay with your partner.

You can repeat your foreplay automatically with the help of your partner if your partner is male.

It is very erotic to tickle feet and suck feet’s fingers with your hands.

This will invite your partner for sexual play.

On the lips

kissing on lip

Kissing the lips is full of sexuality for both the partners but it is not right to come straight on the lips before preparing yourself for it.

First, you should start kissing your partner’s cheeks, and then gently rub your partner’s lips with your lips, and then kissing your partner’s lower lips with your lips is the sexiest.

This is the best way to invite your partner for sexual activity, if your partner is not ready.  Try it tonight and see the result. It will definitely help you a lot.

On the clitoris walls and clit

on the clit

Clit walls are considered one of the hottest places for women. As you move forward, the experience of having sensitive sex increases.

It is very painful to urinate your clit walls in a circular shape by your partner. After this stimulation, women are unable to live without physical relation and quickly acquire orgasm.

Teasing with the clitoris can reach you to the extreme, for this you should make full preparations with your partner and do not be ashamed to lick the clitoris.

Doing this with your partner gives you a unique experience and sometimes it help you to reach the clitoris orgasm. Teasing with your body may be in your plan.

Licking and getting out is a very special experience when the male partner does this, the female partner should close the eyes and slow down their breath and live these special moments.

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On the anal or perineum


Enjoying anal play is a mentally prepared event. Most of you does not try it till now. But you should try it because it help you a lot.

You have to leave shame or shame because you think to include it in your sexual act.

To help your fellow anal sensitivities, using some light fingers is a great way for you to reap many benefits. Licking the anal unique experience.

Sometimes licking the anal help you to reach the orgasm.

How sex toy help to touch body and stimulate fast

While having sensitive sex, you can use some sex toys for more stimulation. Because sex toy increases your means of playing with confidence. Like some sex toy – 

– Finger vibrator

– Tongue vibrator

– Clit vibrator.