Sex during periods: Tips and benefits of having sex during your periods.

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Many peoples questions whether they have sex before, during,or at the night time during their period is safe.people can continue having sex during menstruation, but many ideas about infection and pregnancy are the same.

To make your sex during periods more safe and excited you should learn some technique. Not only technique but you can also try some sex toys with your partner during sex.

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I don’t know whether you know or not but having sex during your periods provides you many health benefits. It helps you many ways. So, lets start….

Sex in periods? Is it right?

sex during periods

Yes it is right and safe, to do sex in periods. There is no need to avoid sexual activity in period’s time. Period sex is a bit messy because girls having bleeding which spoils the entire bed. You are having your periods does not means that you have forgotten sexual activity.

A girl is bleeding, she thinks it’s a period but it’s a bleeding from ovulation. Ovulation is the monthly release of an egg from the ovaries of girls. This is the time when she has sex; there are the most chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation occurs before a girl stops bleeding. You can have full sex during your period. Orgasms can also relive your menstrual cramps.

However, sex on your period will not protect you from pregnancy or std. Use of birth control method will be help in preventing pregnancy. Having oral sex during the periods is safe. Just because you don’t have your period, it means that your sex life should be taken back.

Is there any benefits of sex in periods?


As you know that there are lots of benefits of doing masturbation during periods. In the same way, having sex during your periods has also many benefits.

Headache relief

Studies show that sexual activity can relieve a headache partially or completely. Researchers do not sure why this happens, but they speculate that a crowd of endorphins during sex helps numb of the headache.

Shorter periods

Having sex may make your period shorter. Muscle contractions during an orgasm put the uterine contents faster. That cold results in shorter periods.

Increased sex drive


Your menstrual cycle change your libido for hormonal functions. While many women say their sex drive increase during ovulation, which is about two weeks before your periods, other report feeling more turn on during their period.

Your sexual drive may last longer in life, but often your energy for sex may increase. Low energy not affects your sex life, but can also take you to other parts of your life.

You can become indifferent, no longer enjoy favourite activities, and be more sedentary.

Natural lubrication

sex lubricant

You can keep KY away during your period. Blood act as natural lubricants.

Some people option for natural lubricant to avoid applying harsh or potentially unsafe substance to sensitive areas such as their vagina or an anal lining. What count as a natural lubricant is somewhat open to interpretation?

When searching for lubricants, you want to avoid certain chemicals and toxins that you can also avoid with food, makeup and hair products.

As natural greasing becomes more popular, some companies are preparing natural alternatives for you online and over the counter.

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Relief from cramps


Orgasm may relive menstrual crumps. Menstrual crumps are a result of uterus contracting to release its lining.

When you have an orgasm, the muscles of uterus also contract. Then they were released. That released bring some relief from period crumps.

During your period, the muscle of your womb shrinks and helps with shed-up linings. Sometimes you experience cramps, which are your muscles at work. Some women and girls experience vomiting, headaches, or diarrheaa as wel.

Tips to having sex in periods?

tips of sex

Period sex is like pasta: if you want it, you deserve it. You are human being whose sexual needs do not switch off when blood starts coming out of you. We rounded up seven things you should know about period sex, including inside from expert, to help you make that time of every month even more enjoyable.

There are a few tips of having to make period sex a comfortable and less messy experience.

  • If you have a tampon, then knock it off before fooling around.
  • To catch any blood leakage, place a dark towel on the bed, or to have sex in the shower or bath to completely avoid the mess.
  • Keep wet washcloths or wet wipes off the bed for later cleaning.
  • Have your partner wear non latex condom. This will prevent pregnancy and STIs.
  • If your normal sexual position is uncomfortable, try something different positions. For example you can try lying on the side with partner behind you.
  • You can try different types of sex toys like dildo, vibrator, cock ring, bdsm, etc.
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Safety Considerations

There are some things that should be taken care of so that there is no problem in having sex during your period.

Pregnancy risk

pregnancyWhile you are less likely to become pregnant during your period, it is still possible. Some women may have short menstrual cycle and /or menstrual irregularities, which may impact when the ovary release a new egg.

In addition, according to the American pregnancy association, sperm can survive in the reproductive tract for five days. So after fertilization is done well you can expect to do it. If you are not trying to become pregnant then contraception is still a good idea.

Sexual transmitted disease

It is advisable to use condoms to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Having unprotected sex during your period can increase the risk at any time.

Removing tampons

It is important to remember to remove the tampons before having sexual activity. A forgotten tampon can be pushed further into the vagina and potentially cause a bacterial infection. In addition, a tampon that is too deep in the body may need to be removed by a doctor.

Planning ahead

There is no denying that during your period, sex can get a little messy. With a little pre-planning you can reduce the amount of mess.

Stick to day light

If you know that 3 to 5 days of your period are light, then try to have sex on those days.  However, if sex does not bother you or your partner on day 1 of your period, then go for it.

Reduce flow

remove tamponsTo reduce the amount of blood in your vagina during sex, you can try using a menstrual cup. An expected small, flexible device that is a contrast to the tampon chair pad. It essentially collects blood as it passes through the cervix and keeps the vagina relatively.

Most fully disposable menstrual cups need to be taken out before sex, but soft disposable ones do not. Your partner should not feel a carp and there should not be any leaks during intercourse. However some women may feel discomfort in using such equipment during sex. Because the vagina can feel crowded and it can be painful.

Towels and tissue care

Before having sex, keep some towels under you for the safety of your bed sheet and mattress and a keep a nearby tissue so that you can wipe yourself off during your work.

Option for missionary position

Lying on your back during sex can reduce blood flow. Be careful about deep penetration as the cervix is less and more sensitive during this month. If things start hurting, let your partner go and move slowly.

Try a shower sex

Running showers can help wash out the muscular flow as it appears, helping with the mess factor.