Sex ideas : Tips to make the sex more hotter and pleasurable

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Get bored with your regular sexual activity? Want to add some spicy in your regular sexual act?

You should add some unique ideas and activity in your sexual activity to make it more interesting and dildo online

People who live in a relationship, in the previous day they find a lot of fun but according to time they feel bored because they never try some kind of different ways or they do not think about unique ideas to take more enjoyment and sensations.

Having sex and living in sex are two different things, but today, colouring in your sexual life is as important as living life.

Today most of the people are trying to take some sex ideas to feel more sensational with the partner. You can also apply this sex idea in your sexual life.

Sex ideas which you should try for more pleasure

sexy ideas

Today we have many options and many countless objects with the help of which we can give a new direction to our sexual life.

You can find many ways from things around you and along with pleasing your partner; you can give yourself additional happiness.

Some of the best sex ideas which give you a lot of enjoyment are –

Using BDSM accessories are beneficial for sex ideas

bdsm accessories

Today’s era is going to be aggressive, which is very difficult to do without BDSM play because BDSM play gives you better sexual activity. With this, you start believing in yourself and can make your sexual life easily interesting.

There are some great accessories with which you can play BDSM and get lost in an unheard sensation with your partner –


Blindfold gives you unseen sensitivity because you don’t know about your sexual activity and what going on next. Most of the people are using blindfold because they want to try a different type of activity and find complete enjoyment.

If you haven’t used them before, now you can choose them as per your preference and can live your lifestyle in a better way.

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Handcuffs give you bondage BDSM activity, which is another best sex toy because you feel bond and your partner doing a different type of sexual activity on the bed.

Handcuffs are the best idea to attract your partner with passion because you have to do nothing, your partner will do all kinds of activities. It can be said that it allows you to feel your partner’s sexy body with pleasure.

Pekka – Inspector Handcuffs
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Do an activity in front of Mirror

do sexual activity infron of mirror

You can find sex differently, which can reach you to pleasure. When you are getting hot before physical relationships, you can choose a better scene to look sexy.

For this, you use a mirror and bend yourself in front of your partner, so that they can stimulate your clitoris from behind and soothe your sexual appetite. This site will give both of you a sensational feeling.

It will also be fun to lean a mirror next to your bed for more enjoyment. It will allow you to show your sexy moves in front of your partner.

Involve dirty talk in your play

Excitement is not just from the chosen, I mean that some different ways can make sensations feel like dirty things. For this, you can give directions to your partner that hold me like this, make me loud, give me a thirsty arm, etc.

Enjoy your dirty talk by telling all these things to your partner so that your partner will never leave you excitedly.

With this, you can also feel how touch feels or you are moving beyond what you want and what the next step should be.

Temperatures play is also the best way

temperature play

Body touches fells you with strangulation but imagines how you would feel if this touch is hot and cold like ice.

Touching your genitals with the help of ice will not be less than a surprise for you. The same applies to your partner.

You can add snow in summer and a little warm experience in winter to your physical activity.

Its very easy to provides the cooling or hot sensation to your partner.

Click below to know more details about temperature play.

Glass dildo

A glass dildo is the best sex toy for temperature play because you can easily cold and hot this type of dildo and applied it on your partner’s genital. You can change the temperature of glass dildo with the help of hot water and cold water.

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Sleep naked

Sleeping in a naked state is a different experience for you and your partner because when your body and genitalia are touched by your partner’s genitals; there will be a mood to do physical activity which will improve your sexual life.

Lick or finger your partner’s genitals


Licking your partner’s genitals is one of the better experiences for you as you continue to enjoy them and yourself.

Licking the genitals is part of better oral sex.  With the help of this, you can enjoy your sexual life.

Along with the licking, you can also try fingering. Try to finger your female partner’s pussy. It helps her to reach the orgasm.

To know more details about fingering click below.

Try to rimming

Most of the male partners want rimming because it is a way to get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction without penetration.

Genital touches and penis sucking or blowjob is the best part of your sexual activity but according to time rimming is the superior way to give complete pleasure in the bedroom.

Give love bites

give love bites

Today everyone wants romantic sexual activity because they want more and more fun with the partner, if you also want it then you should give him love bites.

Forgiving love bites you can choose the best stimulating body points such as the neck, lips, cheeks, or most sensitive part on the penis shaft.

Sexy dress up

You can wear a sexy dress up for special nights to take better enjoyment. Most of the female try it to get a lot of pleasure.

The sexy dress will give you such a look that your partner will be attracted and your partner will not stop himself from loving you. Although you can wear different types of bikini if you want.

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Don’t forget oral sex

Oral sex can help you to reach the extreme, for this you can play with the penis and suck it. It can provoke your partner very quickly and will also fill you with joy.

Most of the people believe oral sex to find complete enjoyment. It also gives you faith with each other.