Sex tips for women: How to perform better on the bed to satisfy your male partner

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

Sex is an activity which can provide great stimulation. Sex is an art which is a way to take complete enjoyment.

When you does not perform well in front of your partner, then it is not good for your sexual life. Sex is always beneficial when both the partner interacts with each other for more pleasure and enjoyment.

Now we are discussing how to perform well on the bed……………..let’s go with us. ……….

You Should Learn Kissing and Smooching in Proper Way

sex tips for women

Smooching and kissing is a booster of our sexual activity but only when it happen properly. Don’t worry; you can also learn to kiss without any hesitation because it is providing self-confidence as well as pleasure.

Before kissing you can trace on your lips with tongue, and slowly bite the lip with the teeth, this is a great thing for better perform.

With the kiss, you can able to trust your partner and we all know that kiss is a part of foreplay so you can increase stimulation capacity.

Play With Neck and Ears at First

play with ear and neck

Oh ho, it’s so stimulating for anyone who is facing these moments.

Because neck and ears are the best stimulating points of most of the human’s. You can start with those stimulating points for better enjoyment.

Play with your partner’s ear. You touch your partner’s ear slowly and move your tongue or finger up and down. You can also bite on your partner’s neck but slowly because it is very delicate area.

Enjoy with Scrotum When Your Partner Want It

Enjoy with Scrotum When Your Partner Want It

Scrotum is the most sensitive part of the human so there is no pinching or biting. But the area of scrotum is the  most effective to feel better stimulation.

While having the sexual intercourse, if you try to sucking, squeezing or cupping the Scrotum then it helps your partner to reach the climax.

Try some sex toys

If you feel well and comfortable with the testicle then you can suggest your partner to use any sex toy for the scrotum and testicles. In the online market different type of sex toy easily available.

To stimulate your partner’s testicles or scrotum, you can also try some vibrator toy like egg vibrator or bullet vibrator. It definitely helps your partner to get excited.

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Don’t Be Shy With The Penis and Give Blowjob


Penis is the most effective part of the men’s body, but most of the women’s doesn’t know about how to hold and move penis with proper way. Many women’s like the shaft handled hardly, its a bad way to play with the penis.

For a better experience, you can hold the penis slightly and move it up and down and rubbed it with little pressure. This stimulation process provides him unique sensation and help him to get excited which you can easily show on his face.

You can add blowjob and oral sex with the penis for better enjoyment, male partner wants this sensation. You can suck penis with slow motion and never try to go fast.

To know more about the blowjob click below.

Must use Handheld Masturbator toy

Some women use male masturbator toy, to give a blowjob to their partner. Mostly women use the handheld masturbator toy to give the blowjob. You can hold the masturbator toy with your hand and give the blowjob to your partner by moving it.

Whenever you are use any masturbator toy it is necessary for you to apply the sex lubricant for smooth penetration. Never try to go fast. Use a better way to stimulate your partners’s genitals.

Can help with flavoured condoms

If you want to play with the flavour then use a flavoured condom for oral sex or blowjob with your partner. Some women does not like oral sex because they feel embarrassing with the penis so in this situation you can use a flavoured condom to take foreplay with great interest.

Stimulate Their Nipples

Stimulate Their Nipples

It is different think to stimulate a partner’s nipples because according to women it is not shame full things.

You can vibrate their nipples with the sex toy like finger vibrator or tongue vibrator  or with your mouth. You can also  rub your tongue on the nipples of your male partner.

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Always Involved The Head of Cock

If you want more pleasure then you should use the tongue on the tip (glans) part of the penis, don’t forget it. Head of the cock always provides the best stimulation of male partner as well as you get a better experience for your sexual life.

You can take inside only glans part of the penis in your mouth and slowly try to revolve, rubbing your tongue surrounding on the glans for better stimulation and enjoyment.

Hit a Bum and G-spot With Proper Manner

stimulate prostate

Men G-spot is also the most sensitive so try to touch and stimulate it when your partner wants it in your sexual activity because G-spot help to achieve the orgasm easily and provide complete satisfaction of the male partner.

Male G spot is actually a p-spot. P- spot is the prostate.

Never try it without partner interest because this type of activity can’t happen without both the partner’s consent. Always use the best ways and never try to finish too fast, take slowly and enjoy your beautiful moments.

Try to fun with prostate male sex toy

You can use prostate sex toy to stimulate your partner’s prostate so communicate your partner to use for more pleasure and enjoyment. Prostate sex toy always beneficial because you can easily achieve prostate orgasm with the help of this sex toy.

Today different type of prostate sex toy easily available in the online market, you can select anyone which is best for your partner.

Different types of prostate sex toy have different stimulation due to different vibration capacity. The stimulation of prostate sex toy is Osm for anyone.

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