Sex with fun – Ways to spice up your boring sexual life

04/02/2021Dildo Technique

How to make sex more fun, intense, and intimate is a question which is always in our mind because we want to take more sex in our life.

When you are in a relationship, you wish for immense happiness and for this you make many efforts which give a good result.

Here, we will decorate you with some such efforts which will give you extreme pleasure and enjoyment.

Some unique ways of sex you which should know about that

sex with fun

By the way, you will know all about your partner, but with the help of the methods we are going to tell you, you can feel a lot of joy and happiness.

As your relationship progresses, you and your partner start enjoying more, but now its time to try something new in your relationship.

Below, we will discuss some of the ways, which you can try –

Intimacy gives you a lot of fun

Intimacy gives you a lot of fun

First of all, the two of you should talk about what intimacy means in your relationship because intimacy can make you have an intense and powerful sex relationship.

Living your every moment may be intimate sexual moves for you, but it should be based on what kind of emotional relationship you are aiming for. 

Like when we had sex, what was the best sex your partner ever had? Think about it and discuss with your partner.

Once you know what is your partner expectation then it becomes easy for you to satisfied him/her.

Create Intimacy atmosphere

Create Intimacy atmosphere

Sometimes your sex becomes more interesting and attractive in a good environment, so it is said that if you want to have intense sex, then you must have the right environment to create a physical relationship. 

Your bedroom is the best place for this so you can do a great job of making room for intimacy. Doing some special things which your partner like is one of the great moves and it means that you are prepared to have a great and intimate time.

You can do things at the moment, like keep slow lighting in your room and set the mood with soft music and candles and only the partner can take the flowers. If you wish, you can plan a weekly date night or weekend to improve your sexual life.

Conversation must happen

For more excitement, you can talk to your partner while having sex because this is a great way. You should tell them what you want to do with them.

And at the same time you can tease them, and repeatedly tell them to give you what you want. When your partner touches and kisses you tell them that you are feeling well.

Need to eye contact

Need to eye contact

Eye contact is a very simple and attractive way, but few people can follow it and most of the people do not do it in shame. 

People make constant contact with each other during sex for pleasure, because it is also important for you to do so. 

We know that it is very strange to think about it because when you are physically close, you still cannot see each other in the eyes. Looking into your partner’s eye and carrying out the physical activity is more intimacy.

For this, you should not feel shy, and try to make long contact gradually. When you are aggressive in action, you feel confident, so you enjoy eye contact and life with a partner even during sexual intercourse.

Don’t off lights

dont turn off light

Even today many Indian people have sex with all the lights off at night and lose the golden palms of their sexual life in the dark. It is very important to see each other while being intimate so that you can get complete happiness.

Whenever you get a chance, try to have sex in broad daylight, or keeping a light. If possible, resort to candles so that you can easily adopt more physical activity by adding more candles.

Most people believe that it is a sensual way to see each other while being intimate. 

Another advantage of this is that you can gaze at your partner’s entire body by staring. In particular, give your partner a chance to look at your genitals, so that they can feel more sexual.

Closely bonded Each other

You can try to take a deep breath so that your sexual feeling comes out, try to hold your breath for a few moments on whatever you are doing. Looking at each other will become more intense.

Show your confidence

Control your partner with confidence and fill into your arm. Also, let your security be handed in the hands of your partner so that he can also believe in you and can shake your body with his discipline. It is a sensory experience filled with a lot of intimacy.

Take orgasms

Getting orgasm during sexual intercourse may be a unique experience for you, but many people do not enjoy it. Do not have two orgasms during a particular night’s encounter as it allows you to deepen the experience and enjoy each moment of being with each other. 

Act like slowly

If you want to live your precious moments with your partner then it is very important to slow down and give your time to each other, slowly let your sexual activity move through each activity.

Doing masturbate in front of partner

For intimacy and intensity, you should masturbate in front of each other, for this, you can do this separately or together. If you want, you can also try this masturbation technique. We know that this is an erotic activity, and it can have the added benefit of helping each other.

Never miss the use of sex toy

use of sex toys

You can use some sex toys to repeat the sex, it can intuit you and give you a great experience. Dildo, Massager, Vibrator, etc., are useful for women.

You can try it easily with your partner. If you want more erotic play than add BDSM in your play. It helps you a lot.

Vibrator sex toy

Today we have many types of vibrator sex easily available in the online market. According to interest, you can buy it. Different type of sex toy has a different sensational capacity with the help of different vibration moods. 

You can try anyone with your partner. But we suggest you to use small bullet vibrator or egg vibrator because it helps you to reach the clitoris orgasm if you or your partner apply it continuously on the clitoris.

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Strap on dildo

Yes! you can also try strap on dildo, if you want to do the pegging with your partner. 

Strap on dildo

Your partner will feel excited when you tell your plan to him. While doing the pegging don’t forget to use the good quality sex lubricant.

Bdsm toys

If you want to spice up your bedroom things than you should add the BDSM sex toys in your play. There are lots of BDSM sex toys available. You can try with handcuffs or eye mask or you can also select the BDSM Kit.

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