Sexual Disorder : Do women have less desire for sex, why are women disappoint with sex?

04/02/2021Female Masturbation

Is your wife not interested in sex? Do you know what women want during sex? Simple tips to overcome the lack of sexual desire in women?

Do women have less desire for sex?

Do women have less desire for sex

In medical term, loss of sexual desire is known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). It is one of the most common sexual disorder among women of all ages. According to some research and study, it is found that approx. one-third of woman aged 18 to 59 suffer from a lost interest in sex.

Many times we also see that people face many types of problems in their married life. And the main reason behind this – women are less interested in sex. There are many reasons for this type of sexual disorder.

Why do women have less sexual desire? Many times women themselves do not even know about it. There can be many reasons for lack of desire in women for sex.

Men have more sexual desire than women and men are more eager to have sex. But at the same time, sexual desire in women is delayed. Many times during a sexual relationship, women become friendly with their partner, then they are unable to control their sexual desire. During this time women have more sexual desire than men.

But many women have problems with sex, due to which the male partner is also very upset. In such cases, only the male has sexual desire and he gets frustrated with his female partner and tension in their relationship starts increasing.

Why are women disillusioned with sex?

Why are women disillusioned with sex?

There are many reasons for women to be disillusioned with sex. Because of which they have to face many problems. Here, we are going to discuss some of the reason why woman have less desire for sex. So, let’s start.

Marriage without her choice

In India, we all know that arrange marriage is in trend from a long time. Couple does not know each other before marriage.

In most of the cases, no matter how hard the man works, the woman is not interested. A special reason behind this is that they are married without the will of the woman. In this situation, the woman has no attraction to the man she is married to. It is difficult to improve the sexual desire in such cases.

Lack of sleep

Women who get 7-8 hours of sleep every day have a good sex life. But if you are not getting enough sleep and you are tired all the time, then the sexual desired will reduced. Not getting sleep is the main reason to reduce your sexual desired and this also shows irritability in the behaviour of the woman.

Physical reason

The reason for not awakening libido can be mental as well as physical. Sometimes sexual desire can also decrease due to hormonal imbalance. In this case, women should consult a doctor and maintain their diet.

Mental problem

In many cases, the woman suffers from depression. The main symptoms are: sleep late and waking up early in the morning, loss of appetite, feeling depressed, crying while talking, not feeling in anything. Women also abstain from sex due to these reasons.

Lack of lubricant

Most women face this problem after an age. In natural lubricant deficiency, penetration during sex can be very painful. Dryness in the vulva is also a problem. But this is not a huge problem which is not solved.

Now a day, in the market many different types of sex lubricant available. The price of these artificial lubricant is not so high, so any one can easily purchase it.

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Ways to increase the sexual desired for women?

Ways to increase the sexual desired for women

Lack of sexual desire is becoming a common problem in women. There may be several reasons for this deficiency. Low sexual desire means lack of sexual intercourse or loss of interest in sexual intercourse.

There are many ways to increase the sexual desire of women. Woman can easily adopt these unique way to increase the sexual desired and to improve the sex life.

It is important to give time to your female partner, to understand the sex relationship. Sexual relationship is an important part of your entire relationship. So whatever you feel that your sexual life in not smooth and happy, you should solve the problem and try to make your sexual life happy. It helps to improve your relationship.

For example –  If the woman has a problem of dryness, then you can easily overcome this problem using external lubricant, it removes the lack of lubrication.

Try to do something new and fun so that your and your partner interest in sex remains. There are many ways to have sex, which brings newness and thrill. Try those methods, try sex in different places of the house. Some of those ways are –

Try different sex positions

To make your sexual life more interesting and happening, couple should try the different sex positions. It creates a new fun in your boring sexual life. If you always prefer the same sex positions then your activity becomes boring so always try some new and interesting sex positions.

Add sex games

Now a day, sex toys are very common and most of the couple use some types of sex toys. But do you know about the sex game.

Yes! now a day, sex game is also available. Wit the help of these type of adult game, you can make your sexual life more erotic and interesting.

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Add sexy lingerie

Male partner can also give a present to their female partner. Sexy lingerie is the best gift, if you want to express your love infront of your female partner.

If you feel shy to purchase the sexy lingerie from shop than you have an option to purchase it from online store.

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Couple can also try different types of sex toys. Sex toys are a great help crate to increase a woman’s sexual desire, it increases the woman’s energy fast. There are many types of sex toys available for women and couple, using which you can make sex more fun.

If you are completely new with the sex toys then you can try sex toys during your masturbation session. You should also spend some times for masturbation because it helps you to know what you want and what makes you to feel happy.

Some of the most popular sex toys which you can try with your partner during the sex.

Vibrator Toy

Vibrator toy creates a dream in the woman’s body. It helps in increasing the woman’s excitement. There are different types of vibrator toy. Couple can select any of the vibrator toy according to their need and budgets.

For example – If couple wants to involve in the fingering then they can select the finger vibrator. It is a small vibrator toy. It is very easy to use this type of vibrator toy. It is very easy to use this type of sex toys. Male partner can wear this vibrator in his finger and involve in the fingering. This gives the woman a lot of pleasure, the woman’s desire for sex also goes long after.

Clitoris Vibrator –  This is the best way to stimulate the external body part. With the help of clitoris vibrator toy, men can easily stimulate their partner clitoris and nipple and try to make his partner orgasmic.

You can easily find varieties of clitoris vibrator in the market. Try these some of the most popular clitoris vibrator.

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Along with the vibrator toy, couple can also try the different types of dildo sex toys to make the sexual activity more interesting and excited. If you have some experience in the sexual activity then you can try the double ended dildo or vibrating dildo, what ever you want.

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