Disadvantages of masturbation : Are there any harmful side effects of masturbation on female?

29/12/2020Female Masturbationhealth

Are you wondering about the harmful side effects of masturbation ? Seriously? Does it really affect our body?

Most of the you think that masturbation is the natural process and it is 100% true. There is no doubt about it at all. Sometimes involving in the female masturbation is perfectly fine and it also provides many health benefits. Now a day, most of the women use the dildo or vibrator to satisfied their sexual need during the masturbation session. But anything in overdose is not good for health at all.

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If some woman regularly involve in the masturbation and skip their daily work then it means that she is addicted of the masturbation. And in this case, it leaves side effect on female health which is not good for any women.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the side effects of masturbation or you can also say female masturbation effect on health. Keep reading this article to know what are the side effects of masturbation on female health.

Is there any side effect of masturbation on female?

Is there any side effect of masturbation on femaleAs you know, masturbation is a normal activity for any woman. Some women masturbate daily and it is normal for her whereas for some women it may be excessive. Involving in the masturbation with some female masturbation techniques provides the best pleasure feelings.

For masturbation, women prefer varieties of things. Some of the women prefer the homemade dildo, some of the women prefer their own fingers whereas some of the women prefer the dildo sex toys. Now a day, in India dildos are more famous. Generally women prefer the dildo from online store. You can also purchase the dildo from online store very easily just in one click.

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As long the masturbation does not affect daily life for any women should be right. But at the time when it affects the daily life women should take it seriously. Anything over is not good.

Till now you know that there are many health benefits of masturbation. These masturbation health benefits helps Indian woman in many ways.

But do you know that what happen if you over masturbate or what is over masturbation side effects?

As female masturbation has many good effects on health in the same manner there are also many disadvantages of female masturbation too.

Some of the side effects of masturbation or you can say that dangers of masturabation in female are it leads to weakness, female mastrubation effect on health also, decrease in sexual sensitivity, addition, the problem in sex organs etc. which we will discuss in this article.

Does female mastrubation effect on health?

Does female mastrubation effect on healthAnything in the overdose can affect human health. So if you do the over masturbation then it definitely affects your health which is not good.

Masturbation is an act of self-stimulation. It is a very common, natural and harmless activity to pleasure yourself until it becomes a craze.

At the time, when you lead to self-love and cause the emotional and physical discomfortable from the outside world then it makes bad masturbation side effects.

Some of the female masturbation effect on health are –

Female mastrubation effect on health – Fatigue and pain

This is the most common female mastrubation effect on health. If you involve in the masturbation too much then you may feel tired and exhausted the whole day. It becomes difficult for you to involve in your daily routine. There is also a possibility that you feel pain in some part of the body.

Female mastrubation effect on health – Anxiety

Sometimes involving in the masturbation for a long time may also make a negative impact on mental health. It makes your concentration and memory weaker. This is one of the most common disadvantages of masturabation in female daily.

Female mastrubation effect on health – Blurry vision

It is one of the bad effects of mastrubation on health. The women who regularly involve in the masturbation can face a problem of hormonal imbalance in their body. This imbalance can lead to a blurry or fuzzy vision.

Some of the side effect of masturbation on female is –

Here, we discuss some of the most common side effects of masturbation on female or over masturabation side effects female. If you have any confusion regarding the effect of masterburation on female then you can contact us. We try to help you. These side effects of masturbation are not a huge problem. If you want to overcome or want to quit masturbation habit then it is not a big deal.

Side effects of masturbation – Guilt

GuiltIn India, most of the women feel guilty if she regularly involves in the masturbation. It is because of cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. If you also feel guilt then let me clear you that masturbation is neither wrong nor immoral.

It is one of the safest ways of sexual pleasure. If you feel guilty then you should talk to someone you trust.

But trust me, friends masturbation is not bad and no need to feel guilty unless it becomes the over. You can also contact with specializing sexual therapists.

Anything too much is not good for health. Excessive masturbation is also not good and it makes side effects on you.

Side effects of masturbation – Addiction


The most dangerous side effects of masturbation are an addiction. Some women can get an addiction to masturbation. It means that she spend lots of time in masturbation.

For example –

If you are using the huge My caiman dildo everytime while masturbation to satisfy your sexual need then there is a chances that you can not get satisfied with the small size dildo or real penis.

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*g a huge dildo, sometimes is good but not everytime.

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If you have a doubt whether you are addicted or not then you can take a small test. If your any of these answers of the below question is yes it means that you are addicted.

If your answers are no then it’s good news for you. Congratulation you are not addicted.

  • Did you skip your daily activity?
  • Miss office work or school
  • Cancel plan with friends and family
  • Miss social events

If you are addicted then it is not good for your relationship and your family members. If you feel that you are masturbation addiction then please consult the doctor or a counselor.

The best way to overcome masturbation addiction is to replace masturbation with other activities. Next time when you feel to have an urge to masturbation, try something different or new like –

  • Going for a walk or run
  • Spend time with friends and family members
  • Make yourself busy in doing some new and interesting things like learning music or painting etc.
  • Masturbation affects the daily life of women.

Side effects of masturbation – Decrease in sexual sensitivity

Decrease in sexual sensitivityThe most common negative effects of masturbation in female is decrease in sexual activity. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the women body. It has several dozens of nerve endings.

So, women use variety of vibrator toy to stimulate their clitoris. Hence, regularly involving in the masturbation or stimulation the clitoris may cause a decrease in its sensitivity temporarily.

Some of the most popular vibrator toy which women like to use for clitoris stimulation are bullet vibrator and egg vibrator.

It is temporary and can return if you do not stimulate the clitoris for some time.

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Side effects of masturbation – Effect daily life

Effect daily lifeIt is one of the bad effects of masturbation. Most of the women who regularly involve in the masturbation can skip their daily life routines.

Too much involved in the masturbation can cause a physical and psychological sense. It means that women can lose interest in their regular life routines.

The side effects of masterburate for woman can also affect their relationship with their partners.

Too much involved in the masturbation can make their normal sex life with their partner difficult. If you find these types of difficulty in you sexual life then prefer some interesting sex toys like strap on or vibrating dildo etc. to spice up your sexual life.

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Most of the women do not achieve inside orgasm during sex with their partner if she masturbates daily. It is the most common side effects of masturbation on female.

Side effects of masturbation – The problem in sex organs

The problem in sex organsRegularly involving in the masturbation can also make a problem in sex organs. The women who regularly involve in the masturbation can lead to soft or weak erection and feel difficult to participate in the sex with their partner.

Regularly masturbation also makes the pelvic region and the sex organs weaker.

So, if you have the same problem you can include the kegel exercise in your daily life.

According to the survey, the women masturbate too much can not able to enjoy sex with their partner. Instead of sex than want to enjoy with themselves.

If you are one of them then you should stop masturbation and you should add some interesting sex toys in your sexual life. For example – you can use the strap on dildo.

Side effects of masturbation – Urine infection

Urine infection

Regularly masturbation or over masturbation also causes urine infection.

Over masturbation can also cause the inability to control the release of urine.

There is also a chance that women can suffer from physical exhaustion, vagina discharge, vagina dryness, infection in vagina etc.